How medical technology reveals the secrets of ancient Egyptian mummies

first_imgMONTREAL — Nestawedjat, a wealthy, married “lady of the house,” died in the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes sometime around 700 BC.Some 2,700 years too late to save her, she was brought to a British hospital to undergo a thoroughly modern medical procedure: a CT scan.In recent years, medical technology has allowed researchers to learn intimate details of the lives of ancient Egyptian mummies that go far beyond the biographical details gleaned from their tombs.Nestawedjat, for example, likely died between the ages of 35 and 49, her teeth probably hurt and she had lesions on her spine that are often associated with athletes or the elderly — even though she died at what would be a considered a young age by today’s standards.On Wednesday, Nestawedjat’s remains sat under a spotlight on a table at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts — one of six mummies that will be on display beginning next month as part of the British Museum’s exhibit, “Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives” that has previously toured Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan.Reporters and photographers panned cameras over her body, perfectly bound in linen without a single loose edge or fray, as nearby glass cases displayed the jars that would have contained her organs and two of the three ornately painted wooden coffins that were nested one inside the other, like Russian dolls, with her body at the centre.Thanks to CT scans, and occasionally large-animal veterinary equipment for the bigger pieces, researchers have been able to glean information on the mummies’ medical status, diets, and burial rites without unwrapping — and risking destroying — the fragile remains, according to Caroline Barton, the assistant collection manager in the British Museum’s Egypt and Sudan department.“We have found we can penetrate quite deeply into the human remains, and virtually peel back the mummification layers, the resin layers, the skin layers, the musculature,” she said Wednesday in Montreal, where she’s helping prepare the upcoming exhibit.Nestawedjat’s scan, for example, revealed her heart is still present in her body. It also showed the amulets placed on her body as part of the burial ritual that saw her eviscerated, salted, anointed with oils and filled with packing materials.Barton said technology is also partly responsible for the exhibit being in Montreal at all. While some of the artifacts would have been considered too fragile to transport just a decade ago, new and better packing techniques have given the museum staff the confidence to send them around the world.Barton, an expert “mummy packer,” oversaw this process herself, using custom cut polyethylene soft foam and a support fabric called a bondina to ensure the precious cargo wouldn’t be damaged by a bumpy air and road journey.“We have to very sympathetically think about where the pressure points will be, what can break and what can’t,” she explained.Laura Vigo, the curator of the Montreal presentation of the exhibit, said she hopes that by exposing the intimate secrets of the mummies — such as the fact that one likely died of sepsis from a tooth infection, while another likely had clogged arteries — the public will feel close enough to “hear their voices.”“We have for centuries, for millennia, been infatuated with the idea of the Egyptian mummy,” she said. The exhibit, which runs from Sept. 14 to Feb. 2, 2020, offers a chance “to really understand how they lived, not just the mummy, but as persons.”Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Security beefed up at Sri Lankan refugee camp in India

Police have strengthened security at the Pooluvapatti Sri Lankan refugee camp in Coimbatore, India following a clash between members of the camp and a Hindu outfit on Saturday, The Hindu newspaper reported.Coimbatore District (Rural) police have arrested four persons in connection with the incident. One Siva, 52, intervened in the dispute between Vijay and Antony. “A few persons from the camp allegedly pushed Siva. Siva informed his son Susheendran of the incident. He took up the matter with the Hindu Munnani men. A group of over 100 men entered the camp at 11.30 p.m. leading to a clash,” the police said. According to the police, a volleyball match held at the camp led to the fight between Hindu Munnani functionaries and camp inmates. read more

