Tips for a small husband and wife partnership

is now in the social life, there are many entrepreneurs who are in the family business on the road of entrepreneurship, which couples partnership entrepreneurship is a very common business model, but in the premise of some marital riches, or the need to master some principles.

for love of things, the entrepreneur is difficult to go to business, in this state of mind, want to get benefits, Halcrow coexistence is not easy. read more

How to price a hot pot restaurant

a shop price is high, there is no way to attract customers, want to make the business of the store naturally become a very distant thing. However, if the store’s pricing is low, not only will cause vicious competition, but also to earn less profit, want to give the operator the return of wealth is naturally difficult. So, if you want a business booming business, do a good job pricing is extremely important. So, how to price the hot pot shop?

catering industry has already bid farewell to the era of profiteering, has become a meager profit industry. In recent years, in some first-tier cities, not only cost up to 3 Hot pot dishes, and raw materials also rose sharply, especially Hot pot bottom material raw material rises greatly, chilli prices doubled, dried pepper also rose 3, plus the edible oil prices, the original speculation a pot of Hot pot bottom material requires only 7, 8 yuan of money, and now the pot bottom material price has exceeded 10 yuan. read more

Xi’an cold noodle wrapper make money

in a famous snack in Shaanxi snack items is Ganmian skin, making simple, unique taste, development has been nearly China throughout the country, very popular with consumers, so many small business investors want to know Xi’an cold noodle wrapper to make money? Today is to analyze this problem.

investment in Xi’an cold noodle wrapper to make money? Read the following three points you will know.


Xi’an, ancient Changan, Gao Jing, is the capital of Shaanxi Province, deputy provincial city, National Center City area (northwest), national important scientific research, education and industrial base. United Nations Scientific and educational organization in 1981 to determine the "world famous historical city". Xi’an’s economic development level is relatively high, the local people have strong spending power. read more