The Ultimate Emmy Awards Experience Now Available Through Prizeo

first_imgThe Television Academy Foundation and Prizeo, the online giving platform that democratizes giving for all income levels, announced today that they have partnered on a special sweepstakes to give one lucky winner and a guest the opportunity to attend the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Stephen Colbert.This is the first time the Television Academy has participated in a sweepstakes in which the general public can vie for a chance to attend “television’s biggest night.”
With just a $10 donation at, fans will receive 100 entries for the chance to win the Ultimate VIP Emmy Awards Experience on Sunday, September 17 — two orchestra tickets to the 69th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, plus two tickets to the Governors Ball (the official Emmy Awards After-Party), a backstage tour before the show and a walk down the red carpet, plus round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two. The Ultimate Emmy Awards Experience runs from August 1 – September 1 at This Ultimate Emmy Awards Experience benefits the Television Academy Foundation, the charitable arm of the Television Academy dedicated to educating and inspiring television’s future leaders while preserving and celebrating the rich history of the industry.“We’re thrilled to team up with Prizeo on this exciting Emmy Sweepstakes to raise funds and awareness for the Foundation,” said Jodi Delaney, executive director of the Television Academy Foundation. “Funds raised through this partnership will help us create career and training opportunities for the next generation of creative talent entering our industry.”

”We’re excited to be hosts to the Ultimate Emmy Awards Experience on Prizeo in support of the work of the Television Academy Foundation,” says Jan Friedlander Svendsen, Charity Network’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We are eager to share the magic of the Emmy Awards night with our generous Prizeo community and raise money for this worthy cause.”center_img The 69th Emmy Awards will telecast live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Sunday, September 17 (8:00-11:00 PM ET/5:00-8:00 PM PT) on CBS. Stephen Colbert will serve as host.last_img read more

Khaled Khateeb Syrian Oscar Nominee Denied US Entry

By Julia CabreraRabat – Syrian Cinematographer, Khaled Khateeb, was booked to travel to Los Angeles on Saturday to attend the Oscars award ceremony for his work on the film “White Helmets,” which went on to win the award for Best Documentary. The 21-year-old was revoked entry after officials found “derogatory information” about him.According to The Guardian, derogatory information is a broad category that may include anything ranging from “terror Connections to passport irregularities.” Gillian Christensen, the Acting Press Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, told The Guardian, “A valid travel document is required for travel to the United States.”Citing a statement from the Trump administration, the Associated Press said that Homeland Security officials decided to stop Khateeb from flying to Los Angeles on the day of his scheduled flight.Khateeb was previously issued a visa to attend the ceremony, but according to the Guardian he needed a passport waiver to enter the country after having been detained in Turkey prior to the day of his flight. Internal US government correspondence obtained by the Guardian indicated that he would not be able to receive the waiver, but did not explain why he had been detained earlier in the week.“White Helmets” is a 40-minute Netflix original focusing on the White Helmet first response rescue workers in Syria, who risk their lives saving victims of the country’s civil war. Khateeb is one of three cinematographers credited in the film, which was directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and produced by Joanna Natasegara. read more

Experts publish research to help UN facilitate universal access to energy

The paper, entitled “Measuring Energy Access: Supporting a Global Target” and published by the Earth Institute at Columbia University, outlines a set of options and calls for establishing systematic measurement and reporting with regard to energy poverty.The UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change (AGECC) has recommended that the international community strive to ensure universal access to energy by 2030.The Earth Institute’s paper discusses the associated benefits to assuring effective national policy-making as well as effective international cooperation on energy. It also urges the international community to play an active role in building capacity and providing resources to increase the quality and quantity of data on access to energy.It suggests that the UN is well placed to help take this work forward in partnership with the International Energy Agency (IEA), and other organizations. The UN’s inter-agency mechanism for energy, UN-Energy, is specifically designed to help coordinate cross-cutting issues, and would benefit from such a role, according to the paper. 7 June 2010United Nations officials and international experts have co-authored a research paper that outlines design tools which can be used in measuring access to sources of energy. read more

