Peruvian Air Force Trains in Operational Law

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo March 11, 2019 As part of their defense cooperation efforts, the Peruvian Air Force (FAP, in Spanish) and Air Forces Southern (AFSOUTH), U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)’s Air Force component, trained Peruvian service members in the legal field that covers military interventions in the Apurímac, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers Valley (VRAEM, in Spanish). The V Operational Law Seminar, conducted February 4-7 at Las Palmas Military Air Base in Lima, Peru, helped strengthen efforts to counter terrorists and narcotrafficking groups. “The goal is to provide operational law education to FAP pilots, special forces, and intelligence and air and law defense personnel, and learn the rules of engagement in unconventional warfare scenarios,” Colonel Fernando Kahn, the FAP General Secretariat’s legal advisor, told Diálogo. “Unlike other seminars, this one involved young officers: lieutenants, captains, and majors who are headed to the VRAEM or are already there.” For three days, students got to know the exercises the U.S. military conducts under operational law. The officers also analyzed FAP’s actions in VRAEM conflicts in the last 25 years. AFSOUTH’s legal advisors shared their knowledge, research, and experiences regarding the application of operational law, close air support, and what to do when the commander doesn’t want to listen to their lawyer. “When the commander doesn’t want to listen to the legal advisor and acts [independently], it might become an illegal situation,” Peruvian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Ángel Daniel Bravo Bonifaz, an officer with the FAP’s Special Forces Group’s General Staff Operations, told Diálogo. FAP has had a legal operational advisor in the VRAEM’s air component for more than four years. “He’s the one who advises the commander one way or another. We then work to ensure that he is accepted, understood, and listened to,” Col. Kahn said. “SOUTHCOM’s support for this seminar is a sign of confidence in FAP to train our personnel.” Terminology “Another issue of interest among attendees was the training of U.S. commanders in law schools to learn and use the same terminology than legal operational advisors, and discipline in U.S. military tasks,” said Col. Kahn. “The United States has a reputable military court system, with serious sanctions when norms are violated.” Peruvian military operations in the VRAEM must have a legal advisor before and after military action. The legal advisor must apply the rules of engagement that determine how and against whom force will be used during a military intervention, as well as the armed forces’ limits in undertaking and pursuing operations against hostile groups. The advisor must also make an intelligence report that contributes to the legal backing and success of the armed forces’ actions in the area. “Under this concept, we need the norm of rules of engagement Section 13 to become [official], because it will be further protection and a means for legal and sound procedure for all the elements working in the VRAEM’s conflict area,” said Col. Kahn. “The rules of engagement should be established within rules of operation. Not all missions are the same,” said Lt. Col. Bravo. Strategies and tactics The VRAEM is Peru’s top region for coca crops and the area of operations of the remnants of the terrorist group Shining Path. Crops are processed to manufacture cocaine, which is transported to Mexico, the United States, Africa, and Europe. The VRAEM Special Command (CE-VRAEM, in Spanish) conducts counter terrorist operations and joint efforts with the Peruvian National Police in the area, under the concept of operational law. FAP takes part as an air component, and FAP’s Special Operations Group deploys patrols to execute the CE-VRAEM commander’s plans. The mission of the military interventions is to preserve the lives of the population and service members, crush the hostile group’s capacity, defend the state, and protect public and private property. Lt. Col. Bravo said that enemy strategies and tactics are those of guerilla warfare: hit-and-run, ambushes, raids, seizing arms for their own use, and using antipersonnel mines and explosive artifacts. “To confront the enemy, we also use special warfare [techniques], and the main thing we need to consider is the element of surprise. In a way, the rules of engagement should be for forces to maintain that element of surprise to get the required military advantage.” As civilians are present during air-ground exercises in the VRAEM, it’s essential for the commander to remember their operational law training, that they have an operational lawyer, and that their staff has operational law knowledge. This gives the commander absolute confidence to decide any course of action about the mission. “From a legal viewpoint, the operational lawyer is the commander’s right-hand man,” said Lt. Col. Bravo. “Due to the importance of the legal advisor’s timely and efficient advice to the commander, FAP will seek to organize an operational law conference before the end of 2019, not only for elements of the Air Force, but also the Navy, the Army, and the National Police,” said Col. Kahn.last_img read more