How Wide Receivers Are Like College Football Teams

One of my absolute favorite early “sabermetric” football studies was conducted in early 2005 by Doug Drinen, the founder of At the time, Drinen was spending a week guest-writing football posts at the blog of a fellow professor, the economist J.C. Bradbury, and was performing innovative statistical research using the first iteration of the Pro-Football-Reference database. In those days, digitized historical football data was very difficult to come by, and Drinen’s collection — mind you, a small fraction of the current PFR database’s size — was the best on the web.As one of his experiments, Drinen made an unorthodox attempt to rank modern wide receivers relative to one another. (For what it’s worth, the conundrum of how best to rate receivers is still a problem nine years later.) His unique twist? The method he used treated receivers the same way he would, elsewhere, treat college football teams in a power-rating system such as the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) used.Drinen’s rationale was as follows:Wide Receiver is the only position where even small groups of players are actually competing against each other under nearly identical circumstances… [Two receivers] are working in the same system with the same quarterback, the same offensive line, even the same game conditions. Raw numbers probably are a good way to determine to what extent [one is better than the other]… Every season, every team has a group of 3 to 5 guys that can, for the most part, be rank-ordered by their numbers. This situation is unique to wide receivers.But how does this help us compare [receivers]? Think college football. USC didn’t play Auburn [in 2004]. So who was better? Well, you know USC was good because, among other reasons, they crushed Oklahoma, who we suspect was pretty good; they beat Texas, for example. We know Auburn was good, in part, because they beat Tennessee, Georgia, and LSU, all solid teams. While there is unfortunately no direct evidence to help us settle the Auburn/USC debate, there are piles and piles of indirect evidence. Every game played by either team, or the opponents of either team, or the opponents of those teams, serves as a tiny sliver of indirect evidence about how good USC and Auburn were. And many very intelligent people have devoted lots of their time and talent to convincing computers to assimilate all this information.So why not put this technology to work ranking wide receivers?Drinen went on to describe his system. In it, each receiver competes against his fellow teammates for receiving yardage; the degree to which one beats the other is how much he outgains him statistically (after adjusting for aging effects). When receivers change teams, they face different matchups against a different set of opponents, which help tell us about not only the receiver’s own quality, but also the relative quality of his old and new teammates. Do this for every season in NFL history, and we have a rough way to gauge how much each receiver would outgain (or be outgained by) the average NFL pass-catcher, adjusted for his strength of schedule (teammates).While doing research for my article about receiving stats and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I replicated Drinen’s “BCS rating” — right down to the aging curve — but applied it to True Receiving Yards per game (Drinen used total yards). Here were the leaders among pass catchers who started their careers in 1950 or later:You can find the full results for this rating alongside each player’s career True Receiving Yards and With or Without You (WOWY) scores, as well as the data for the TRY per game aging curve, on GitHub. read more

Geek deals 275 off Dells 27inch U2711

first_imgOld school car enthusiasts have likely heard the phrase “there is no replacement for displacement.” The same can be said for monitors and pixels: there is no replacement for high resolution! Maybe my saying doesn’t have the same ring, but it is just as true.Anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows the sad truth that afflicts many employees: they are stuck with smaller, pitifully low resolution monitors. If you use a computer in all but a basic capacity, it does not take long to see the benefits of having more screen real estate. Even simple things like editing documents or working on that Powerpoint can be done more efficiently and with fewer errors when you can view more on your screen at once. Once you throw in some Photoshop or tabbed web browsing, you won’t let your high res monitor be pried even from your cold, dead fingers.AdChoices广告Dell’s UltraSharp U2711 is here to rescue you from your low-res-woes.. The massive 27-inches of LCD display are made up of 2560×1400 pixels, which should be enough for any multitaskers’ dream. As expected for a high end monitor, an IPS LCD panel is used, offering huge viewing angles and great colors. And of course, it’s not just something that shows pretty pictures on it. You also get an 8-in-1 card reader, USB hub, and have all the latest video inputs to hook up anything you desire. It even has your game consoles covered with HDMI and components inputs.Such a high end machine doesn’t come cheap, but you can get it for $275 off the normal price at $824 with free shipping. Dell also sees fit to give the U2711 a top notch warranty as well, with 3 years coverage, advanced exchange included (they ship you a new one right away, no waiting for a unit to return), and a zero bright pixel guarantee for the full 3 years as well. This is a fully $75 less than our last mention and one of the best prices we have seen all year.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell UltraSharp U2711 WQHD LCD Monitorlast_img read more

