Judge dismisses Microsoft cofounders patent troll case against Apple Facebook Google Ne

first_imgMicrosoft ounfounder Paul Allen surprised everyone in August by suddenly turning into a huge patent troll, throwing lawsuits at nearly every tech company under the sun including Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and scores others.Preliminary good news, though: the judge has thrown out the case… for now.AdChoices广告Dismissing the lawsuit on Friday, US DIstrict Judge Marsha Pechman said that Allen’s company, Interval Licensing LLC, had failed to specify the infringing products of any of the eleven companies that he cited, although he did cite patents based around three specific areas: using a browser to navigate through information, aletering users to items of current interest and attracting a user’s peripheral attention.Not overly broad at all, huh? Also overly broad, though, was Allen’s lawsuit itself, and in her order to dismiss, Judge Pechman pointed out that Allen didn’t even bother to name the specific products of each company that violated his patents.“Plaintiff only indicates that Defendants have websites, hardware, and software that infringe on the patents or that they are encouraging third parties to use products that infringe on the patents,” she wrote. “This fails to indicate to Defendants which of their myriad products or devices may be at issue.”This will delay the trial, but not end it: Judge Pechman gave Allen until December 28th to amend his lawsuit. Then we’re all back to square one.Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more

This Weeks Best YouTube Videos An Angry Birds Cake Long Stabby Things

first_img5 Year Old Needs A Job Before Getting Married I had no idea Australian news was so interesting! In the USA, the anchors would have probably stuck to the script and moved on to the news long before this conversation played out, but thankfully we get to see the whole thing. In reaction to a spate of home invasions, these anchors each discuss the ways they choose to keep their homes safe in the event of an intrusion. Warning: tons of innuendo ahead. How Far Away is the Moon? (The Scale of the Universe) This little girl has some serious talent. So much so that Lady Gaga herself tweeted about the video when she stumbled onto it – which says a lot, considering the little girl is covering her song. The girl in the video, Maria, has racked up well over 12 million views now. Someone get that kid a record deal – at the very least, she can do a duet with Lady Gaga at her next concert. Long, Stabby Thing Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Cover) Some of this week’s best YouTube videos featured children doing things that many adults wish they could do: in one case, it’s a little girl being honest about wanting a career before she gets married, in another case it’s a little girl singing a Lady Gaga tune better than Lady Gaga (in my opinion, anyway.) Who says kids don’t have talent? Also this week: an Angry Birds cake – and not just any Angry Birds cake, a playable Angry Birds cake. You know, just in case you want to smash some pigs before the wedding ceremony. Some aussie newscasters discuss the best home defense techniques, and more. This quick little educational video illustrates the real distance between the Earth and the Moon – assuming the Earth is a basketball and the Moon is a tennis ball, that is. They’re actually much farther apart than you might think, especially based on their size in the sky or the way they tend to be portrayed in diagrams and artists’ renderings. This hilarious little girl has her priorities in order. She wants a job and a career before she gets married – and she’s clearly not afraid to tell any potential suitors the order in which she’d like to accomplish her personal goals. It’s only 46 seconds, but that’s more than enough time for her to make her position clear.  We’ve seen an Angry Birds cake before, but this – *sunglasses* – takes the cake. In the post about the other Angry Birds cake, Brian mentioned that it’s almost enough to make you put the game down – with this playable Angry Birds cake, you don’t have to put the game down, just shift it over to the cake itself. You’ll find yourself hurling birds (made of cake) at structures (also made of cake) that house pigs hiding inside (yes, made of cake.) Bring the walls and the pigs toppling down, and then devour them. Yum.last_img read more

Amazon confirms Kindle books more popular than print

first_imgUntil e-readers got popular the question of where to read came down to PC/laptop screen or printed book. Now it’s screen, book, or e-paper. The screen or book question usually saw the book win due to your eyes getting tired quickly reading from a backlit display. That problem was even worse back in the days of CRT. With e-paper it’s a different story.The question has now changed to whether you prefer holding a book and turning a page, or clicking a button to refresh the screen. The convenience of storing thousands of books and reading off a paper-like display is clearly winning, though, as Amazon has confirmed today.As of April this year, Amazon has stated that Kindle books are outselling printed books. For every 100 paper or hardbacks sold, Amazon sells 105 Kindle books. That fact has given Amazon its largest yearly growth for books in a decade. The rate at which e-books are selling is continuing to increase with some territories Amazon operates in, such as the UK, selling double the amount Kindle books compared to print books sales.Overall, Kindle sales are up 300% this year compared to last. When you consider Amazon has been selling printed books for 21 years, and e-books for a mere 4, it puts into perspective how much of a evolution/revolution this is for the book industry.Another surprising fact is which version of the Kindle is most popular. It seems adverts are not a turn off as Kindle with Special Offers has leaped to the top of the pile and outsells both the standard and DX models after only being available for just over a month.Read more at Amazon press releaseMatthew’s OpinionI’ve owned a Kindle for almost a year now and find myself turning to it more and more. To begin with I missed the feel of a book in my hand, but in the end convenience won out.The books I want to read are cheaper in digital form than paperback. The Kindle is very light and thin, even in its book-cover casing, but at the same time holds thousands of books making it the perfect device to throw in a bag. The month-long battery life also makes it ideal for holidays.If you’d asked me a year ago if I thought Kindle books would overtake print so quickly I’d have probably said no way. But I think anyone who has bought a Kindle will increasingly buy content for it due to the convenience and advantages it offers over printed books in a number of areas.last_img read more

