Love Shanghai how to identify the quality of website content

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for readability we should talk to the end, because the paragraph operation is directly related to whether the user can very clear and very easy to read this article, a clear section of the article is very advantageous to the user reading, the search engine is based on the basic HTML code in the

1.Why read more

n 2013 the construction of the chain is suggested to

now many webmaster write love at the end of the article with the XXX end of such a recommended reading, this general approach is very few people to click on, therefore, recommended value is very low. But if you change the way: if you want to understand the specific process of website construction, we can refer to this website: XX. Such links as supplement, recommendation is not high. In fact, as long as the common reference here refer to the theory, do not know if you still remember this theory, may wish to analyze this website, Guangzhou website as the main keywords, this is a station of the author, had to learn the common guidelines ", began to organize the thinking, when the easy drainage technician the share have added some recommended language (we can look at the outside of the chain construction). The fact is theory, up to now the rankings do a qualitative improvement. read more