There may be more mystery to the death of Kim JongNam than

first_img MORE THAN A month after Kim Jong-Nam was murdered in Kuala Lumpur, experts are struggling to make sense of Malaysia’s findings that the lethal nerve agent VX was used to kill him without apparent harm to anyone else.Malaysian police have released virtually no forensic evidence connected to the high-profile assassination of the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.Scientists are confounded by how VX — a toxin so deadly it is classed as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN — was deployed in an international airport without causing serious injury to the assailants, first responder medics or other travellers.“We are building speculation upon speculation” to explain what happened, said Jean-Pascal Zanders, an expert on disarmament who focuses on chemical and biological weapons.Airport CCTV footage on 13 February shows two women approaching the 45-year-old victim and apparently rubbing his face with a cloth. He died minutes later, according to police, who found traces of VX on his face.Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 28, from Vietnam, have since been charged with his murder and have told diplomats they were duped into believing they were participating in a TV prank show.Police have rejected those claims but have not released any evidence to explain how the women were able to handle one of the world’s deadliest toxins without suffering severe harm. A TV news program showing an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Source: Ahn Young-joon/APHere are some key questions and answers about the attack:What is VX?VX is an organophosphate compound that strikes the nervous system, over-stimulating glands and muscles till they tire and stop working.People exposed to high doses of the toxin experience seizures, heart failure and a shutdown of the respiratory system. Since it evaporates slowly, it can potentially contaminate areas for long periods of time.A global treaty signed by more than 160 countries that went into force in 1997 prohibits the production, stockpiling and use of VX.North Korea, which is not among the signatories to the treaty, has been blamed by Seoul for Kim’s assassination, with the South saying the regime’s leader wanted to eliminate a potential rival.Why are experts confounded?Experts have expressed skepticism about Malaysia’s findings, with one UK-based scientist telling AFP that “there are aspects of this that do not ‘add up’.”Simon Cotton, a specialist in molecular chemistry at the University of Birmingham, added: Share42 Tweet Email1 The deceased Kim Jong Nam, left, and his half-brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Vietnamese suspect Doan Thi Huong leaving court wearing a bulletproof vest. Source: Daniel Chan/PA ImagesSo VX wasn’t deployed?Not so fast. Some experts have put forward a hypothesis that the killing was carried out using a binary version of VX known as VX2.In that case, the assassins would have separately applied two chemicals to his face, using a precursor which is not severely toxic on its own but lethal once combined with sulphur. The theory would also explain why two women were used for the attack.“The simplest explanation is that it was binary,” said Matthew Meselson, a professor at Harvard University and member of the national advisory board at the US-based Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.As the two chemicals combined on Kim’s face to create VX, the assailants would have been unharmed while the delayed reaction would have allowed him to continue walking as shown in the CCTV footage.It is also easier to transport VX across borders when it is broken down into two seemingly innocuous components. Source: 葉榮添/YouTubeWhy use VX instead of other toxins?Experts believe Pyongyang made a considered decision to use VX instead of the more commonly deployed Sarin.“Sarin kills indiscriminately — there’s a heavy risk of collateral damage. To use it in a foreign country would have been an act of war,” said Vipin Narang, an expert on nuclear strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Unlike Sarin, which evaporates quickly whether deployed as a gas or liquid, VX vaporises slowly, giving authorities time to cordon off affected areas before large numbers of people are exposed to it.Is there any way Kim could have survived?Although just one drop of VX can kill a man when inhaled, the nerve agent takes longer to penetrate the skin, meaning that Kim could have survived had someone injected him with its antidote atropine within minutes.Even simpler, he could have washed his face to remove the toxin — which is soluble in cold water — as the two assailants did, washing their hands soon after the attack.“If he had… washed his face or rubbed it off with tissues, it could have reduced his exposure,” Harvard professor Meselson said.“He might have ended up sick, not dead”.Why are experts still doubtful?The binary theory relies entirely on circumstantial evidence and it doesn’t explain how the medics who treated Kim shortly after the attack escaped contamination, disarmament expert Zanders pointed out.“People are assuming it is VX and then finding reasons for why certain anomalies exist,” he said.© – AFP 2017Read: ‘I am not guilty’ – Women who face death penalty over Kim Jong-Nam murder appear in court >Read: Media frenzy and armed special forces as Kim Jong-Nam’s son reportedly visits body > Short URL Image: PA Images The deceased Kim Jong Nam, left, and his half-brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Image: PA Images 35,328 Views center_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 14 Comments Mar 19th 2017, 7:06 PM Sunday 19 Mar 2017, 7:06 PM There may be more mystery to the death of Kim Jong-Nam than was first thought There are doubts about how VX was used safely by the assassins. By AFP I cannot see how the accused women would have administered a fatal dose of VX directly to the victim without sustaining corresponding life-threatening injuries themselves.“There is also no report of any trace of VX – or of any cloths or containers carrying traces of it – at the ‘crime scene’.”last_img read more

Young Greek of the Week

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram NameMichael Poupouzas, 20, Pastry Chef at Nikos Quality Cakes.Your greatest achievement and how you reached itMy greatest achievement would have to be getting my TAFE certificate in cake and pastry. I had to study very hard for three years.Goal for the futureI would like to someday have a cake shop of my own.Best moment of your lifeThe best moment of my life was going to Greece and seeing my culture.One word that describes you the bestThe one word to describe me would have to be ambitious.Persons you most admire and whyMy mother and father for always being there for me and my siblings Denise and Yianni for providing us with everything we need.Most embarrassing momentMy most embarrassing moment was when I lost a dare and had to walk around in Borat’s bathing suite. If I could say anything to the Greek community… Come to Nikos Quality Cakes for a sweeter life. Favourite place to go or hang out at I enjoy going for a coffee at Sienna Cafe on Chapel Street.Song that I can’t get out of my head at the moment My favourite song would have to be Savin me-Nickleback. I just went to the concert and it was great.Favourite Greek food My Yiayia’s pastisio and anything she makes. I can’t live without…  My friends and family. If I was Kevin Rudd for a day I would… Establish a national loukoumada day in Australia. Believe the hype, my nutella loukoumades are amazing.last_img read more