LulzSec offers revenge against Sega Pass hackers

first_imgDetails on last week’s hack of Sega Pass have been scarce, and while Sega does say that no sensitive personal information was stolen during the attack, we do know now that over 1.29 million usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses, and birth dates were stolen. Now, an unexpected organization has stepped forward to offer Sega their help in identifying and taking revenge against the hackers: LulzSec.The recent series of attacks targeting gaming companies have largely been blamed on LulzSec, even though the group hasn’t taken credit for a number of them. The BioWare forum hack last week and the Sega Pass hack late last week were both largely assumed to be LulzSec at work, but they say that’s not the case. Now the group is stepping up to offer Sega their help in tracking down the people responsible.LulzSec tweeted their outrage over the hack, telling Sega to contact them and that they want to “help you destroy the hackers that attacked you.” They expressed their love for the Dreamcast, and said those responsible for the breach are “going down.”The real question is whether or not LulzSec is being sincere in their desire to bring the Sega Pass hackers to justice, or if they’re simply using their podium to throw others off their trail. It’s very possible – even likely – that someone else is responsible for the Sega Pass hack, as well as some of the other hacks that have been pinned on LulzSec.Regardless, Sega is likely already working with law enforcement agencies to determine the real culprits behind the hack. They, like other gaming companies, are also likely working to plug the holes in their network security. Still, the fact that LulzSec has stepped up as an avenging enforcer on Sega’s behalf certainly adds to the drama around this month’s hacking spree.Read more at Yahoo! Newslast_img read more

Geek deals 275 off Dells 27inch U2711

first_imgOld school car enthusiasts have likely heard the phrase “there is no replacement for displacement.” The same can be said for monitors and pixels: there is no replacement for high resolution! Maybe my saying doesn’t have the same ring, but it is just as true.Anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows the sad truth that afflicts many employees: they are stuck with smaller, pitifully low resolution monitors. If you use a computer in all but a basic capacity, it does not take long to see the benefits of having more screen real estate. Even simple things like editing documents or working on that Powerpoint can be done more efficiently and with fewer errors when you can view more on your screen at once. Once you throw in some Photoshop or tabbed web browsing, you won’t let your high res monitor be pried even from your cold, dead fingers.AdChoices广告Dell’s UltraSharp U2711 is here to rescue you from your low-res-woes.. The massive 27-inches of LCD display are made up of 2560×1400 pixels, which should be enough for any multitaskers’ dream. As expected for a high end monitor, an IPS LCD panel is used, offering huge viewing angles and great colors. And of course, it’s not just something that shows pretty pictures on it. You also get an 8-in-1 card reader, USB hub, and have all the latest video inputs to hook up anything you desire. It even has your game consoles covered with HDMI and components inputs.Such a high end machine doesn’t come cheap, but you can get it for $275 off the normal price at $824 with free shipping. Dell also sees fit to give the U2711 a top notch warranty as well, with 3 years coverage, advanced exchange included (they ship you a new one right away, no waiting for a unit to return), and a zero bright pixel guarantee for the full 3 years as well. This is a fully $75 less than our last mention and one of the best prices we have seen all year.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell UltraSharp U2711 WQHD LCD Monitorlast_img read more

BitTorrent for Dummies readers follow directions get sued

first_imgIf you grew up in the 1980s, then you may remember a televised public service announcement that was part of that decade’s “war on drugs.” A mustachioed father approaches his teenage son and interrogates him about a box filled with (unspecified) paraphernalia. After a series of denials and evasions on the son’s part, he finally erupts with “You, alright?! I learned it by watching you!!” The father shrinks in shame as a voiceover continues “parents who use drugs have children who use drugs.”Perhaps the 27 BitTorrent users that John Wiley and Sons are suing will want to keep that defense in mind when their case goes to court. After all, the company is the publisher of BitTorrent for Dummies, along with (seemingly) thousands of other X for Dummies titles.The 27 John Does are being sued in a New York federal court. They allegedly shared various Wiley and Sons titles on October 18 and 19 of this year. All of the IP addresses listed in the suit are in New York. Along with the fact that they kept the defendant list relatively low (compared to the 24,000 or so in the famous Hurt Locker lawsuit), targeting locals suggests that the publisher may be prepared to actually take these to court. Mass file sharing cases are typically intended to scare defendants into reaching settlements, as nobody can possibly follow through with hundreds (or thousands) of cases.The suit lists several Wiley & Sons books that were shared. These include Photoshop CS5 for Dummies, AutoCAD 2011 for Dummies, Daytrading for Dummies, and WordPress for Dummies. BitTorrent for Dummies was not listed in the filed legal papers.While BitTorrent for Dummies is careful not to say anything that would make the publisher responsible for illegal file sharing, John Wiley and Sons has obviously been profiting off of those who want to get a free copy of the latest Twilight movie or Lady Gaga album. Is there legal content on BitTorrent as well? Of course. But are a high percentage of this book’s readers learning how they can get open source software or freely distributed albums from anonymous independent artists?It isn’t known for certain whether the “I learned it from watching you, Dad!” defense is admissible in court, but perhaps these 27 defendants will want to consult with their attorneys.via Torrent Freaklast_img read more

