How to store Chongqing small noodles to win in the firm

Chongqing small join shop, looks like a bowl of simple surface, in fact, the real operation of the Chongqing small shops did not imagine so simple. So in the face of the fierce competition of the catering market, Chongqing small noodles franchise business but win in the firm? Also need to pay attention to the following factors:

Chongqing small noodles join venture rich experience and mature system is the premise of survival, but would like to open a Chongqing small noodles franchise should do is to understand the business strategy, find Chongqing small noodles to join the most practical and mature mode of operation, the only way to get better development. read more

Shop must see 7 11 retail Bible makes the shop becomes simple

now young people, can be said to have a majority of people have the idea of a shop, but a large part of people do not know how to retail shop in the process, the retail experience actually still very important thing.

2015 published "7-Eleven retail Bible" is about the operation of the road, the famous Japanese chain 7-elven, especially on the interaction between businesses and customers from the perspective of psychology, is worth reading learning operator. The book discusses a lot of cases in the retail industry to illustrate how the retail business to customer centric. As the book says: read more

The bus driver Jicha apology is playing people passengers covered in alcohol

in order to avoid the vehicle in front of the emergency stop and rear end, Changsha, a bus driver slam the brakes, although 8 times the apology to the passengers are still being hit. During the driver did not fight back or back.

"illegal taxis in front of the car, I step on the brake." Yan Wenqi is a bus driver Changsha Road 7, in late January 10th ten, the bus pulled out Yuanjialing station, in order to avoid the car before he stepped on the brakes. More people in the car, suddenly heard someone said the fall, when the bus just started. Yan Wenqi said, I heard someone fell, he hastened to apologize to explain the situation, it is surprising that a male passenger from the car rushed over, hit him. Subsequently, a male passenger approached a woman to blame, hit me a total of three." read more

Where is a good western restaurant

western restaurant is a favorite place for everyone at the moment, we can get a good dining and dining experience in the western restaurant. So, if you want to open a western restaurant, where to open a better? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

western style dinner and leisure meal

where can I open a western restaurant? Western dinner and casual dining location requirements with little traditional restaurants, but also must pay attention to several places, such as must be located in the regional business atmosphere is very strong, the surrounding office buildings and hotels; for large area, at least 1000 square meters or more. Let’s look at some of the different types of site selection. read more

The use of long afterglow business environment and warm business opportunities

everyone’s entrepreneurial ideas are different, some people think about their own business, but also to return to the community, and some people, but it may just blindly in order to make money. So some people can be rated as a famous figure, while others are taking legal responsibility. This article describes the use of a "long afterglow" business opportunities, is really environmentally friendly and warm.

There are a lot of

What is read more

The language art of successful entrepreneurs

as the saying goes, a word to make people laugh, saying that people jump, the language of art can not be ignored, especially entrepreneurs need to have a language art. So what are the language arts of successful entrepreneurs? Through the following content or knows one or two.

now way of enterprise leaders dialogue is changing. In the past the tone of noble and dignified increasingly unpopular, a new generation of CEO style has been widely accepted, although this free and "rude" tone is not on the table, but it is amiable and easy of approach. read more

No money in the new era of entrepreneurship can not brain is not

a lot of friends think they have no money, so no business, in fact, do not have to start a lot of money. No money business is not unusual. How to start a business without money? A lot of entrepreneurs often ask themselves, empty handed white wolf who do not want to? The question is how to do it? No money can do business, but no brains will not do, no brain, there is no creative ideas, it can not talk about entrepreneurship.

read more

You have seen such a restaurant

there is a reason for this: the failure of the one hundred time to stand up in the one hundred and one time, do not experience the wind and rain can not see the rainbow is known to everyone. To know that nothing can be done casually, and success is no exception.

a Chongqing guy, collapsed 47 times, and finally made the world’s unique fresh rice. This experience, as a true love of the injured in the sinews or bones.

heard of fresh noodles, steamed buns, fresh steamed bread, then you heard of fresh rice? read more

How to manage a store details determine success or failure

  after opening a shop, not to say that you do not pay any effort, it can be like a cloud to. Who would have thought that a cup of water can actually make a business has been booming stores eventually closed. Details determine success or failure, the following Xiaobian to tell you a story, tell everyone in the entrepreneurial way, we must pay attention to details.

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How to deal with damaged cigarettes


said that every owner wants his product can be completed, without any defects. However, in the process of store management, there are always a variety of problems. Moreover, by way of large area expansion, Zhangzhou Taiwanese investment zone near the time in the process of distribution of cigarettes, potholed roads, and sent tens of thousands of cigarettes every day, and on time to the retail customer, so there will inevitably be damaged in cigarette packaging. In the face of a small number of damaged cigarettes, we can also deal with cigarette retail customers. read more

Wang Pengjie set up a comprehensive service center for Returned Overseas Students

study abroad is a more common phenomenon in China, for returnees, the policy is to give absolute support, in order to let returnees entrepreneurship more secure in Henan, the National People’s Congress, the Party committee of Henan Province Preparatory Committee Chairman Wang Pengjie proposed new.

"now more and more returnees. They love their hometown, but also knowledge and technology, can play a greater role in people’s business." March 8th in Henan, the National People’s Congress, Party committee of Henan Province Preparatory Committee Chairman Wang Pengjie suggested that the establishment of Returned Overseas entrepreneurs comprehensive service center, to provide help for their innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

How should the financial markets become so depressed today

buy participating insurance in recent years gradually been familiar with the word, not in the stock market, under the background of international economic crisis, if conservative investors want to invest, you can choose to buy insurance dividends, let your wealth to the simple, easy to.

my personality is more conservative, although there are one hundred thousand dollars in venture capital, but still do not have too much risk of trading. So I chose this: one hundred thousand yuan in the purchase of the dividend insurance, the remaining sixty thousand yuan to buy the bond market in the two market. Although the money spent out, in the short term will not be too obvious appreciation, but it will not lose money, just like savings, but more than pure savings worth. read more

The analysis of the policy of vegetable and meat steamed stuffed bun

what is the hot trend of the times we do? Health preservation of grains, popular in the food and beverage market, especially in the breakfast industry. Cereal grains package has now become popular in the market to join the popular investment projects, vegetable bucket is one of the meat. Food bucket meat bun featured red sorghum, corn, wheat, soybeans, rice and other grains, green and healthy grains as ingredients, and add meat dish to fight secret natural grain powder, cereals powder formula, the grain of healthy, nutritious and delicious play to its highest fully inclusive and equitable, nutritional value. read more