Paludisme bientôt un vaccin pour les femmes enceintes

first_imgPaludisme : bientôt un vaccin pour les femmes enceintes ?Monde – Les femmes enceintes et les enfants de moins de 3 ans sont particulièrement touchés par le paludisme. Bonne nouvelle : des chercheurs du CNRS et de l’Institut Pasteur ont trouvé une protéine jouant un rôle prépondérant dans le paludisme de la femme enceinte.Le paludisme, également appelé malaria, touche sévèrement les populations d’Afrique subsaharienne où il est classé comme maladie endémique. Les femmes enceintes ainsi que les enfants de moins de 3 ans sont ceux qui sont le plus touchés. Les femmes sont encore plus sujettes au parasite lorsqu’il s’agit d’une première grossesse car elles n’ont pas encore acquis les anticorps nécessaires.À lire aussiToxoplasmose : symptômes, traitement, grossesse, quels sont les risques ?Après une piqûre de moustique porteur du parasite, ce dernier contamine le foie puis les hématies qui viennent se fixer à un sucre présent dans le placenta. Cela provoque parfois des accouchements prématurés, des avortements spontanés ou la naissance de nouveau-nés présentant un poids trop faible pour survivre. Le parasite peut également causer la mort de la mère.Les recherches, publiées par l’Académie des sciences américaine, expliquent qu’il faudrait empêcher les globules rouges infectés d’arriver dans le placenta, ainsi l’immunité protectrice de la femme serait toujours opérationnelle. La protéine var2CSA est au cœur de cette découverte : les scientifiques sont parvenus à la reconstituer et espèrent aujourd’hui que cette avancée permettra bientôt la mise au point d’un vaccin contre le paludisme gestationnel. Le 5 mars 2010 à 15:29 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Greffe totale du visage Jérôme enthousiaste sexprime après son opération

first_imgGreffe totale du visage : Jérôme, enthousiaste, s’exprime après son opération France – Jérôme, premier patient à avoir subi une greffe totale du visage, témoignait jeudi 2 septembre du succès de l’opération pratiquée quelques semaines plus tôt dans un hôpital de la région parisienne. L’occasion de remercier son chirurgien et le donneur à l’origine de cette première médicale.Menée à bien il y a deux mois à l’hôpital Henri-Mondor de Créteil (Val-de-Marne) par l’équipe du professeur Lantiéri, l’intervention de douze heures a notamment consisté à implanter les paupières et le système lacrymal du donneur sur le visage de Jérôme, un patient atteint de neurofibromatose, une maladie génétique altérant les traits du visage.”Au fil des jours qui passent, je retrouve mes anciens traits, des expressions que j’ai pu avoir. J’ai complètement adopté ce nouveau visage” déclare-t-il. Plein de reconnaissance envers le chirurgien responsable de cet exploit – c’est la toute première greffe totale de ce type – et son équipe, il n’oublie pas pour autant le geste du donneur dont il a hérité les tissus : “Je pense que c’est le geste ultime, faire don de soi au sens propre du terme”. Après une rééducation orthophonique qui doit lui permettre de retrouver toute la mobilité de son visage, Jérôme, âgé de 35 ans, va pouvoir se lancer dans une nouvelle vie.   Le 3 septembre 2010 à 11:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Microsoft préparerait trois nouvelles versions de sa tablette tactile Surface

first_imgMicrosoft préparerait trois nouvelles versions de sa tablette tactile SurfaceAlors que Microsoft tente de s’implanter en force sur le marché des tablettes tactiles, une rumeur se répand à propos de la sortie en 2013 de trois nouvelles versions de sa Surface RT. Les ventes des versions 32Go et 64 Go restent décevantes et la firme doit réussir à s’adapter à l’offre variée de ses concurrents. Ces nouveautés marquent en particulier par leur taille, puisque l’écran de la Surface Book devrait tout de même culminer à plus de 14″. Malgré le succès mitigé de sa Surface RT, Microsoft préparerait la sortie de trois nouvelles tablettes tactiles pour 2013. Il s’agirait d’une Surface RT2, d’une version augmentée de la Surface Pro et d’un Surface Book. La rumeur est issue du compte twitter @MS_nerd, à accès restreint mais jugé plutôt fiable par de nombreux sites internet.Pour l’instant il existe officiellement les Surface RT 32 Go et 64 Go, ainsi qu’une version Pro, plus puissante mais qui n’est pas encore disponible à la vente. Alors que Microsoft avait prévu de vendre 4 millions de tablettes jusqu’à la fin de l’année, l’objectif a dû être revu à la baisse et au final la production a été divisée par deux. Comme le rappelle ZDNet, le mode de distribution de Surface a été décrié : la tablette n’est disponible qu’en achat sur le net et dans de rares magasins qui n’existent qu’aux Etats-Unis.Se diversifier face à la concurrenceIl parait logique pour Microsoft d’essayer de diversifier son offre quand ses principaux concurrents, Apple, Amazon et Google, ont déjà dans leur catalogue plusieurs versions différentes de leurs tablettes respectives. La Surface RT et sa version Pro ont toutes deux un écran de 10,6″, les trois prochaines versions seraient d’une taille de 8,6″ pour la Surface RT2, 11,6″ pour la version Pro augmentée et 14,6″ pour la Surface Book. Cette dernière dépasserait donc en taille la plus grande tablette du marché, la Excite 13 de Toshiba qui culmine, comme son nom l’indique, à 13″.Au niveau de leur processeur, ces tablettes devraient être équipées respectivement d’une puce Qualcomm, d’un processeur AMD « Temash » APU encore inédit et d’une puce Haswell d’Intel. Par contre pour les délais, les choses sont plus floues. On sait seulement pour l’instant que ces tablettes seraient prévues pour 2013. Mais comme la Surface Pro, officiellement annoncée, est programmée pour le mois de janvier, cela repousse probablement la sortie de produits encore à l’état de rumeurs à la toute fin 2013, avec la période des fêtes en ligne de mire. Le 9 décembre 2012 à 11:29 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Neighbors assail Navigation Center