Windows 8 will have 9 SKUs

first_imgIf you choose to install a Linux distribution you typically have the choice of 32-bit or 64-bit versions. Mac OS X is pretty simple too: server or consumer. But if you use Windows 7, you have 6 different versions available: Starter Edition, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise. It’s quite ridiculous, and yet Microsoft has decided to increase the version count for Windows 8 to 9 SKUs. The discovery was made in the registry files of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which lists the following versions:Windows 8 ARM editionWindows 8 Starter EditionWindows 8 Home BasicWindows 8 Home PremiumWindows 8 ProfessionalWindows 8 Professional PlusWindows 8 UltimateWindows 8 Enterprise EvalWindows 8 EnterpriseFor the majority of people (consumers) the Enterprise and Starter Edition can be discounted. But that still leaves 6 SKUs to choose from, one of which is the expected new ARM edition.What I don’t understand is why Microsoft hasn’t learned from Windows 7. If you look at the majority of consumer hardware it ships with just one version: Windows 7 Home Premium as it offers everything the typical user needs. I think you could easily trim that list down to just 5 SKUs: Starter EditionHome EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionARM EditionConsumer hardware ships with Starter or Home depending on the market, with Home offering all the features seen in Windows 7’s Home Premium edition. Professional brings together everything in Professional and Ultimate for business users, and Enterprise is the top-end for corporate users. By doing that the naming fits better too, with consumer and business customers having a very clear choice.Another thing Microsoft could do: drop versions completely and just ship a fully-featured Windows 8 for ARM or x86 at a consumer-friendly price. That’s never going to happen though, is it?Read more at Windows 8 Beta, via Engadgetlast_img read more

HP releases Open webOS 10

first_imgDespite many tech enthusiasts calling webOS a dead platform, HP hasn’t finished with it just yet. After months of silence, version 1.0 of Open webOS has been released and demoed on video. HP’s chief webOS architect, Steve Winston seems a little dejected as he shows off what webOS has become, but now at least the bits are out there for the community to play with.Open webOS 1.0 comes with all the core apps built in, and the Enyo 2.0 framework has hooks that developers can use to deploy the software on a wide variety of platforms. To illustrate this, Winston shows webOS running on an HP Touchsmart PC. He claims that it only took an engineer a few days of work to get webOS running on the device.While Open webOS is designed to support a lot of hardware, it’s not going to be easy to port it to last generation’s webOS devices. HP already made is clear that the Touchpad, Veer, and Pre3 won’t see direct support from Open webOS. That likely means that the drivers for those devices are not included in Open webOS.This release is far from complete, though. It lacks Bluetooth support, multimedia playback, and advanced network management. A future build will include these features as well as faster UI rendering and new versions of both Qt and WebKit. You can still load up Open webOS in an emulator if you’re curious. The more daring might even try to develop something with the software.More at Open webOS, via Engadgetlast_img read more

Russian video shows one phone running two versions of Android

first_imgIf you’ve ever flashed an Android ROM before, you know it can either be a great experience or send you screaming back to your stock experience. What if you could just run that ROM in a service like Parallels and switch to it whenever you wanted to try something new? If you believe the video above, that’s exactly what a couple of St. Petersburg Academy students have created.There’s not a practical reason for most users to want to switch rapidly between two version of Android, but if you’ve been in the modding scene for a while this could be a godsend. The ability to press a button and flip seamlessly to another instance of Android would be a powerful way to test out new features on a smartphone, and would guarantee that you’re not accidentally destroying the ability to make phone calls on your daily driver.As it stands right now, switching back and forth between ROMs on your phone can often take 20-30 minutes to fully backup and restore. Even if you’ve got a blank system with no personal data, it’s still a few minutes between flashes where your phone is a very expensive paperweight. If your phone could switch between ROMs the same way Parallels can switch between Mac OS and Windows, that could really change how many users interact with new ROMs.According to the team responsible for this video, Parallels have been helping the students develop a tool that will make it easy to switch back and forth between ROMs. Your data is intact on both ROMs, but you have the ability to switch back and forth at will. It’s noted in the video that there’s about a 10% hit in battery performance while using this, but for many that’s a pretty small price to pay.The video shows outdated versions of Android and CyanogenMod running on a Galaxy S2, and mentions a Nexus S being tested currently as well. Apply this to current generation hardware, and if the video is accurately portraying the performance on these ROMs then there’s cause for celebration.For now, there’s no way to test this out yourself. That’s usually reason enough to be skeptical, but the team responsible claims that Parallels is testing this same software internally. While it seems unlikely that Parallels would announce a major piece of software that would seem to require you to root your phone in order to use it, this video could be all the motivation needed for other Android hackers and modders to move in and work on a community made way to accomplish this same task.last_img read more