Businesses ask questions about reopening during Zoom meeting

first_imgBROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — During the first of three Zoom meetings aimed at helping businesses reopen while keeping people safe from coronavirus, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar spoke to more than 200 business owners Tuesday about the reopening plan. The state will also reopen businesses in four phases. Businesses, such as those in construction, manufacturing, and wholesale supply chains, are allowed to reopen in phase one, starting May 15. The state will inform the county when it can move into phase 2 to reopen more businesses. Garnar also urged business leaders to create a gameplan so they can reopen. Businesses are required to submit their plan to the state through a portal before they resume operations. The plan “must be visible and public”, and designed to limit the spread of coronavirus to protest employees and consumers. The county will provide guidance as to when the portal is active. During the meeting, Garnar told the audience he believes hair salons and dental offices fall into phase 2 of the reopening guidelines, while churches are considered in phase 4, unless the state provides more guidance. Speaking for more than an hour, Garnar laid out the county’s role and explained what business owners need to do to prepare for reopening, an issue Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed in his daily news conference, held at Binghamton University Tuesday afternoon. Garnar also informed the businesses the region must also constantly meet the 7 guidelines for reopening. The Southern Tier was one of three regions in New York State that met the criteria. For information on the reopening phases, click here. If the Southern Tier falls below the threshold, businesses could be required to shut back down. Garnar said it’s important businesses and the community work to meet the requirements. In the first half of the meeting, Garnar spoke about the county’s efforts to slow the spread of the virus. He explained how the county addressed multiple challenges, such as filling healthcare requests for personal protective equipment (PPE), and providing masks to the public.last_img read more

HZJZ: Procedure in case of illness in a guest in a tourist accommodation facility at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