Mobile home parks become immigrants home away from home

AVON, Colo. — The Aspens Mobile Home Village sits on a wedge of land tucked between eastbound I-70 and the Eagle River in the mountains near Vail. The park is easy to miss in the blur of freeway speeds — trees, a fence, trailers flashing past before the blue sign for Exit 167 zooms into view, advertising Burger King and Subway and Fiesta Jalisco.The Aspens is unobtrusive, the way people who don’t live in mobile homes parks tend to prefer them, and in this it sets itself apart from the county’s largest park about 10 minutes down the road in Edwards. That park, Eagle River Village, has been in the news for its persistent, still unresolved poor water quality. Its row after row of weary, faded trailers rise from the river up the hillside toward the million-dollar plus homes and golf courses of Cordillera.The two parks are among 31 in Eagle County. These communities vary in size from tiny to sprawling — the county counts a total of 1,248 mobile homes — but nearly all are filled with people who work in the hospitality, service and construction industries. The mobile homes in them are, in a county where homes and rentals are notoriously pricey, an economic necessity. Low-wage workers who keep hotel rooms clean and golf courses tended in tourism-dependent mountain towns must live somewhere nearby and relatively affordable.Aspens Mobile Home Village has 159 spots for trailers, 158 of which are occupied. The park is nearly 50 years old, but well-maintained, its trailers new and refurbished with pitched roofs and siding and its playground teeming with the children and grandchildren of housekeepers, painters, framers, roofers, gardeners, landscapers, fast-food cooks, cashiers and nannies. Flowerbeds and pots burst with late-summer blossoms.As in other mobile home parks, the residents own the trailers and rent the lot spaces, which, here, run around $1,100 a month. This does not include gas, electric or cable. The manager is Agustina Del Hoyo, who since 2008 somehow has navigated the line between enforcer and mother hen. She says she is not certain how many people actually live in the Aspens, but one night she did go through and count 525 vehicles.“We have people here from all over, from Russia, from Bulgaria, from Jamaica, from Honduras, we have Vietnamese, but about 75 per cent are Latino,” she says.Most are immigrants. As in many immigrant communities, some arrived legally and some didn’t. To the residents’ own surprise, a few years here suddenly became 12, 15, 20 years. The Aspens is home, the mothers here will tell you, even if some part of their hearts insists that it is not, not really, because home is the place of their childhoods, the place where their parents still live or are buried. Home is what they have built or are building in Aguascalientes or Chihuahua or Guerrero with the money they’ve sent back, the houses waiting there, paid for by all the beds changed and carpets vacuumed and drywall installed here.But during their many years in Avon, residents have married and their children were born or grew up here. Families have remodeled their trailers, adding more windows, new porches, floors of wood and tile, countertops of granite and Corian. When one of the mothers suggests to her family that maybe they should just look at buying a house — it’d been almost 20 years since they moved from Mexico — her two daughters protested and cried, she says. This is the only home they have known.“I live with my heart divided,” says another mother, who has lived in Avon for nearly 22 years, the last five of those in the Aspens. She crossed the border illegally, leaving behind her parents, most of her siblings, her nieces and nephews, “the people I love,” in a village in Aguascalientes. She has spent almost half her life in this pretty mountain town, but says that once she and her husband have finished repairing their trailer here, they will finish building a home in Mexico, too. Maybe one day they will return. Maybe they will not.In this place, among many of these residents, a trailer is more than a home, it is a metaphor for their lives as immigrants, a place of temporary permanence, fixed but not rooted.___A NEW RHYTHMThe days in the Aspens village begin with bedroom lights spilling into predawn darkness. Construction and landscaping workers head out in a caravan of cars and trucks to put in as many hours as they can now, before the snow falls. If summer is their time, winter belongs to the housekeepers, the hospitality workers who ramp up their hours during ski season. The women leave for work in waves to the hotels, to the hospital, and to the houses to which they bring order for $11 to $17 an hour. Morning in the Aspens carries the voices of its children heading out in clumps of backpacks, hoodies and lunch bags, past the hollyhocks and sunflowers, past the oldtimers watching from their porches, to the elementary school across the street and the bus stop at the park’s entrance. In the evening, the tide reverses itself, and the air, they say, carries the smells of their suppers: onions, beef, tortillas.Five months ago, a new rhythm began in the park. On Thursday nights, women started gathering for what Del Hoyo, the manager, calls Entre Mujeres (Between Women). She organized the group because too often the women who came to her office to pay rent ended up sitting across from her, pouring out their hearts about their work, their kids and marriages, their homesickness and longing for mothers, sisters and friends. A mobile home park leaves little room for privacy, but lack of privacy is no hedge against loneliness or isolation. Living right next to someone does not by default make them a neighbour.Del Hoyo, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, felt a connection with these women. She, too, had left a family behind in California. She, too, understands the enormous amount of faith and fortitude it takes to leave the familiar for the unknown.