first_img Seven months after the Navigation Center opened in central Vancouver and started offering services to people experiencing homelessness, neighbors are complaining that they were misled by the city about what the center would mean for their homes and businesses.Nearby residents claim their once-quiet neighborhood is now unrecognizable. Among their list of grievances: people harassing them on the sidewalks, dealing and ingesting drugs in plain sight, and defecating on their property.A Vancouver Police Department study of the surrounding neighborhood suggests that crime in the area remained steady following the opening of the shelter. However, criminal activity now seems to be centered closely around the day center’s location at 2108 Grand Blvd.Rachel Weber was the first of nine people who sat before the city council Monday and explained how the character of their neighborhood had changed since the Navigation Center opened.“Eighteen months ago, I attended a hearing here for the proposed day center,” Weber said.“Since then, I have created a group of over 200 people in the immediate 10-block radius that have been affected,” Weber continued.From her home in the neighborhood, she watches people take drugs intravenously two to three times a week, she said.“The citizens in the community are getting angry. I can feel the tension rising. Every single day, it is stressful for me to even get out of my car and get into my house,” Weber told the council. “I really think that the day center needs to be re-evaluated. It is mismanaged, mostly because there’s not enough staff involved that are qualified.” click to enlargelast_img read more

Julio Cesar Messi save was my greatest one

first_imgFormer Inter Milan goalkeeper Julio Cesar recalled the moment of his remarkable save against Lionel Messi in 2010Under Jose Mourinho, Inter were drawn against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League that year and entered the second leg with a 3-1 aggregate lead.Things didn’t start well for Inter at Camp Nou as they attempted to protect their advantage from Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona team with Thiago Motta’s sending-off forcing them to play with 10-men for more than an hour.Gerard Pique had given the Catalan’s the lead with an 84th-minute goal before Bojan Krkic had an injury-time goal ruled out to secure Inter a 3-2 aggregate victory.But one of the main talking points for the game was Cesar, who saved Messi’s goalbound curler from 20 yards brilliantly by tipping it wide.Nearly nine years later and the retired Brazilian still fondly recalls the moment while discussing his three best saves.“I would say that my save to deny Messi at Camp Nou was my best one,” Cesar told the club website.“It was an almost impossible save as the ball was almost behind me when I got to it.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“In second place would have to be my save which prevented Thomas Müller from scoring in the final.“I would rate the save I produced to deny Aquilani in a Serie A match against Roma as my third-best one.”Inter would go on to win the Champions League that year along with the Serie A and Coppa Italia to become the first-ever Italian club to win the treble.“The treble is my biggest dream that ever came true,” added Cesar.“It sounds like something easy to say, but it was an incredible achievement from all of us. There was a special energy at the club during that season. We knew we could do something special and we did it.“Being an interista, to win with this shirt is something difficult to describe. A unique emotion that I share with my fans. I feel one of them”.last_img read more

Nations ranks of oldest old grow

first_imgClark County’s 90-plus population has nearly doubled in the past 10 years, keeping pace with the nation’s increasing longevity.Some 2,245 county residents reported they were 90 or older in the 2010 census, up 84.9 percent from 2000.About 71.7 percent of people in that age group are women.Those who are 90 and older make up about 5 percent of the 65-plus population and less than 1 percent of the overall population.Expectations for longer life among the county’s senior population prompted county officials to form an aging readiness task force earlier this year. The task force made recommendations to help planners prepare for the infrastructure and services that will be needed to accommodate a senior population projected to double by 2030.WASHINGTON — The rolls of America’s oldest old are surging: Nearly 2 million now are 90 or older, nearly triple their numbers of just three decades ago.It’s not all good news. They’re more likely than the merely elderly to live in poverty and to have disabilities, creating a new challenge to already strained retiree income and health care programs.First-ever census data on the 90-plus population highlight America’s ever-increasing life spans, which are redefining what it means to be old.Joined by graying baby boomers, the oldest old are projected to increase from 1.9 million to 8.7 million by midcentury — making up 2 percent of the total U.S. population and one in 10 older Americans. That’s a big change from over a century ago, when fewer than 100,000 people reached 90.Demographers attribute the increases mostly to better nutrition and advances in medical care. Still, the longer life spans present additional risks for disabilities and chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.last_img read more