There may be more mystery to the death of Kim JongNam than

first_img MORE THAN A month after Kim Jong-Nam was murdered in Kuala Lumpur, experts are struggling to make sense of Malaysia’s findings that the lethal nerve agent VX was used to kill him without apparent harm to anyone else.Malaysian police have released virtually no forensic evidence connected to the high-profile assassination of the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.Scientists are confounded by how VX — a toxin so deadly it is classed as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN — was deployed in an international airport without causing serious injury to the assailants, first responder medics or other travellers.“We are building speculation upon speculation” to explain what happened, said Jean-Pascal Zanders, an expert on disarmament who focuses on chemical and biological weapons.Airport CCTV footage on 13 February shows two women approaching the 45-year-old victim and apparently rubbing his face with a cloth. He died minutes later, according to police, who found traces of VX on his face.Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 28, from Vietnam, have since been charged with his murder and have told diplomats they were duped into believing they were participating in a TV prank show.Police have rejected those claims but have not released any evidence to explain how the women were able to handle one of the world’s deadliest toxins without suffering severe harm. A TV news program showing an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Source: Ahn Young-joon/APHere are some key questions and answers about the attack:What is VX?VX is an organophosphate compound that strikes the nervous system, over-stimulating glands and muscles till they tire and stop working.People exposed to high doses of the toxin experience seizures, heart failure and a shutdown of the respiratory system. Since it evaporates slowly, it can potentially contaminate areas for long periods of time.A global treaty signed by more than 160 countries that went into force in 1997 prohibits the production, stockpiling and use of VX.North Korea, which is not among the signatories to the treaty, has been blamed by Seoul for Kim’s assassination, with the South saying the regime’s leader wanted to eliminate a potential rival.Why are experts confounded?Experts have expressed skepticism about Malaysia’s findings, with one UK-based scientist telling AFP that “there are aspects of this that do not ‘add up’.”Simon Cotton, a specialist in molecular chemistry at the University of Birmingham, added: Share42 Tweet Email1 The deceased Kim Jong Nam, left, and his half-brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Vietnamese suspect Doan Thi Huong leaving court wearing a bulletproof vest. Source: Daniel Chan/PA ImagesSo VX wasn’t deployed?Not so fast. Some experts have put forward a hypothesis that the killing was carried out using a binary version of VX known as VX2.In that case, the assassins would have separately applied two chemicals to his face, using a precursor which is not severely toxic on its own but lethal once combined with sulphur. The theory would also explain why two women were used for the attack.“The simplest explanation is that it was binary,” said Matthew Meselson, a professor at Harvard University and member of the national advisory board at the US-based Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.As the two chemicals combined on Kim’s face to create VX, the assailants would have been unharmed while the delayed reaction would have allowed him to continue walking as shown in the CCTV footage.It is also easier to transport VX across borders when it is broken down into two seemingly innocuous components. Source: 葉榮添/YouTubeWhy use VX instead of other toxins?Experts believe Pyongyang made a considered decision to use VX instead of the more commonly deployed Sarin.“Sarin kills indiscriminately — there’s a heavy risk of collateral damage. To use it in a foreign country would have been an act of war,” said Vipin Narang, an expert on nuclear strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Unlike Sarin, which evaporates quickly whether deployed as a gas or liquid, VX vaporises slowly, giving authorities time to cordon off affected areas before large numbers of people are exposed to it.Is there any way Kim could have survived?Although just one drop of VX can kill a man when inhaled, the nerve agent takes longer to penetrate the skin, meaning that Kim could have survived had someone injected him with its antidote atropine within minutes.Even simpler, he could have washed his face to remove the toxin — which is soluble in cold water — as the two assailants did, washing their hands soon after the attack.“If he had… washed his face or rubbed it off with tissues, it could have reduced his exposure,” Harvard professor Meselson said.“He might have ended up sick, not dead”.Why are experts still doubtful?The binary theory relies entirely on circumstantial evidence and it doesn’t explain how the medics who treated Kim shortly after the attack escaped contamination, disarmament expert Zanders pointed out.“People are assuming it is VX and then finding reasons for why certain anomalies exist,” he said.© – AFP 2017Read: ‘I am not guilty’ – Women who face death penalty over Kim Jong-Nam murder appear in court >Read: Media frenzy and armed special forces as Kim Jong-Nam’s son reportedly visits body > Short URL Image: PA Images The deceased Kim Jong Nam, left, and his half-brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Image: PA Images 35,328 Views https://jrnl.ie/3296146 center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 14 Comments Mar 19th 2017, 7:06 PM Sunday 19 Mar 2017, 7:06 PM There may be more mystery to the death of Kim Jong-Nam than was first thought There are doubts about how VX was used safely by the assassins. By AFP I cannot see how the accused women would have administered a fatal dose of VX directly to the victim without sustaining corresponding life-threatening injuries themselves.“There is also no report of any trace of VX – or of any cloths or containers carrying traces of it – at the ‘crime scene’.”last_img read more