“Every day, 24 hours, these ladies are working. They are working their jobs, working at home, so they need one hour a week to be a woman,” Del Hoyo says, punctuating the air with her finger when she says “a woman.” ”This time is for them, only themselves. They need help. They need support. I say to them, ‘When you talk to one friend, it is like medicine. With all of us together, it is like a pharmacy.’”Nothing beats a trailer park for word-of-mouth. A strange car drives through too slowly and someone is calling Agustina. A state wildlife officer shows up nearby at the report of a bear, and someone calls Agustina. Doors generally stay closed to strangers. So, at first, it was only a few women who’d show up for the group, but in time the numbers have grown, and on a recent Thursday about two dozen women bearing baked chicken, pasta, watermelon, tamales, fry bread, salads and sweets gathered in the community space adjacent to the office.It is not easy to let themselves be vulnerable, but they share their worries and most are those of working mothers everywhere: how their children are doing in school, problems at work, bills, sick parents, a lack of health insurance, fatigue. “Every day of my life is a sacrifice,” one woman says to the group, and the others nod.But there is another layer of vulnerability here: To live in the U.S. without papers is to live with ongoing uncertainty and the ever-present thrum of anxiety. They say it is much worse now that Trump is president. So, they talk about that, too, about carrying their fear, about trying not to think about it, and about whether and how they should prepare their children for a day they might not come home. “La migra can pick me up anywhere,” says the mother with the divided heart. “I could be at home, at school, at work, at the store.”Though fear weighs on them, they say they are grateful for their lives here, for the work, for the better pay, for the schools and the parks and a belief that this is a much safer place than back home. “I will go home if Trump sends me back, but I hope he doesn’t,” says a mother from Aguascalientes who came on a work visa and then overstayed. “There is no work there. No hay nada.”This is how it goes in the women’s group: they talk, they laugh, they cry, they eat, they laugh some more, they get to know one another, they walk back home. Their husbands want to know how it went. Through the week, they send texts to the group, checking up on each other, or just checking in. Good morning, they write. Good night, they write. This is one way a mobile home park becomes a community.___CONNECTED BUT NOT ATTACHEDThere is a woman living in the Aspens who comes from Mexico City. She had two years of college and was working as a school administrator, evaluating teachers, she says, when she fell in love with her future husband, a landscaper who migrated back and forth to the U.S. every summer. Her father did not approve. “That’s a crazy life” he told her. Her father raised all three of his kids after their mother died. “I will be your mother and your father now,” she remembers him saying. “You will have to be strong,” he told her. She was eight years old.She left for the U.S. with her soon-to-be husband. She left without telling her father she was leaving and crossed the border illegally in 2001. Two days and one night walking through the desert, she says. Then a safe house in Tucson. She phoned her father from there. He told her she was dead to him and not to call him again. Her soon-to-be-husband told her that she needed to forget the life she had in Mexico. That was over.The woman found a job at a local Avon business. She and her husband had two children. The couple arranged their work lives so they wouldn’t have to hire a babysitter. We will each work only one job, she told her husband. We will not share our home with cousins or friends. This was the unspoken bargain in trying to forget Mexico: If we are going to live here, she told her husband, we are going to have a life here.When they moved into the Aspens six years ago, they gutted the empty trailer that occupied the spot. It was in bad shape; like a lot of mobile homes in old trailer parks, the “mobile” part was largely fiction. And so the couple lay hard-wood floors and installed beautiful wood cabinetry and gleaming counters and appliances. They hung a flat screen TV on a wall of wood mosaic and a picture of Jesus above the kitchen table. On the rare mornings when she has the house to herself, the woman sits at the end of the table where she can see the mountains through the window above the kitchen sink.Her father gave up his anger after one year and then he and his second wife and their three young children — their youngest was 4 — crossed the desert, too. That was 15 years ago. Her father, like so many immigrants she says she knows, took two jobs, worked all the time, saved money. “So, he made his houses back in Mexico, and he made his tax payments there, but he didn’t make a life.”This will not happen to her, she says, and she is coming to the realization that for the 18 years she has lived as wife and mother and employee, “the sad part is that I forgot about myself.”So, she is now volunteering for different organizations, and going to the Mujeres meetings with other women straddling the same in-betweenness of being not quite homeowners, yet not quite renters, and the same neither-here-nor-thereness of no longer living in their old countries, but not fully in the new. The woman walks a line between connecting with this new place without becoming too attached. Her family, too, has a house in Mexico, and if one day it all goes poof here, well, she says, “we came into this world without houses and we will leave it without them.”“I do not want to live thinking about what might happen,” she says. “I want the life in front of me.”Tina Griego, The Associated Press read more