Truce elusive as Hamas Israel stick to positions

first_imgGAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The top Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip signaled Monday that the Islamic militant group will not agree to an unconditional cease-fire with Israel, while Israel’s defense minister pledged to keep fighting “as long as necessary” — raising new doubt about the highest-level mediation mission in two weeks.U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry were heading to Cairo on Monday to try to end the deadliest conflict between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers in just over five years.Meanwhile, cross-border fighting continued unabated, with Israeli strikes leaving entire families buried under rubble and Hamas militants firing more than 50 rockets and trying to sneak into Israel through two tunnels, the latest in a series of such attempts.For the second day in a row, the daily Palestinian death toll surpassed 100 on Monday, pushing the total number killed since the new round of fighting began on July 8 to at least 566, Palestinian officials said, adding that some 3,350 have been wounded.Seven Israeli soldiers also were killed Monday in clashes with Palestinian militants, the Israeli military said. That raised the overall Israeli death toll to 27, including two civilians. The Israeli military said four soldiers were killed in a firefight with Hamas fighters trying to sneak into Israel through a tunnel, and that the other three were killed in battles in Gaza.last_img read more

Man killed in Coxs Bazar gunfight

first_imgA Prothom Alo IllustrationA suspected drug peddler was killed in what the members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) described as gunfight with them at Jhaubagan of Teknaf upazila in Cox’s Bazar early Wednesday, reports UNB.The deceased is Salim Ullah, 36, a resident of Natun Pallan Para in the upazila. Salim was wanted in several cases including that of drugs.Tipped off, a team of RAB-15 conducted a drive to recover yaba around 4:00am, said RAB officials in Teknaf camp.At one stage, a group of ‘drug dealers’ fired at the elite force, leading to a gunfight, they added.After the gunfight, RAB recovered the body of Salim Ullah, two firearms, 10,000 yaba pills and seven bullets from the spot.Two RAB members were also injured in the gunfight.last_img read more

Holiday Jazz Fest 2017

first_imgIt’s that time again for the holiday Jazz Fest featuring Jump Street on November 11. The show is from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Portion of proceeds to benefit multiple sclerosis society. For more information call Rebecca Johnson at 410.484.1952.Holiday Jazz Fest featuring Jump Street. (Courtesy Photo)last_img

Goombay Brings More Than Just Games

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comDuring their annual “Player Appreciation Day,” the Goombay coed spring kickball league took over Tucker Road sports park in Fort Washington for war games.  However, the only shots that were fired came from the teams who competed in skills competition during a family friendly afternoon and evening where social camaraderie trumped the winners and losers of the various events. There were team goals to win, but it was hard to keep focus with the scent of barbecue and the sounds of a live DJ in the air. These cosmopolitan weekend warriors competed in skills matches that would determine the best in the league in distance kicking, running the basepaths and mastery of the grills as well.Goombay’s Spring Coed Kickball League featured a skills competition where players tried to outdistance their counterparts to win individual honors. (Courtesy Photo)In 2014, Goombay founder Butch Goodwin added the skills competiton to Player Appreciation Day as an element to give these amateur athletes another level of competition.  While many outsiders remember kickball as a secondary school physical education activity, it is a fiercely competitive sport throughout leagues in D.C. and Prince George’s County, which has developed a cult following of fans.“It has always been a fun day, not only for the players, but for their friends and families as well,” Goodwin told the AFRO. “But we get a lot of attention from people who are playing basketball and softball that will stick around to watch our games because they see how much fun we have.”Goodwin’s innovative concept of physical fitness and socializing creates a unique atmosphere of community that is unmatched in local recreational sports.  While the teams compete fiercely for league championships, once the games are over they are one big happy family whose atmosphere becomes infectious. Player Appreciation Day is as much about the game as it is about the ancillary activities which make it more of an event.   There is a family reunion quality to the day where each team brings a grill for their own cookout, while DJ EZ acts as more of a host, and not the typical public address announcer.  He engages the crowd by not only keeping the fans abreast of the action on the field, but he playfully adds to the day like a summer league basketball host. That element of entertainment contributes to a crowd which approaches the size of a Bowie State basketball game.  The mix of music, food and attractive people makes for an event where people who stumble upon it find themselves wanting to learn about the league itself.“We started this about five years ago and it has become a day of free food, family activities and play,” Goodwin said.  “It’s another chance to get folks active.” The battles were in the skills competitions that followed the games themselves in what has come to be known as, “I Declare War.” Those events feature individual base running, kick ball measured for distance, a tug of war and a cook off.    Team Havoc swept the kick competition with Alejandro Q winning for the men with a strike of 138 feet, while Jenn hit for a distance of 132.  “Fastest Male” base runner was won by Nitemare’s DeQuan in 11.76 seconds, and the “Fastest Female” winner was Game Changers Mon’twaynise McLauchlin in 12.67.  The “Fastest Male 40” and over winner was Savage’s James “Turtle” Brown in 11.82 secs and Catch 22’s Angela (LACE) Lovelace at 14.57.  In the all important team cook off battles: Food presentation was won by Catch 22 and the Main Dish category went to Da Crew. The “Best Side Dish,” was won by the Dream Crushers while the victors in the “Dessert” category was team Chix-n-Dix.last_img read more