Ireland lost a hero Derry lost a son Adams gives graveside oration

first_img‘Ireland lost a hero. Derry lost a son’ – Adams gives graveside oration for McGuinness The funeral of the former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister took place in his native Derry this afternoon. I never thought I would be giving this oration today. Martin was looking forward so much to stepping back in May from public office. That wasn’t to be, but his was a life well lived. SINN FÉIN LEADER Gerry Adams has delivered the graveside oration for Martin McGuinness.Speaking at the burial of the former Northern Deputy First Minister at Derry’s City Cemetery, Adams said that the city had “lost a son”.The funeral of the former Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister took place in his native Derry this afternoon.Thousands lined the streets of the city hours before the funeral procession was due to leave McGuinness’s Bogside home.Speakers included Bill Clinton and major political figures like former First Minister Peter Robinson and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. It is now over to us to take the struggle from where he has left it. Like Bobby Sands, he believed that our revenge should be the laughter of our children. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Thursday 23 Mar 2017, 6:38 PM Share16 Tweet Email1 By his example, he showed us that it is possible to build peace out of conflict; to build a better and more equal future based on fairness, and to build unity out of division. Gerry Adams delivers the graveside oration for Martin McGuinness flanked by Sinn Féin leader in the north Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald. Sinn Féin lost a leader and I lost a dear friend and a comrade, but Martin’s family has suffered the biggest loss of all. Source: Thomas McMullan/PA ImagesThe Louth TD said that Martin McGuinness was the epitome of all that is good in Republican ideology. 21,129 Views 115 Comments Martin will continue to inspire and encourage us in the time ahead. Martin believed that a better Ireland, a genuinely new Ireland is possible.Adams said that rights were at the heart of the struggle of for Irish freedom and called on those in attendance to follow the example of McGuinness.“Let me appeal also to nationalists and republicans; do nothing to disrespect our unionist neighbours or anyone else.“Stand against bigotry. Stand against sectarianism. Respect our unionist neighbours. Reach out to them.“Lead, as Martin led, by example.”Read: ‘He expanded the definition of us’: Clinton’s tribute to McGuinness, as thousands pay respects On behalf of Sinn Féin, on my own behalf and Colette and our family, and for you all, I extend our solidarity to all the McGuinness family. By Paul Hosford They have lost a loving, caring, dedicated husband, father and grandfather, a brother and an uncle. This week, Ireland lost a hero. Derry lost a son. http://jrnl.ie/3303650 Mar 23rd 2017, 6:38 PM Short URL Gerry Adams delivers the graveside oration for Martin McGuinness flanked by Sinn Féin leader in the north Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald. He exemplified all that is decent and fair about our republican ideology and our core values of freedom, equality and solidarity.last_img read more

How much is this deserted island off the coast Galway on the

first_img Short URL By Adam Daly EVERY WEEK, TheJournal.ie offers a selection of statistics and numerical nuggets to help you digest the week that has just passed.28,600: The number of people who are waiting to get their driving test date, but the RSA says the backlog is improving. €1.25 million: The amount of money that a deserted island two miles off the coast of Galway is on the market for. €1,000: The amount of money that a Brazilian couple were tricked out of in a new rental scam which has seen a number of people conned out of significant amounts of money in Dublin city centre.42,000: The number of litres of water that the Irish Air Corps dropped to fight wildfires burning along the Dublin-Wicklow border. 1 million: The number of Green Card forms and electronic application templates issued to insurance providers by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland in preparation for a potential no-deal Brexit. €3.43 million: The tax credits the production firm behind the Star Wars blockbuster movie The Last Jedi received from the Revenue Commissioner last year.9,987: The number of homeless adults and children living in state-funded emergency accommodation across the country.40,000: The number of people in Ireland who are problem gamblers, according to data published this week. £33 million: The amount of money that the British government has agreed to pay to the Channel Tunnel operator, Eurotunnel, to settle a lawsuit the company took over a post-Brexit ferry contract.4: The percentage increase in Electric Ireland’s residential gas and electricity prices, the second price increase for its customers in less than a year.21.2 degrees Celsius: The temperature recorded in Kew Gardens in London this week, making it the UK’s hottest February day on record.800: The number of years that a mummy – known as The Crusader – had been in the crypt of St Michan’s Church in Dublin before its head was stolen by vandals this week. 22,500: The number of runners that will take part in this year’s Dublin Marathon, an increase of 2,500 since last year. $31 million: The amount of money that Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is on the market for. A steep cut from the $100 million asking price four years ago. Image: Spencer Auctioneers Share3 Tweet Email https://jrnl.ie/4519660 How much is this deserted island off the coast Galway on the market for? It’s the week in numbers Plus: The number of people who are waiting to get their driving test date 25,041 Views Image: Spencer Auctioneers Saturday 2 Mar 2019, 7:00 PM Mar 2nd 2019, 7:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 2 Comments last_img read more

A logistical problem Over 800 people arrested in Extinction Rebellion protests in

first_img 15,580 Views Sunday 21 Apr 2019, 1:25 PM ‘A logistical problem’: Over 800 people arrested in Extinction Rebellion protests in London The climate change protests have now entered a seventh day. Apr 21st 2019, 1:25 PM No Comments Share Tweet Email https://jrnl.ie/4601492 By Cónal Thomas A climate change protester is removed by police. Source: Victoria Jones/PA ImagesOVER 800 PEOPLE have been arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion climate change protests in London. Demonstrators continued to block Waterloo Bridge in the city and the central Oxford Circus junction yesterday despite the removal by police of the pink sailing boat which had acted as a natural focal point for the movement.Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus have now re-opened, the Metropolitan Police (MET) has said. But protesters remain at Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square. The MET said today that 831 people had been arrested and that 40 people have now been charged in relation to the protests, which have caused disruption for commuters in London. The protests are organised by the campaign group Extinction Rebellion, which was established last year in Britain by academics and has become one of the world’s fastest-growing environmental movements.Campaigners want governments to declare a climate and ecological emergency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025, halt biodiversity loss and be led by new “citizens’ assemblies on climate and ecological justice”.On Friday, climate change demonstrators in Dublin staged a sit-down protest on O’Connell Bridge in the city centre. Police in London have been trying to confine the protests to one site in the capital, at Marble Arch on the corner of Hyde Park, but the protesters have ignored the threat of arrest and continued to block other sites.“We are trying our best to give the businesses a chance to return to ‘business as usual’,” police said.“One thing that is unusual about this demonstration is the willingness of those participating to be arrested and also their lack of resistance to the arrests.”The large number of arrests has created a “logistical problem” for police in terms of cell space but also the “wider criminal justice system”.With reporting from © AFP 2019 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Government finalising guidelines for tattooing and body piercing in Ireland