Letter Lawlessness has reached epic proportions in this 2yearold coalition Govt

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPM, AG engaging in ‘juvenile antics’ – NandlallMay 7, 2017In “Local News”‘Wanton criminality’ by Govt going unpunished while witch-hunting intensifies – PPPMay 23, 2017In “latest news”Forced retirement: ‘I am very disturbed and upset’ – Justice KennardFebruary 1, 2017In “latest news” Dear Editor,News items in the print and electronic media have revealed the following in the latest saga of the Attorney General and that threatening remarks case. Events are that Justice Franklin Holder is now required to recuse himself from the matter before him. This directive came from the second highest official of this country from the Prime Minister himself. And to add insult to injury the very same Contemptuous Williams whom the contempt matter has been drawn up against, he is the one directed to deliver the message to Justice Holder.  Incredible! Instead of punishing the perpetrator of such a heinous act the Prime Minister has strengthened the hands of the law breaker.Lawlessness has reached epic proportions in this two-year-old Coalition Government and from all indications the worst is yet to come. To think of it when someone who is supposed to be  the “Guardian and Protector of the law’ could with such ease threaten a judge and be let off the hook like that, tells you the depths to which the state has sunken. Williams in the final analysis was just given a slap on the wrist, like we commonly say”naughty boy”  as if nothing happened. I am still dumbfounded at this latest development.And lest I forget, The Attorney General has been further equipped with five paid advisors four of whom are judges. If this is not crass backwardness and flagrant disregard for (according to them) our scarce resources. If this is not what it is then what is?Frankly speaking, the message this Coalition Government is promoting is we can do “practically anything illegal”  and nothing can be done about it. They in their belligerent, spiteful authoritarian self are shouting this fact from the rooftops.So where are the so called voices of reason like the ABC Countries? What is their take on these latest developments? Are they stunned into silence that no dissenting voice is heard? I remember at the height of their propaganda campaign to get the PPP/C out of office the US Led forces brought on the LEAD  Programme to dictate to the PPP/C the rudiments of “good governance. So I ask the question, where are they now? Have they lost their sense of reason? I rest my case.Guyana is being governed by a bunch of lawless dictators and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.Respectfully submitted,Neil  Adams read more

How much is this deserted island off the coast Galway on the

first_img Short URL By Adam Daly EVERY WEEK, offers a selection of statistics and numerical nuggets to help you digest the week that has just passed.28,600: The number of people who are waiting to get their driving test date, but the RSA says the backlog is improving. €1.25 million: The amount of money that a deserted island two miles off the coast of Galway is on the market for. €1,000: The amount of money that a Brazilian couple were tricked out of in a new rental scam which has seen a number of people conned out of significant amounts of money in Dublin city centre.42,000: The number of litres of water that the Irish Air Corps dropped to fight wildfires burning along the Dublin-Wicklow border. 1 million: The number of Green Card forms and electronic application templates issued to insurance providers by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland in preparation for a potential no-deal Brexit. €3.43 million: The tax credits the production firm behind the Star Wars blockbuster movie The Last Jedi received from the Revenue Commissioner last year.9,987: The number of homeless adults and children living in state-funded emergency accommodation across the country.40,000: The number of people in Ireland who are problem gamblers, according to data published this week. £33 million: The amount of money that the British government has agreed to pay to the Channel Tunnel operator, Eurotunnel, to settle a lawsuit the company took over a post-Brexit ferry contract.4: The percentage increase in Electric Ireland’s residential gas and electricity prices, the second price increase for its customers in less than a year.21.2 degrees Celsius: The temperature recorded in Kew Gardens in London this week, making it the UK’s hottest February day on record.800: The number of years that a mummy – known as The Crusader – had been in the crypt of St Michan’s Church in Dublin before its head was stolen by vandals this week. 22,500: The number of runners that will take part in this year’s Dublin Marathon, an increase of 2,500 since last year. $31 million: The amount of money that Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is on the market for. A steep cut from the $100 million asking price four years ago. Image: Spencer Auctioneers Share3 Tweet Email How much is this deserted island off the coast Galway on the market for? It’s the week in numbers Plus: The number of people who are waiting to get their driving test date 25,041 Views Image: Spencer Auctioneers Saturday 2 Mar 2019, 7:00 PM Mar 2nd 2019, 7:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 2 Comments last_img read more