Avoid Loss in Translation Put Developers and Creative Staffers on the Same

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In the exciting fast-paced world of technology startups, communication failures between different departments can spell disaster. As the founder of a company that builds software to streamline and optimize communication on teams, I know subjectively and from customers, that this problem is pervasive between technical and nontechnical teams.And the communication gap can’t be bridged with project-management software. Basecamp, Trello and other scrum platforms are amazing, but the kind of communication breakdowns I’m talking about run deep. It’s almost as if one party were speaking English and the other Japanese, and all are tossing their heads in misunderstanding.But don’t send a marketing guru to night school for computer science. Some clear and easy ways can prevent company initiatives from becoming lost in translation.Related: The Two Words Steve Jobs Hated Most1. Startups must be agile. Sometimes creative staffers have only a vague idea of what they want and the product evolves as it’s being built. Really diligent and aware nontechnical employees will set expectations for what things are most important. They will delineate nice-to-haves, must-haves and what to avoid.Software can be built in many different ways. Knowing ahead of time that it should have the capability to be easily modified helps developers tremendously. When a nontechnical person communicates which product features or designs are most likely to change and those that should be set in stone, the expectations for malleability are set.The engineer can then be forward thinking about how to approach the coding. Think about designing a house. The door is set at the entrance, with only tiny allowances made for materials and aesthetics. The windows, however, offer more opportunities for variation — in size, shape or position. When the creative team explains that a certain software feature should be the equivalent of a window and not a door, builders can invest the right time at the outset in designing and save time on adjustments down the road.2. The why is as important as the what. Providing a vague description of a desired design or functionality is a starting point. But scenarios and use cases add a ton of color to an idea. At my company, a team member requested changing an application so that employees could be able to edit a report after a manager’s review. The requester thought this would be a simple change, until the engineer pondered it for a minute or two and came up with four possible interpretations.When a goal is specified as well as a detailed flow chart for proposed user activity, the developers can think of different scenarios and arrive of options beyond the original proposal. They can raise objections on a cost or time savings basis. Related: How Thinking Like a Hacker Will Grow Your Business3. Try thinking like an engineer. Technologically challenged employees can learn to make things way easier on a software development team. Going through the following iterative process will enable them to conceptualize their problems in new ways and think more like engineers:Consider all the angles for the functionality or feature desired.Succinctly describe how it should work and the reasoning behind it.Provide a prototype or schematic or even chicken scratches on a napkin.Offer screen captures and a link to already existing products with similar functionality. Developers can glean an enormous amount of information from the work of others that will help them decide where to start the project.4. Find that common language. Creative employees can overcommunicate and essentially try to write the program for the developers in English instead of code. While their intentions are good, developers find trying to translate these messages quite time consuming and frustrating. When there’s effective collaboration and communication across teams, developers feel less frustrated and more highly valued by their organization and satisfied by their work.Think through what’s needed and why. Then communicate it as concisely as possible. A good creative person explains his or her needs in a way that leaves few unknowns unresolved. A good developer is then able to think about how the user will perceive what is being built.No collaboration tool can replace staffers’ spending time together and talking about things. Paint a picture of what’s desired and how it will be used. Elaborate on the greater business goal. The developers can extract insights to build something that will delight customers, and every employee involved will gain a sense of personal fulfillment and team camaraderie.Related: Developers Are in High Demand. How Do You Recruit the Best? 5 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. July 17, 2014last_img read more

Apples Tim Cook calls for stronger privacy laws after the Facebook

first_imgImage: VCG/VCG via Getty ImagesBy Adam Rosenberg2018-03-24 19:54:58 UTC Tim Cook looks at Facebook’s messy Cambridge Analytica affair as something of a wake-up call.The Apple CEO has largely kept quiet on privacy issues since Facebook’s troubles sprung up last week. That’s when we learned that the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica quietly, deceptively gathered data belonging to more than 50 million Facebook users in 2014. Cook’s silence ended abruptly on Saturday when he fielded a question about the Facebook situation and how it affects his views on data privacy. Speaking at the China Development Forum in Beijing, Cook voiced his support for government regulation (h/t Bloomberg).“I think that this certain situation is so dire and has become so large that probably some well-crafted regulation is necessary,” Cook said. “The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are, who their contacts are, things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life — from my own point of view it shouldn’t exist.”He went on describe a long-held worry that people aren’t necessarily aware of what they’re giving away in terms of their personal data when they sign up for one online service or another.“We’ve worried for a number of years that people in many countries were giving up data probably without knowing fully what they were doing and that these detailed profiles that were being built of them, that one day something would occur and people would be incredibly offended by what had been done without them being aware of it,” he said. “Unfortunately that prediction has come true more than once.”Cook didn’t specifically name the United States as one of those “many countries,” but he later pointed out “the countries that embrace openness do exceptional.” Weak data privacy laws aren’t a uniquely American problem, but — as the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation illustrates — they are an American problem too. Especially when you look at something like the General Data Protection Regulation, an EU-wide initiative that puts more of the onus on business interests to protect their users in fair and common sense ways.last_img read more