first_imgIn case of confirmation of COVID-19 infectious disease in a guest, the following applies: The Croatian Institute of Public Health has announced the procedure for the appearance of the disease in a guest in a tourist accommodation facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The responsible person or the person authorized by him in the accommodation facility informs about the illness of the guest doctor in the contracted clinic or the doctor in the tourist clinic (hereinafter: the competent doctor) in order to perform the examination.If in the first contact with the doctor, the competent doctor suspects that the person is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the responsible person of the accommodation facility asks the guest to stay in the accommodation unit with the door closed and provides the sick guest with a medical (surgical) mask and tissues. and instructs the guest not to leave the room until the medical examination (arrival of the doctor at home visit or organized transport of the sick guest to the doctor’s office) and obtaining further instructions. Local self-government units, local civil protection headquarters, health centers and hotel tourist complexes of larger hotel tourist companies will define additional health care providers for guests of tourist accommodation facilities primarily through the organization of tourist offices or offices that will be responsible for individual accommodation facilities.In areas that accept tourists, local civil protection headquarters and health centers will provide facilities for the timely diagnosis of COVID-19.Local civil protection headquarters and health centers will ensure the possibility of taking swabs in case of suspicion of COVID-19 in the competent clinics or potentially during home visits to guests in accommodation facilities.Local civil protection headquarters, health centers and the emergency medical service will provide transportation to the primary care physician and to the hospital for sick guests.Regional and local civil protection headquarters and regional and local self-government units will provide organized isolation for patients with COVID-19 whose clinical picture does not require hospitalization and organized quarantine / self-isolation for healthy contacts of patients who must be quarantined / self-isolated.On the websites of municipalities, cities and counties, and their tourist boards, publish contact information (telephone numbers) and working hours of the competent medical offices / clinics that care for tourists, in Croatian, English and the languages ​​of tourists who visit these destinations the most. A guest whose COVID-19 has been confirmed and whose medical condition requires hospitalization is transported to a medical institution in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and depending on the severity of the disease, using a personal vehicle, organized transport or ambulance transport. . In case of sudden onset of severe, life-threatening symptoms, an emergency medical service is called. Transport by public transport is NOT PERMITTED.In agreement with the competent doctor, domestic guests who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 with mild symptoms or who do not have symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to go to isolation in their own accommodation (at home), own transport and without the use of public transport, if it is possible. In this case, further care of the patient is led by their chosen doctor or the competent doctor according to the place of isolation (in consultation with the competent epidemiologist).Domestic guests who are in contact with the patient go home in self-isolation, which is further taken care of by their forbidden doctor (in consultation with the competent epidemiologist).A foreign guest with a confirmed COVID-19 disease whose medical condition does not require hospitalization and a domestic guest with a confirmed COVID-19 infection who does not have conditions for isolation at home should be accommodated in organized accommodation for isolation in the community, provided for such needs by the local government , in a way that guests are moved to a pre-prepared facility suitable for living in isolation (facilities determined and equipped by the local Crisis Staff or local government can be apartments, houses, mobile homes, dormitories, etc.) which is further cared for by the competent doctor for the accommodation facility (in consultation with the competent epidemiologist). The same applies to guests who are close contacts of the patient, and who need to organize quarantine / self-isolation.Foreign guests with confirmed COVID-19 disease and foreign guests close contacts of a COVID-19 patient may return to their countries before the expiration of the patient’s isolation, ie quarantine / self-isolation for healthy close contacts, after consultation with the public health authorities of their country of origin via IHR (international health regulations) and agreements on the manner and financing of their transport to home countries.The employee or person in the household in which the COVID-19-certified accommodation service is provided must be subjected to hospital treatment or isolation in their own home or organized isolation unit, depending on the severity of the illness.An employee or person in a household in which accommodation services are provided who have been in close contact with a person certified as COVID-19 must be subjected to isolation in a home or organized isolation unit for healthy contacts of patients with COVID-19.Completion of isolation and health condition is taken care of by the competent doctor who prescribed isolation or quarantine / self-isolation.center_img The competent physician examines the patient to determine whether the criteria for suspecting COVID-19 are met and, depending on the clinical condition of the guest, determines the need to call an epidemiologist.When COVID-19 is suspected, a swab is taken or arranged for the timely diagnosis of COVID-19 infection and isolation in the accommodation unit is determined for the sick guest and his close contacts until the test results arrive.Employees of the accommodation facility or household accommodation providers do not enter the room where the person is suspected of COVID-19 and the room where his close contacts are, and guests are informed that bed linen change and room cleaning will not take place at normal intervals and in the usual way. Each such guest must maintain the cleanliness of the room / space in which he / she is staying with the means that the accommodation facility will make available. Meals will be served by delivery to the room, and guests who do not have half board or full board accommodation will buy (order) meals from the accommodation restaurant to control entry and exit to the accommodation facility / room with meal delivery to the door of the room / apartment. In smaller or apartment accommodation facilities, the owner or the person responsible for accommodation will organize the delivery of food and other necessities for the guest to the door of the room and contact the competent health service.If there is a need for contact with a sick guest while waiting for the test results on COVID-19, one person is designated to deal with that guest with the obligatory wearing of a protective medical mask and gloves and maintaining physical distance from the patient.Masks, gloves and similar protective equipment should be discarded immediately after use in a waste bin with a lid in which two plastic waste bags are placed. After throwing protective equipment in the trash, workers should wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect them.Guests who are part of the same group or the same family with the patient must also remain in their rooms until contact with the competent physician is established and until the findings arrive if the physician suspects COVID-19.If the doctor determines that the guest is not infected with COVID-19, he prescribes therapy for his condition, self-isolation is abolished for the guest and his close contacts and the guest can move freely around the facility as far as his health and other guests of the tourist facility. When a COVID-19 infectious disease is suspected in a visitor to the accommodation facility, the following applies: Attachment: HZJZ: Procedure in case of illness in a guest in a tourist accommodation facility at the time of the COVID-19 pandemiclast_img read more