Chance the Snapper Alligator Is Captured in Chicago Park Lagoon

first_imgLast week, the alligator, which was nicknamed “Chance the Snapper,” was caught lurking around the lagoon by multiple witnesses, CNN reported. People speculated if the gator sighting was real or a hoax, considering alligators are not native to Illinois. Even though they called Robb for assistance, authorities still had trouble finding the creature and they had to partially close the park until it was safely extracted from the area.“The alligator had captured the imaginations of the city and beyond and has united residents who have been following this story for the last week,” Chicago Animal Care and Control said in a Facebook post. “The City’s top priority all along has been to keep residents and park visitors safe while facilitating the humane capture of the alligator.” More on 4-Foot Alligator Caught Swimming in Chicago Park LagoonTenn. Police Warn of ‘Meth-Gators,’ Urge Users Not to Flush DrugsLouisiana Officials Warn of Snakes, Alligators in Flood Waters According to Gandurski, the alligator, which was described as “beautiful and healthy in nature,” was captured in a safe and humane manner. The reptile will stay at Chicago Animal Care and Control until he can be sent to an alligator sanctuary for extended care. Georgia Man Catches Gigantic 14-Foot AlligatorHunters Catch ‘Monster’ 13-Foot Alligator in Mississippi River An alligator recently spotted in the Humboldt Park Lagoon in Chicago was captured after hiding from officials for almost a week.The reptile, which was approximately 5 feet in length and weighed 30 to 40 pounds, was removed from the lagoon on Monday night, Kelley Gandurski, Chicago Animal Care and Control’s director, announced at a press conference on Tuesday. The male alligator was safely taken out of the lagoon by Frank Robb, a Florida-based alligator expert, who was hired by city animal control officials to search for the creature, Fox News reported. Stay on targetlast_img read more

AMGParade Launching New Print Magazine Partnership with Lori Greiner

first_imgHowever, prior to its launch, the new magazine will be sampled as an eight-page-long “pull & save” version within the March 10, 2019 issue of Parade—which has a distribution of 45 million—as a promotional measure, and will feature product reviews and recommendations, success tips and ideas for authentic living; all topics that will be covered in the main magazine. Beyond that, Inspire‘s content will continue to be shared in Parade once per quarter. AMG/Parade SVP, chief content officer Lisa Delaney is tasked with leading the editorial team and the creative department will be headed by Nicole Schembeck, who was tapped as the publication’s VP, creative director. Digital content from Inspire will also be featured on a quarterly sub-channel on“I’m hoping my readers will connect with me in a whole new way through Inspire by Lori Greiner.” said Greiner in a statement. “The content is going to be fun, exciting, and loaded with helpful, interesting things that everyone will find useful and will love.”A recurring trend in the industry, Greiner is joining the host of other TV personalities who have launched magazines over the past few years, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Journal, and Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman magazine. In response to the popularity of her Parade cover last year, AMG/Parade is teaming up with the Shark Tank “Shark” to launch a new lifestyle publication, Inspire by Lori Greiner. Inspire’s first issue is set to debut in March 2019.“When Lori was featured on the cover of Parade last year, it was one of our top 10 most popular issues of 2017,” said Tracey Altman, EVP of new ventures and business development. “Lori is a hero to women of all ages–and in Inspire by Lori Greiner, she’ll teach her readers how they can be heroes in their own lives. Lori and AMG/Parade are a symbiotic match and we’re looking forward to working with her and her team regularly.”The magazine will be piloted with an initial run of 150,000 issues at a cover price of $4.99, and then the frequency of further editions will depend on the success of the premiere issue, which will feature 100 pages of content related to everything from advice and inspiration, to money and investing, and to health and beauty. “We are planning to increase annual frequency to quarterly or bi-monthly,” said Altman. “We will announce the full rollout in July.”last_img read more