PO Cruises to revolutionise its guest experience

first_imgP&O Cruises To Revolutionise Its Guest ExperienceP&O Cruises To Revolutionise Its Guest ExperienceP&O Cruises’ guests will be at the leading edge of a global revolution in the cruise experience when the line welcomes its first Ocean Medallion-enabled ship, Golden Princess, to the brand in 2020.Ocean Medallion is a new enhanced cruise holiday experience that uses a wearable device – powered by a first-of-its-kind interactive technology platform – to enable a level of service and personalisation never before considered possible.P&O Cruises will offer its own unique Ocean Medallion enabled guest experiences in a way that makes it even easier to offer great value holidays to like-minded Aussies who want to celebrate good times with the home-grown brand.The technology, which is expected to be a game-changer for the guest experience, will be launched first on Princess Cruises later this year on Regal Princess in the Caribbean, followed by five additional ships in 2018 including the 2600-guest Golden Princess in Australia. Additional Princess ships will be Ocean Medallion enabled in 2019 and 2020 including the larger 3000+ guest Ruby Princess which will replace Golden Princess in serving Princess guests in Australia.Carnival Australia Executive Chairman Ann Sherry also announced that Carnival Cruise Line intends to increase its Australia operation to two ships sailing full-time in 2020.Ms Sherry said the Corporation was strategically realigning the Australian business to ensure it was at the cutting edge of guest expectations and had solid foundations.“Carnival’s commitment to this market and the decision to put P&O Cruises’ guests at the heart of industry innovation through Ocean Medallion is a mark of respect for the Australian consumer,” Ms Sherry said.Key decisions are:· Ocean Medallion-enabled Golden Princess will sail under the P&O Cruises brand from 2020.· P&O Cruises’ fleet will be refreshed over time.· Princess Cruises will replace Golden Princess with the larger 3000+ guest Ruby Princess which will be Ocean Medallion-enabled before her arrival, sailing alongside flagship Majestic Princess.· Carnival Cruise Line intends to increase its Australia operation to two ships sailing full-time in 2020. The detailed deployment will be announced in May 2018. As part of the strategic realignment, Carnival Splendor will remain within Carnival Cruise Line’s global fleet.“Seven of Carnival Corporation’s nine cruise brands sail in this market and we intend to further strengthen our leadership position,” Ms Sherry said.“In fact, this is a year of milestones for our Australian business: P&O Cruises marks a staggering 85 years as the home-grown cruise line, Princess Cruises celebrates more than 40 years sailing in Australia while Carnival Cruise Line notches up its five year anniversary.“Our brands have pioneered the growth of the industry and set the industry up for success, and today’s announcement is about taking deliberate and strategic steps for the future of the business. We are making sure our locally-based fleet is fit-for-purpose and is at the cutting edge of revolutionising the cruise experience for Australian guests.”Source = Carnival Australialast_img read more

QT Melbournes Pascale Bar Grill crowned Deluxe Restauran

first_imgSource = QT Hotels & Resorts QT Melbourne’s Pascale Bar & Grill crowned Deluxe RestaurantQT Melbourne’s Pascale Bar & Grill crowned Deluxe RestaurantDesigner hotel brand QT Hotels & Resorts flagship property, QT Melbourne has been recognised for its commitment to delivering the highest level of service at the Tourism Accommodation Australia (VIC) Awards for Excellence last night, with signature restaurant Pascale Bar & Grill awarded Deluxe Restaurant of the Year 2018.Attended by hoteliers, hospitality professionals and industry leaders, the Tourism Accommodation Australia Awards for Excellence are recognised as the most prestigious hospitality awards, honouring the highest achievement in a wide range of categories in the accommodation industry.The award follows the appointment of Executive Chef Andy Harmer and a new culinary direction for the signature bar & grill. After making a significant impact on Melbourne’s food scene, Andy brings his individual touch to QT Melbourne dining which reflects the essence of QT Hotels & Resorts as it continually challenges the status quo with landmark drinking and dining destinations.Having only opened in September 2016 this achievement marks one of many for QT Melbourne who was the only Australian hotel named on the 2017 “It List” comprising of the top new hotels in the world by the editors of the prestigious US travel publication, Travel+Leisure.Located right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD with a striking façade designed by architect Angelo Candalepas, QT Melbourne boasts a decadent Cake Shop on entry level, signature restaurant Pascale Bar & Grill, Tanto high-end Japanese knife store, and the Rooftop at QT overlooking Melbourne’s city skyline.For more information on QT Melbourne, head to: www.qtmelbourne.comlast_img read more