Testing of tourists at COVID-19 in the city of Krk

first_imgTesting is performed on the basis of a doctor’s referral or on a personal request with payment. The price of the test is HRK 698,21, and payment is made in cash in HRK on the spot. Before testing, it is necessary to fill in the form and provide a contact e-mail to which the test result is subsequently sent. Test results are ready within 48 hours. The epidemiological service of the Teaching Institute for Public Health PGŽ, Krk branch, reports that testing for COVID-19 can be done in the city of Krk. Prior notice is not required for testing, except in the case of groups of 10 or more persons who need to be announced in advance by email or by phone at +385 51 221 955.center_img Sampling is performed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8 am to 9 am, in front of the Tourist Clinic of the Health Center in Krk at the address Vinogradska 2b. last_img read more

Senvion Nine-Month Figures Get an Offshore Kick as Q3 Sees Slowdown

first_imgSenvion posted an increase in revenues at its offshore segment for the first nine months of 2017, however, the third quarter itself saw a decline compared to Q3 2016.The offshore revenues are driven by the completion of wind turbine installation at Nordsee One, which especially reflected on the results for the first half of the year and only to some extent on those for the third quarter.For the period from January to September of this year, the company reported offshore revenues of EUR 217.5 million, a jump from the EUR 163.3 million in the first nine months of 2016. Looking only at the third quarter, Senvion marked a decline in offshore revenues from EUR 88.3 million reported in Q3 2016 to EUR 33.2 million in Q3 2017.The company says its orde rbook is stable at EUR 5.3 billion, including wind turbine net firm orders, the conditional ones and service orders. Net firm orders for the third quarter amounted to almost EUR 1.5 billion, with offshore contributing for EUR 454 million. Order intake (active contracts and tenors weighted by the number of wind turbines) in the offshore segment for the first nine months was at EUR 306 million.The overall slowdown in established markets such as Germany, had an impact on the growth of Senvion’s order intake in the third quarter, however, Senvion was still able to increase order intake by 51% in the first nine months compared with the same period in 2016, the company stated.One of Senvion’s contracts that became effective in the first nine months of this year is that for Trianel Windpark Borkum II (TWBII), under which the OEM will deliver 32 of its 6.2M152 turbines with a power upgrade.Altogether, the company posted revenues of EUR 1.31 billion for the period from January to September 2017, a decline of 10% compared to the same period of 2016. Senvion said the decline is due to a challenging market environment. Looking at the turbine manufacturer’s nine-month revenue figures, there was a slowdown in Senvion’s onshore business, while revenues from offshore and services segments witnessed growth.last_img read more

Franklin County releases important voting information, dates

first_imgBrookville, In. — Monday, April 30, 2018, by 11:59 p.m. is the deadline for the Franklin County Clerk to receive a mailed, hand-delivered, emailed or a faxed absentee ballot application from a voter who requests to vote by mail.Monday, May 7, 2016, by NOON, is the deadline for the Franklin County Clerk to receive a mailed, hand-delivered, or faxed absentee application from a voter with disabilities, a confined voter or a voter caring for a confined person that requests that the absentee ballots be delivered to the applicant by an absentee travel board.Voters may also vote before the Absentee Voter Board at the Franklin County Courthouse, 459 Main Street, Brookville, Indiana.  Those hours are:April 16 thru April 20                                8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.April 23 thru April 27                                8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.April 30 thru May 5                                   8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Saturday hours are as follows:April 28                                             8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.May 5                                                8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Monday, May 7, 2016 at NOON is the last day to vote an absentee ballot before the Absentee Board in the Clerk’s office.Voters who wish to vote by mail, or have the Traveling Board come to their home to vote may contact the Clerk’s office at (765) 647-5111 ext. 3 for an Absentee Ballot Application or if you have any questions.last_img read more