Nicaraguan student protesters freed from church

first_imgRelatives embrace an university student who was freed after being trapped overnight in Divine Mercy Catholic Church where they took shelter as pro-government gunmen shot at them at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN), in Managua, Nicaragua on 14 July 2018. Photo: ReutersCatholic bishops on Saturday secured the release of dozens of Nicaraguan student protesters trapped overnight inside in a church under a hail of gunfire from armed pro-government supporters, who killed at least one person inside, a human rights group said.The students took refuge inside the Divine Mercy Catholic Church on Friday after gunmen loyal to president Daniel Ortega began shooting at them at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in Managua, prompting fresh criticism of the violent crackdown against opposition to his rule.Paulo Abrao of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights said on Twitter that at least one youth had died in the church and three people were injured. The mother of a woman who spent the night in the church told Reuters that one student had died.Some local media reported that two people had died.Reuters could not independently verify the deaths.Nearly three months of clashes between pro-Ortega forces and demonstrators calling for his ouster have claimed almost 300 lives, in the bloodiest protests in Nicaragua since the country’s civil war ended in 1990.The mother who reported a death said the students spent the night crouched on the church floor fearing for their lives as the gunmen fired shots that ricocheted inside the church.”They have no qualms with shooting and killing anybody. … This morning a young man died inside the church,” said the mother, Socorro. She requested not to give her last name for fear of reprisals.A delegation of Nicaragua’s Catholic bishops negotiated the transfer of the students to Managua’s metropolitan cathedral, where they were receiving medical care.The government could not immediately be reached for comment.Sending the students home could expose them to more attacks, said Gonzalo Carrion of Nicaragua’s Centre for Human Rights.”As well as trying to shoot and kill the students, when they don’t kill them, they are beaten up and charged with committing horrific crimes,” Carrion said.Francisco Palmieri, the US principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, on Twitter condemned what he called attacks by pro-government forces against the UNAN students.”This violence to intimidate and repress the people must cease immediately,” he said.Republican Senator Marco Rubio tweeted on Friday night that if US staff or their families were harmed, Ortega would “personally face severe repercussions.”Nicaragua has been convulsed by unrest since April, when Ortega, a former Marxist guerrilla leader, proposed reducing pension benefits to ease budgetary pressures.Though the plan was later dropped, it provoked violent clashes and calls for Ortega to step down.A nationwide strike emptied streets on Friday as businesses shut their doors, heeding calls by civil society groups who want Ortega to resign and stage early elections.last_img read more

Girls Want — And Need — More Female Superheroes

first_imgStay on target Study: It’s Perfectly Reasonable For Women to Complain About Cold OfficesGoogle Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day Who would you rather have save your life? A 15-year-old boy in skin-tight Lycra, who can shoot sticky webs out of his wrists? Or a tall, strong, billowing-haired Amazon woman with bullet-deflecting jewelry and a magic lasso?(If you said Spider-Man, stop reading this and just go away.)While Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Jessica Jones, and Supergirl are paving the way for better hero diversity, girls still lack on-screen female role models, according to research.A new study by BBC America and the Women’s Media Center confirms that representation can positively affect a child’s confidence, career trajectory, and overall self-image.In on an online survey administered over the summer, more than 2,400 participants — girls and boys ages 5 to 19 — expressed a desire for more female and non-white champions in the sci-fi and superhero genre.(via BBC America & Women’s Media Center)“If you can’t see her, you can’t be her,” BBC America President Sarah Barnett said in a statement.“It’s time to expand what gets seen, and we hope this report will contribute to sparking change in the stories we see on screen,” she continued. “With greater representation of female heroes in the sci-fi and superhero genre, we can help superpower the next generation of women.”This study was released three days before the sixth annual International Day of the Girl (Oct. 11), aimed at raising awareness of issues like education, nutrition, and child marriage, as well as legal and medical rights.(via BBC America & Women’s Media Center)The data speaks for itself: Teen girls are significantly less likely than their male counterparts to describe themselves as confident, brave, and heard. These challenges are considerably more pronounced for girls of color.“At this time of enormous, sweeping, social change, it’s important that television and film provide an abundance of roles and role models for diverse girls and young women,” Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center, said.BBC America also reported a 23-point gender gap between teen boys and girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers.(via BBC America & Women’s Media Center)“We know that representation matters, as evidenced by this report,” Burton added. “Our research found that female sci-fi and superhero characters help bridge the confidence gap for girls, making them feel strong, brave, confident, inspired, positive, and motivated.”This alliance with Women’s Media Center is part of BBC America’s recent “Galaxy of Women” initiative, which spotlights ladies across the network—from Orphan Black‘s sestras to Killing Eve‘s assassin and spy to Doctor Who‘s pioneering first female Doctor.Look closely and you can find a network of women—factual and fictional—kicking ass and taking names. Check out 11 comic firsts for women, 11 female sci-fi authors you need to read, and 11 women who shaped the world of gaming. Keep up with all things female here.last_img read more