first_imgGovernment finalising guidelines for tattooing and body piercing in Ireland Currently there are no basic training requirements for staff and no age of consent required. By Christina Finn Image: Shutterstock/Semmick Photo HEALTH MINISTER SIMON Harris has ruled out any new law to regulate the tattooing and body piercing industry in Ireland.Proposed legislation was introduced in the Dáil last year by Fianna Fáil’s public health spokesperson Mary Butler to ban tattoos and intimate piercings for people under the age of 18.With the Bill currently only at second stage, Harris has confirmed that no plans are afoot to  introduce further regulation or legislation in the area of tattooing and body piercing.In a recent answer to a parliamentary question the minister added that there is no licensing or regulation of the tattooing or body piercing industries in Ireland. In the absence of any statutory framework being in place, Harris said his department and the Health Service Executive are working together to develop guidelines in relation to tattooing and body piercing businesses. These guidelines are currently in the process of being finalised, he said.The minister said it is anticipated that the publication of the guidance document “will promote and enhance evidence based best practice in hygiene standards and infection control”.He said discussions will be held shortly with the HSE in relation to the publication, dissemination and support following publication of the guidance document.“Given the absence of a clear statutory framework and the need to obtain expert views in relation to the area, some delays arose in relation to finalising the final text of the guidelines – however, it is expected that they will be published shortly,” he added.Long delays The issuing of guidelines was first discussed as far back as 2014, when the then health minister James Reilly said an ongoing review by the Department of Health on a set of guidelines was being drawn up.In 2015, it was then announced that a consultation process was beginning with submissions to be published in 2016. But three years on, there has been little or no movement. The HSE states clearly on its website that no regulation of such businesses in Ireland.“There are no registration requirements, no minimum structural or operational standards to be attained before opening such a business, no basic training requirements for staff and no age of consent/ medical history requirements for those availing of such services.“Consequently these premises are not included in any inspection programme by Environmental Health Officers and receive no regular or routine visits from any statutory inspectorate.”The HSE states that the while there is no specific legislation governing the sector, Environmental Health Officers do follow-up and investigate confirmed cases of infectious disease linked to such businesses.Harris said that once the guidance document is published, it will set out a standard of practice in relation to infection prevention and control which the minister said all operators should adhere to.“This will help to drive up standards and provide a safe environment for clients and practitioners,” he added.  Aug 26th 2019, 6:01 AM 20,376 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share11 Tweet Email1 17 Comments https://jrnl.ie/4778224 Image: Shutterstock/Semmick Photo Short URL Monday 26 Aug 2019, 6:00 AMlast_img read more

Topless teens sexual harassment and aerosol flamethrowers Dart users complaints to Irish