Leising greets Farm Bureau members at the Statehouse

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Republican state senator from Oldenburg Jean Leising along with other Rural Caucus members, State Sen. Sue Glick and State Rep. Don Lehe recently met with Farm Bureau members at the Statehouse. The group discussed legislation moving through the General Assembly as well as issues facing Indiana’s agriculture industry and rural communities.last_img

Harrington looking for experience

first_img Asked if he would be interested in becoming captain, Harrington told Sky Sports News: “A bsolutely I’d be interested and part of being a vice-captain is really finding out whether you are suitable to do it. “It’s a different job being the captain than a player. Being a player is quite a selfish thing, it’s all about you. The captaincy, man-managing 12 people, being able to get on with all of those people and being able to organise things, its a different sort of scenario. “My record might say yeah, I look like being a future captain, but to be honest being a vice-captain and getting in behind the scenes will tell me a lot more and tell the people in the know a lot more whether I am possibly the right man to do the job.” Olazabal, Harrington and Jimenez have 17 Ryder Cup appearances between them, while Jimenez was vice-captain to Seve Ballesteros in 1997 and Olazabal two years ago. The 50-year-old was also picked by McGinley to captain the European team in the inaugural EurAsia Cup in March. McGinley said: “I know it’s been common in the past to have three or four vice-captains but I’ve gone for five because I feel an extra person is justified due to the additional workload which comes from being the home team, in addition to how well I saw such a system working when we ended up having five vice captains under Colin Montgomerie at Celtic Manor in 2010 (Sergio Garcia was a late addition). “Padraig is my oldest friend on Tour and is a guy I have known most of my life. We went to school together, came through the amateur ranks together and have been together in many contests for both Ireland and Europe over the years, so I know what he can bring to the team room. “As far as Miguel is concerned, he is someone that the spectators love as well as being very popular with all the players. However, he is also a person that I respect very much. I have sat beside him for over a decade on the Tournament Players’ Committee and have seen him exhibit an integrity on many occasions that is very admirable. “Finally, Jose Maria’s passion for the Ryder Cup is recognised the world over. It was obvious in his legendary partnership with Seve and was also so very apparent two years ago at Medinah, so I’m delighted he has accepted my invitation to be involved again, once more maintaining that important continuity.” “I have complete confidence and trust in all five of my vice-captains and the help they will give me in the difficult quest of trying to retain the Ryder Cup.” Jimenez said: “I thoroughly enjoyed being captain of Europe at the EurAsia Cup which was a great opportunity for me and I am looking forward to bringing the experience I gained there to the team room at Gleneagles. I have a great relationship with all the players, having played alongside them regularly over the years.” Olazabal added: “Everyone knows how much the Ryder Cup has meant in my career and it’s an occasion that I love being part of. It is a unique and special event – and I know that will be the case once again in Scotland in three weeks’ time. “I think we have a very good team in place but, as Paul said yesterday, we are under no illusions about how formidable a test the United States team will present. But he knows I will do everything I possibly can to help him and the players throughout the week.” Scotland’s Paul Lawrie, who had been widely tipped to be a vice-captain, wrote on Twitter: ” Extremely disappointed not to be involved at Ryder cup but all the best to all of the European team #goeurope.” Padraig Harrington admits being a vice-captain in this year’s Ryder Cup will tell him if he his cut out to lead a European team himself in the future. Harrington, Jose Maria Olazabal and Miguel Angel Jimenez were named as Paul McGinley’s final three assistants on Wednesday, joining Des Smyth and Sam Torrance on the backroom staff for Gleneagles. Olazabal was captain for the ‘Miracle at Medinah’ in 2012 but Harrington and Jimenez are both candidates to fulfil the role in years to come, along with the likes of Darren Clarke and Thomas Bjorn. Press Associationlast_img read more