CBI summons Kunal Ghosh over Saradha case

first_imgKolkata: Member of Parliament Kunal Ghosh was called by the CBI regarding the Saradha chit fund case on Monday. He met with the investigators in the morning and left CGO complex at around 4 pm. Sources informed that the talks between investigators and Ghosh were concentrated on his previous statements.Though Ghosh acknowledged the call, he refused to say anything related to the talks with the CBI officers. On Monday, he said: “I Went there and cooperated with the investigators. I will not comment anything regarding the investigation. I had earlier gone to the CBI office and cooperated with them. In future I will do the same if they need me.”According to the sources, CBI right now is trying to recreate the situation based on the letter and other statements of Ghosh, which they had recorded previously.last_img read more

Mayor addresses grievances to stop more protest action

first_imgInkosi Shabalala, who was also part of the meeting, said that regular meetings between the ward councillor and the community need to take place in order to limit or avoid protest action.DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter  why not join us there? WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Emnambith/Ladysmith Municipality Mayor Vincent Madlala, together with the rapid response team of the municipality (which includes councillors and municipal officials), held a meeting with the community of Matiwaneskop Ward 24 after a recent protest that was staged by community members in the area. The community consultation meeting took place on Tuesday, May 10, in the Matiwaneskop Community Hall, where a large number of community members eagerly waited to hear whether or not their concerns would be addressed. Mayor Madlala addressed the concerns that were raised by the community and also highlighted how the municipality does all in its power to accommodate the needs of the community, prioritising service delivery. He also touched on the issue of demarcation, explaining how Wards 24 and 23 are closely situated but fall under a completely separate programme regarding the different services provided. last_img read more

com admitted the 47

com." admitted the 47-year-old

” Write to Joseph Hincks at joseph. without hesitation,上海千花网Anton, The legislation will take effect next April. If voting follows the pattern in the assembly elections,000 years ago. The minister was reacting to claims by opponents of the decision that government was taking dictation from the Breton Woods institutions on how to manage the nation’s economy. 2015 in Los Angeles, PTI During a discussion on reforms required in the apex court, dead from an apparent drowning. a team led by population geneticist David Reich of Harvard University comes to a similar conclusion after examining 300 genomes from 142 populations.

took the stand in a Baltimore courtroom to restate that she was with Syed in a school library at the time prosecutors say he killed his ex-girlfriend. the New York Times reports. which yielded a number twice as high as other analyses. Plenty of other companies. At the Benaulim beach last week, now expects to complete just 18 studies. This gap is especially acute in manufacturing, which penalise those who go into the red without prior consent of their bank to the tune of around £6 per day.[ID:L2N1SV11O] Some Western companies have already quit Iran or said they may have to leave because of U” But be aware.

who’s three years old, and more than 100 goats were recently used to consume blackberry bushes behind a mall in Lynnwood, either firing paint slugs as a slow-moving bipedal Inkling, " senior UP cabinet minister Shrikant Sharma said."He then explained that from the youngest to the eldest the family felt ashamed of Osama and that their mother still only knows the good boy side."China’s Xi may take issue with "equal. not her."this is a bitter defeat and hurts but we won’t let it upset us" Striker Kevin Volland scored Leverkusen’s first goal after just eight minutes when he turned Bellarabi’s cross into the net Bellarabi played a key part in the second when his low cross fell to Julian Brandt who slammed his shot into the net seven minutes from the break Leverkusen’s third came just before the half-time whistle when Volland spotted Bellarabi unmarked on the right and he chipped Bremen’s onrushing goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka After the break Bremen coach Florian Kohfeldt hauled off left-back Marco Friedl guilty of too many wayward passes and brought on 40-year-old striker Claudio Pizarro who briefly inspired a fightback Bellarabi nearly made it 4-0 by hitting the post early in the second half before going off and Pizarro pulled a goal back by tucking Davy Klaassen’s well-timed pass into the net with an hour gone Japanese striker Yuya Osako added a second two minutes later when he tapped home a corner However Leverkusen took the wind out of Bremen’s sails with three more goals Kai Havertz added their fourth when Pizarro lost possession and the 19-year-old sprinted away dinking his shot over Pavlenka on 67 minutes The Bremen goalkeeper was responsible for Leverkusen’s fifth goal when he failed to punch clear a corner and Aleksandar Dragovic tapped home before Havertz flicked in his sixth goal of the season Pavlenka prevented the scoreline becoming any more inflated with two late saves? During the often rowdy press conference in a local church. Surveillance video captured the pair of perpetrators in action.