first_imgI saw some injured people who were limping getting off the Dart at Howth Junction and Kilbarrack stations… It was insane and people were terrified.Up to five daily complaintsAll of the above complaints preceded the introduction of Irish Rail’s text alert system for monitoring anti-social behaviour earlier this month.Many were more general in nature, and included questions about why there was a lack of security presence on trains and in stations, as well as asking how gardaí were helping to tackle the problem.A spokesman for Irish Rail said that while it was too early for specific trends on the new system to be identified, it appeared that the service was being used responsibly by Dart users.A spokesman for the company also said that the company has engaged extensively with gardaí to proactively plan and reactively respond to anti-social behaviour.Measures to deal with the issue include creating proactive protocols for major events, such as concerts and sporting events, and enacting a specific liaison for the summer season to cover beach activity.“The company has successively increased security personnel both in mobile on-board teams and static security at stations over the past 18-24 months,” the spokesman said, addressing a query about security at stations and on trains.“Current security patrol levels have doubled in this time, and resources will continue to be reviewed and enhanced as necessary.”The company will also hire a specialised person to strengthen its management of measures to tackle anti-social behaviour.The spokesman added that, as part of efforts to address anti-social behaviour, 128 Dart carriages had been fitted with CCTV, and that the process to fit CCTV in the remaining 16 carriages in the Dart fleet was currently underway.Garda Public Transport UnitThe spokesman also said the company regretted that the customers who highlighted these incidents were exposed to the societal issue of anti-social behaviour.“While the overwhelming majority of the 48 million journeys made annually on the company’ services occur without incident, it is a priority for us to reduce the number of incidents,” he said.Speaking to TheJournal.ie, Minister for Transport Shane Ross said arrangements were being made to put officials on Irish Rail services in order to prevent security breaches.“The new staff will monitor and report on any security breaches reported. We’re also working very closely and talking with the trade unions on what they say about this.”But Ross said that the Department was “not inclined” to agree with requests by the NBRU to create a Garda Public Transport Unit, although he revealed that discussions on this had taken place.He added that anti-social behaviour on public transport was unacceptable, and acknowledged that public transport was more vulnerable than traveling in a private car.“We are keeping that under review. And if we get evidence that putting special staff on [public transport should be done], I think we’d encourage the companies to do that.”With reporting from Christina Finn. I understand that this is not the fault or the responsibility of Irish Rail but I would appreciate that the person in charge of driving the Dart check in on the CCTV occasionally as there are rarely security staff on the ground. Sunday 1 Sep 2019, 12:05 AM Sep 1st 2019, 12:06 AM Image: Leah Farrell DART PASSENGERS HAVE reported a number of incidents involving assaults, sexual harassment, racist abuse and intimidation on board services since the middle of last year.Earlier this month the company launched a new text alert system to tackle anti-social behaviour amid high-profile reports of such incidents and concerns for passenger safety.It also announced that it will increase security patrols, install new CCTV cameras and increase co-operation with gardaí in a bid to crack down on the problem.However, complaints from before the launch of the new system to report anti-social behaviour, submitted via Irish Rail’s ‘Customer Care and Feedback’ option on the company’s website, detail the nature of anti-social incidents on board the service.Correspondence from members of the public seen by TheJournal.ie also includes allegations of drunkenness, intimidation, physical threats, fighting, smoking, and drug-taking by passengers using the service.Politicians, campaigners and unions have led calls for both the government and Irish Rail to tackle anti-social behaviour and increase security measures at trains and stations.Last week, the National Bus and Rail Union passed a motion to withdraw bus and rail services from areas considered to be ‘blackspots’ for anti-social behaviour in the run up to Halloween, and called for the establishment of a Garda Public Transport Unit.Asked about these claims by TheJournal.ie in an interview this week, Minister for Transport Shane Ross said that while public order incidents on public transport were “unacceptable”.“It’s certainly something which concerns me enormously,” he said, but added that the Department was “not inclined” to hire gardaí to police rail or bus services.Complaints about such behaviour on Dart services rose to 96 last year, almost double the 52 complaints Irish Rail received from users of the service in 2017.Since the introduction of its new text alert system, the company has received between two and five complaints daily.Racist and homophobic abuseSeveral complaints dating from June 2018 describe passengers being intimidated and verbally abused, including allegations of racism and homophobic abuse towards themselves and others.One passenger who travelled on a southbound Dart from Killiney to Shankill told Irish Rail that they were spat on and the subject of a racial slur after asking a group of youths to stop cycling in a train carriage.A different passenger who boarded an afternoon train at Clongriffin said they feared for their safety after a group of men directed homophobic abuse at them, saying: https://jrnl.ie/4789716 Share12 Tweet Email1 They began to cause physical damage to the train before shouting homophobic abuse to me and my partner before giving indications of beginning physical abuse. Image: Leah Farrell Short URL 42 Comments We had to leave train in fear of our safety. I use the train service everyday and I am disappointed that people so drunk with alcohol can get on train, but also that there is no security for passengers.Other complainants contacted Irish Rail to report drunk passengers, including one who claimed they were subjected to “absolutely intolerable” behaviour on board an evening Dart service from Malahide to Sydney Parade.The individual contacted the company after a group of “about forty teenagers” boarded the train and played “loud expletive filled rap music” from a speaker.They said:They began chanting loudly and shouting at each other. All the boys were topless and began blowing balloons around the train carriage. My journey is absolutely unbearable and I wanted to report this behaviour as it is not what I am used to on Iarnród Éireann services.Sexual harassmentA number of female passengers also contacted Irish Rail after reporting being sexually harassed on board the Dart.In one instance, a woman who travelled on an 11.30pm service from Dublin to Greystones complained after she claimed that “inappropriate and worrying” advances were made towards her by an older man, despite her telling him she was uncomfortable.“He asked me whether I was a student which makes me worried that he’s targeting young women in this way,” she said.“I took a picture of him to send to a friend as it got to a point where I was concerned he may get off the train at the same stop at me and I was genuinely in fear for my safety.”Another woman also reported issues regarding a man on a southbound Dart from Pearse Street:I was made incredibly uncomfortable by a man on the same carriage as me who stared at me throughout the journey and proceeded to touch himself through his trousers. By Stephen McDermott Assaults and fightingSeveral instances of assaults or fighting among passengers on the Dart were also reported to the company.On one occasion, a complainant asked why gardaí did not call to the scene of a fight on a train despite being contacted by passengers on board.“We were stuck on this train for a considerable period of time with all sorts of people who obviously had too much to drink,” the individual wrote.“We then got off, myself and my wife and our two children, plus a friend of theirs, and felt unsafe… I am amazed and upset that the garda did not turn up, an issue which I feel is crazy.”Another passenger reported being spat on during a day out with their family, while another said that they were also spat on after stopping a woman from being attacked by youths on a Dart from Bray to Sandycove.One complainant contacted Irish Rail after witnessing youths randomly attacking people on a train from Howth, including by using an aerosol as a weapon:At one point a man was using a deodorant can and a lighter as a makeshift flamethrower either to defend himself or attack others and normal Dart customers were running over each other to get away to the next carriage. Topless teens, sexual harassment and aerosol flamethrowers: Dart users’ complaints to Irish Rail A new text alert system for complaining about anti-social behaviour on the service was launched this month. 87,598 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Young Greek of the Week