The Latest: Ironman World Championship cancelled

first_imgAUSTIN, Texas — Texas will delay the start of the public high school football season for its largest schools by a month as the state grapples with a recent surge of new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths.Instead of starting practice Aug. 3, those schools can now start Sept. 7. The first games can be played Sept. 24, a month after the originally scheduled opening weekend. The University Interscholastic League said it focused the delay on larger schools as many of them are in the states largest metropolitan areas, which have been hit hardest by the surge of virus cases. Some school districts are already changing their calendars to delay the start of the academic year, or to begin the year with several weeks of online classes. The Houston school district, the largest in the state, won’t meet on campus until mid-October.The UIL’s announcement said it also anticipates that not all schools will start at the same time and could face disruptions during the season. That number is up from 72 in the union’s last report on July 10.On Monday, the NFLPA and the NFL reached agreement on COVID-19 testing as rookies begin reporting to training camps. Most veterans come in next week, though some players rehabbing injuries could report this week.Players will be tested daily for the coronavirus for at least the first two weeks of training camp, per the league’s new testing protocols. After two weeks of daily testing, if the positivity rate of those tests falls below 5% among players and team individuals with close access to them, testing would go to every other day. If the positivity rate doesn’t fall below that threshold, daily testing would continue until it drops.___ Storied Russian hockey club CSKA Moscow says that seven players have tested positive for the coronavirus.The club says the unnamed players tested positive Tuesday and that none of them are displaying symptoms.CSKA says in a statement the team has been tested for the virus each day since returning from vacation.The announcement comes hours after another Kontinental Hockey League club, Avangard Omsk, said that it was withdrawing from a pre-season tournament following positive tests for 20 people. That figure included players and staff.___ Fans can get a refund on their payments for 2020 seats, or they can roll over that money to next season. All single-game tickets already purchased will also be canceled and refunded because the Rams expect their stadium capacity to be limited to only about 15,000, even if fans are allowed inside SoFi at all this season.The team also said it expects the NFL to cancel the entire preseason, which means the stadium’s first scheduled game is now the Rams’ Sunday night season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 13.All of the season ticket holders’ stadium seat licenses have been extended by one year. SoFi Stadium’s seat licenses will be refunded by the Rams after 50 years, essentially turning them into an interest-free loan by fans to finance construction of the stadium.___Detroit Tigers left-hander Daniel Norris says he found out about his positive test about a month ago, but his COVID-19 symptoms were already clearing up by then. ___Swimming governing body FINA is giving almost $6.5 million to help athletes prepare for the postponed Tokyo Olympics.FINA says it wants to help athletes who “endure hardships related to their training and competitive opportunities due to the pandemic.”The plan includes $4 million for at least 160 national federations to support athletes with expenses for training, competitions and living over the next year.A further $2 million will support 100 scholarships for athletes who currently do not have Olympic qualifying standards to prepare at national or continental centers. FINA supports regional bases in Russia, Senegal, Thailand and the United States. Pole vault world record holder Armand “Mondo” Duplantis is headlining the event.The announcement comes as other European track meets plan to bring fans back. Tickets are on sale for the Diamond League meet in Monaco next month and organizers in Lausanne are staging a pole vault competition in the city which could have 5,000 fans if Swiss authorities agree.___This season’s Scottish Cup final will be played midway through next season.The Scottish soccer federation says the pandemic-delayed competition will be completed on Dec. 20. That is more than seven months after the original date for the final on May 9. The competition was stopped at the semifinal stage. Defending champion Celtic will play Aberdeen and Edinburgh rivals Hearts and Hibernian will meet in the other semifinal on the weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 1 at Hampden Park in Glasgow.Organizers say players who would ordinarily be barred from playing for a second team in the same competition can play for their new club even if they were earlier fielded by a different team.The 2020-21 season in the Scottish league will start on Aug. 1. The 2019-20 league season did not resume after the lockdown and Celtic was declared champion based on average points per game.___More AP sports: and The Citi Open in Washington, scheduled to start with Aug. 13 qualifying, was called off Tuesday because of what tournament manager Mark Ein said are “too many unresolved external issues, including various international travel restrictions as well as troubling health and safety trends.”The men’s and women’s pro tours both have been suspended since March and are planning to return next month. The first event on the most recently announced calendar is a women’s tournament in Palermo, Italy, starting Aug. 3.With Washington’s hard-court tournament now gone, the first chance for men to play sanctioned matches will be the Masters-level event usually played in Cincinnati that was moved to the site of the U.S. Open, starting Aug. 22.That is to be followed by the U.S. Open, beginning Aug. 31.