Treat customers must have patience

different customer characteristics, shopping time will be different. Some customers do what is rash and too much in haste, in a hurry to buy things naturally fast. And some customers are all with a kind of attitude, very picky, such customers are very difficult to deal with. If the shop encountered a critical customer, the owner must be patient oh.

in the morning, the store came to two elderly customers, it seems that the old two.

"how much is the egg?" Asked the old lady.

"three block nine." read more

Xi’an recognizes 54 college students and Awards

college students’ entrepreneurship has become one of the most important jobs for college graduates. In recent years, both the government and the society are actively encouraged to guide college students to start their own businesses, in all walks of life on the road to give positive help.

10 21, in the Institute of science and technology, Xi’an University of Science And Technology, Hunan Province, a grand recognition of the college students’ independent venture star and the 12 College Student Village Star venture, and awarded a bonus of $5000 per person, 42. read more

Small business Sichuan special snack franchise Daquan

  speaking of Sichuan many people like to eat. Sichuan restaurant business is more people suffer every day. So many people want to open a Sichuan Museum, but the competition is too intense. In fact, Xiaobian want to tell you, you can open a Sichuan snack bar, can make money. Here we recommend several good very local characteristics of Sichuan food project.

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Medical industry entrepreneurs to learn to communicate two types of people

each entrepreneurial industry are faced with different problems, for the medical industry entrepreneurs need to solve the problem, the following have to share with you some, look at it!

2015 April 1st afternoon, Tsinghua entrepreneurs accelerator held in the field of health care in the field of health care will be concluded in beijing. The accelerator invited famous investor, focusing on health care in the field about India venture capital managing partner CEO& Ms. Zheng Yufen shared theme, tells the general situation of medical investment industry and as a senior investment for entrepreneurs bring valuable management experience. read more

How to open a factory

is not only the entrepreneurial struggle can do more, also need entrepreneurs to according to market demand, mining real has a good development opportunities, so that their own career development to a greater extent. Then, start home clogs factory?

shoe style variety on the market range on the market, most of the material for leather, cloth, shoe material is single; from the consumer point of view, the consumer is the pursuit of comfortable, beautiful and durable shoes. But with the improvement of people’s living standard, demand for shoes are increasingly high, not only as a kind of shoes clothing collocation, a decoration, a warm pursuit of the most basic, more requirements to improve foot comfort and health; this kind of shoes in the market is less, the market prospect is good as well; open a physiotherapy function Clogs Shoes factory. read more

Women’s shop skills inventory

we can usually find a lot of shopping malls are linked together, forming a strong competitive situation. How to stand out in a group of women’s clothing store? This requires a certain skill. What are the skills of women’s shops? If it is not very clear.


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Ma Jiajia 90 college entrance examination champion bubble no fun supplies store monthly sales of 100

a lot of young people after graduated from University, the not remain in a proper sphere and look for a job, but the first of their own, want to make a career, this is very ambitious, there is such a college entrance exam is no exception, after graduating from college, she decided to start their own business shop, open shop is a kind of taste, the business is very hot!

"I told your profit skeptical." After visiting the 70 fun supplies shop owner Ma said, this lot of rent and product costs are not low, two young can get it?" For similar questions, Chen Jian has long been accustomed to the manager, the monthly rent will be 40 thousand, if not profitable, we can not be good at the end of the open here."

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Sichuan innovation and Entrepreneurship with the introduction of a number of government initiatives

is actually a good policy can promote and encourage entrepreneurship to help the people, at the same time in the business at the same time, can also promote local employment, recently, the Sichuan government on the introduction of such a policy to help and assist people with entrepreneurship.

to encourage public entrepreneurship and promote employment, the government of Sichuan province and good policy. Recently, the Sichuan provincial government issued "on Further Doing a good job under the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Opinions put forward the combination of entrepreneurship and employment, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment, employment and entrepreneurship to promote economic development, but also a series of policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, promote employment. read more