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram NameMichael Poupouzas, 20, Pastry Chef at Nikos Quality Cakes.Your greatest achievement and how you reached itMy greatest achievement would have to be getting my TAFE certificate in cake and pastry. I had to study very hard for three years.Goal for the futureI would like to someday have a cake shop of my own.Best moment of your lifeThe best moment of my life was going to Greece and seeing my culture.One word that describes you the bestThe one word to describe me would have to be ambitious.Persons you most admire and whyMy mother and father for always being there for me and my siblings Denise and Yianni for providing us with everything we need.Most embarrassing momentMy most embarrassing moment was when I lost a dare and had to walk around in Borat’s bathing suite. If I could say anything to the Greek community… Come to Nikos Quality Cakes for a sweeter life. Favourite place to go or hang out at I enjoy going for a coffee at Sienna Cafe on Chapel Street.Song that I can’t get out of my head at the moment My favourite song would have to be Savin me-Nickleback. I just went to the concert and it was great.Favourite Greek food My Yiayia’s pastisio and anything she makes. I can’t live without…  My friends and family. If I was Kevin Rudd for a day I would… Establish a national loukoumada day in Australia. Believe the hype, my nutella loukoumades are amazing.last_img read more

Greek mafia responsible for saving Jews

first_imgOn Sunday 7 August, the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Return to Anatolia and Child Survivors of the Holocaust presented A Light in the Darkness – the Jewish and Hellenic experience of rescue. Dr Panagiotis Diamadis, vice-president, Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, gave his talk to the crowd on “The role of the Greek underworld, the Greek Orthodox Church and other Hellenes in the rescue of Polish Romanian and Greek Jews”. Over 150 people listened to Dr Diamadis talk about the Archbishop of Athens and the Metropolitan of Zakynthos, who refused to surrender Jews to the Nazis, and to Greek smugglers hired by Jewish agencies, led by William R Perl, who smuggled Jewish refugees from Romania to Britain and then to Palestine. Also in attendance were: Pauline Rockman, OAM, president, Jewish Holocaust Centre; Sofia Kotanidis, president, Return to Anatolia; Warren Fineberg, executive director, Jewish Holocaust Centre, Eleni Lianidou, Consul-General of Greece; and Nadav Prawer, Israeli embassy. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Mokbel looks for loophole

first_imgTony Mokbel, who pleaded guilty to charges of trafficking large commercial quantities of ecstasy and speed in April, has made an application to the Supreme Court last week to reverse his plea to ‘not guilty.’ On April 18 2011, Mokbel admitted operating a drug network trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine while in hiding in Athens between 2006 and 2007. At the same hearing he also pleaded guilty to trafficking MDMA. The application to change his plea is based on a potential legal loophole discovered after the Victoria Police admitted in an unrelated case, that affidavits had not been sworn or affirmed properly, as is legally required. Mokbel’s defence team argued last week in the Supreme Court, that Victoria Police committed a fraud on the criminal justice system by not properly swearing affidavits. Defence barrister Peter Faris QC, argued that the admission could affect the validity of evidence used in the decade-long investigation into Tony Mokbel’s alleged multimillion dollar drug smuggling operations. Prosecutors responded saying that Mokbel knew full-well what he was pleading guilty to seven months ago, and described his application to change his plea as, “hopeless,” arguing that no evidence exists to suggest warrants obtained by police were invalid. Mr Peter Kidd, acting for the prosecution, told the court that Mokbel pleaded guilty of his own free will, and that Mokbel was in effect saying: ‘I didn’t realise I could have some evidence excluded that would weaken the crown case’.” Mr Kidd added that this did not mean that when Mokbel pleaded guilty, “he did not understand what he was doing.” The prosecutor called the application, “completely speculative,” and that it should be dismissed immediately . Because Mokbel’s assets have been confiscated, the taxpayer-funded Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) will foot the bill for his legal fees in relation to the application. Justice Simon Whelan granted Mokbel’s defence barrister time to prepare submissions. The application will resume on October 28. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Venizelos a strong contender for PASOK leadership

first_imgThe PASOK leadership contest took a new turn this week with Health Minister Andreas Loverdos declaring his backing for Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos, but there are still doubts about the position the party will adopt going into the final round of negotiations between Greece and its lenders. Loverdos, who was one of the frontrunners in the race to succeed George Papandreou, said that he was putting aside his personal ambitions for the good of the party. “We will proceed together because our party cannot take any more division and the country needs some stability,” he said. The alliance between the two men has made Venizelos the clear favourite to succeed Papandreou. Venizelos and Loverdos informed other top Socialists, such as Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou, of their decision to join forces before making yesterday’s announcement in an attempt to get their blessing for the move. However, the future of Papandreou remains in doubt. He has called a leadership election in March but there is growing unrest within the party about his lame duck presidency. Some MPs have indicated that they might call a vote of no confidence when PASOK’s parliamentary group meets on Thursday in a bid to force Papandreou to stand aside. The timing of these developments is extremely sensitive given that Prime Minister Lucas Papademos wants to meet with party leaders to agree on common positions ahead of finalizing the latest reforms with the troika on Friday. PASOK has adopted the most inflexible stance of all three coalition parties on key issues such as private sector wage cuts, reductions to supplementary pensions and the recapitalisation of Greek banks, so it is vital to the process that the Socialist leader be able to provide some clarity on these matters. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Smartphone bill shock

first_imgThe term ‘bill shock’ was coined to describe the reaction that follows an unexpectedly high mobile phone bill, often due to stiff roaming charges or over-use of data applications. With the spread of the smart phone seeing more Australians glued to their devices, how are they managing to keep their costs in check and bill shock at bay? Exceeding the data cap has pushed bills into triple figures and the way to prevent this is careful planning and keep an eye on your usage at all times. Source: The Age Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more