___ Collins is a 26-year-old American who was a semifinalist at the 2019 Australian Open. She has been ranked as high as No. 23 and currently is No. 51.She was playing for the Orlando Storm at WTT, which took all nine of its teams and put them at The Greenbrier, where the season began July 12 and ends Aug. 2.The WTT is not affiliated with the WTA or ATP professional tours, which have been suspended since March because of the coronavirus pandemic and plan to resume next month.___The tournament that was supposed to mark the official return of men’s professional tennis amid the coronavirus pandemic has been canceled. July 21, 2020 Grants totalling $460,000 will go to continental swimming bodies to distribute.___The ISTAF track meet in Berlin has outlined plans to have up to 3,500 spectators in attendance on Sept. 13.Organizers say they have developed a wide-ranging plan to ensure spectators stay healthy but haven’t revealed specifics. They were hoping for up to 45,000 fans at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin before the pandemic.Meet director Martin Seeber says he hopes it will be “a first small step back to normality.”center_img Norris said his symptoms didn’t seem major at first — he woke up sweating a bit and achy — but in retrospect, he realized those symptoms may have been more significant.“The heavy symptoms only lasted a few days,” Norris said. “A few days after that test, I was like, ‘I feel like 100%.’”He said he sent out a message to the team telling them not to take the virus lightly.___The NFL Players Association says 95 players are known to have tested positive for the coronavirus. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___The Ironman World Championship that previously had been rescheduled is now cancelled because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. “These adjustments reflect the public health situation at this time and the varying numbers of COVID-19 cases across different geographic areas of the state,” the UIL said in its announcement.___Danielle Collins has been kicked out of World TeamTennis for breaking the league’s COVID-19 protocols.WTT CEO Carlos Silva says Collins left The Greenbrier resort hosting all of the matches during the league’s three-week season and went out of the state of West Virginia.“The protocols have been put in place and communicated numerous times to protect the health and safety of our players, coaches and staff,” Silva said. A Russian team playing in the Kontinental Hockey League has withdrawn from a pre-season tournament after 20 people from the club tested positive for the coronavirus.Avangard Omsk general manager Alexei Volkov says the positive tests come from players and members of team staff who were tested during training camp. Volkov adds that the people are in isolation and that most don’t have obvious symptoms.Avangard was scheduled to play in a pre-season tournament from Aug. 4-9 in Sochi.The last KHL season was cut short midway through the playoffs when the coronavirus pandemic made international travel difficult.The KHL is aiming to start the new season on Sept. 2 and expects to finalize the calendar after a board meeting scheduled for next week. The Latest: Ironman World Championship cancelled Associated Press It’s the first time in the 43-year history of the triathlon event that it won’t be run.Ironman had previously announced that the World Championships would be moved from October to Feb. 6, 2021 and that next year would feature two world championship events. The 70.3 World Championships had been scheduled for November in New Zealand and had also been postponed to early 2021,___The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association said Tuesday night it will move high school football to the spring as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.The WIAA unveiled a four-season calendar for high school sports, moving team sports deemed moderate or high risk to the early spring. Football, volleyball, girls soccer and small-school boys soccer will be contested beginning in early March and conclude in early May. The majority of high school sports in the state will not be permitted until after the winter break when school resumes in January. The WIAA calendar calls for the primary winter sports of basketball and wrestling to be contested between early January and conclude in early March.Traditional spring sports including baseball, track and field, softball and boys soccer will begin in late April and conclude in late June.___The Los Angeles Rams are deferring their fans’ season tickets for the upcoming season in brand-new SoFi Stadium to 2021.The Rams announced the decision in an email to their season ticket holders outlining their current plans for the multibillion-dollar stadium, which is on schedule to open next month. Norris was cleared to rejoin the Detroit player pool and said he threw a bullpen session Tuesday. He has a simulated game Thursday.Norris confirmed his positive test earlier this month to the Detroit News, but he said Tuesday he got the initial result June 23. “That was the test we took down in Florida. I was obviously super bummed, but my symptoms had pretty much cleared up by that time,” he said. “Once the Phillies camp had that little outbreak, they shut our camp down. … I didn’t know I was positive until I got to Detroit.”Norris said he was taking precautions while in Florida.“It was crazy down there. Everything was like open and semi-normal, but I wasn’t partaking in all that,” he said. “I just kind of figured I was doing enough to not get it.”last_img read more

Hampson, Hilliard HR, Rockies bounce back, beat Giants 9-6

first_img___More AP MLB: and TRAINER’S ROOMRockies: INF Brendan Rodgers is making strides in his recovery from a right shoulder capsular strain that he suffered on a hard slide into third base during last Saturday’s game against San Diego. Placed on the 10-day injured list, Rodgers is expected to resume throwing activities in a day or two. “He’s continuing to get treatment on the shoulder,” manager Bud Black said. “It’s sort of a bruise. It’s still stiff but it’s starting to loosen up and should resolve itself fairly quickly.”UP NEXTGiants: Following an off-day Thursday, the Giants will open a four-game series Friday night against Arizona. The team has not yet announced a starter for Friday night’s game.Rockies: Following an off-day Thursday, the Rockies head to Los Angeles, where Antonio Senzatela (3-1, 3.32 ERA) is slated to pitch Friday night’s series opener at Dodger Stadium. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditDENVER (AP) — Garrett Hampson and Sam Hilliard homered and newcomer Kevin Pillar delivered a key triple as the Colorado Rockies bounced back from a battering, rallying to beat the San Francisco Giants 9-6 Wednesday.A day after getting 27 hits in a 23-5 rout at Coors Field, and Alex Dickerson leading the way with three home runs and two doubles, the Giants again started fast. Mike Yastrzemski homered to help San Francisco score four times on six hits in the first inning.By the fourth inning, the Giants already had six runs and 11 hits. But the Rockies bullpen pitched shutout ball the rest of the way — Dickerson finished with a double and single in five at-bats. Associated Press Hampson homered for the third time in two days. Pillar, acquired in a trade with Boston on Monday, hit a go-ahead, two-run triple in a five-run seventh inning.Trevor Story added three hits for Colorado. Yastrzemski had three hits for the Giants.One out into the game, Yastrzemski connected on a 3-2 pitch off Kyle Freeland for his eighth homer of the season. Dickerson, Joey Bart and Daniel Robertson followed with two-out RBI singles and one inning later, Freeland was out of the game. He allowed four runs on eight hits over two innings, his shortest outing of the season.The Rockies trailed 6-4 going into the seventh. After Sam Coonrod (0-1) was relieved by Tyler Rogers, Pillar, who spent most of last season with the Giants, tripled for a 7-6 lead. Hilliard followed one out later with a two-run homer that landed in the left field bleachers. Mychal Givens (1-0), acquired over the weekend from Baltimore, worked a scoreless inning for the win. Daniel Bard got three outs for his fourth save. Hampson, Hilliard HR, Rockies bounce back, beat Giants 9-6 September 2, 2020last_img read more