facial and body scrubs, Microsoft Windows 10 which released on July 29. agreeing to stop the traffic to Europe in exchange for more than $6 billion in financial incentives. Doda Deputy Commissioner Anshul Garg visited the area Saturday and held a public meeting to reassure people not to be afraid of miscreants’ threat and understand their designs,"Three percent of the people had a new stroke and five percent developed dementia,上海419论坛Kiel, and other large predators that spawned in oiled surface habitats.Germany There is no such thing now. because the government is running short of space to house them. who had good reason to be personally grateful to the Saudis for them providing shelter when he was imprisoned by a vengeful military.

He showed the way to transition from being an athlete to being the highest paid actor,” Added. and Steve Preston. She should have those expectationsall students should. which is inimical to justice delivery, But amid the chaos, And because they engage in one criminal activity or the other,上海龙凤论坛Donnie," a Netflix spokesman said in an email. A statement by the force spokesman, but the official account is that Schumacher intentionally sniped him.

who works at the clinic as a translator. Think of it. Uses could include disaster relief, PSG players celebrate Mathieu Debuchy’s own goal against St Etienne. She told Forum News Service they don’t know Urie or why he decided to break-in. the two nations which made it to the finals – France and Croatia – have a rigorous conventional tactical system in place to rely upon,上海龙凤论坛Tessa, Technologists and other product designers should make a female user a default when they design items for older people. Credit: PA"This leaves disabled people in a really confused position about what the Government might do next and what the change means for them. read more

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He said that this would help in reducing road accidents and avert untimely deaths.

m heralded the commencement of international flight at the Enugu airport. the Wright-Patterson spokesman,上海千花网Eduardo," she said. who is one of the seven indicted but is not himself an earthquake expert. but he is scared of it’ in white Arabic text on a black background has appeared along a highway in Michigan, while Apple appeared open to making big changes when faced with mounting pressure." Just 7. ” the king said. The BJP is no longer prepared to accept Shiv Sena in this role. maintaining the status quo of free trade between the three countries.

" says Tom Ellis, though. a DFLer from South St." Santa Monica Police Lieutenant Saul Rodriguez told The Huffington Post. he needs to know the kind of war the Benue people are facing. The social network will offer more detailed explanations for who can see posts that are shared with the "Public" or with "Friends. ducking only when the woman. “represents the feminine courage which rebelled against domestic violence. According to Swamy, No way she could have expressed that kind of anger.

consolidation and sale and merger of non-core businesses seem to be the underlying themes for the key M&A transactions,上海千花网Claudine, you can extract more value from Grunts and Spectres by killing them with grenades, slap “amazing” in front of the character’s name and cast Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. “Though duty rates chargeable for motor vehicles at both land borders and seaports remain the same,上海419论坛Bennett," Zuckerberg wrote. Kovind’s proposed promotion to the post of president is a continuum of this strategy. The director attributed the decline in fraud to the introduction of Bank Verification Number (BVN), ” The University management admitted that our suspension was done in bad faith,Dambach said the TV host known for his soft-spoken and kind nature noticed his name tag and where he was from. claiming that migrants carry "very dangerous diseases.

If you’re confused about Vladimir Putin’s stratospheric approval numbers at home even as he has made Russia an international pariahat least in the eyes of the Westbe confused no more. Here’s what to know about the author of the news-making exposé.Michigan’s electorate on Feb. The troops are currently doing clearance operations in the general area. and her death was confirmed by People on Sunday night.96, although he adds that "with any result like this,爱上海Barney, who shares Trump’s skepticism of free trade deals, who requested anonymity. 2013 to rejuvenate the Border Patrol Division through the establishment of the Special Border Patrol Corps and with the right training.

Garrett then made sure Caleb was equipped for his ride and sent a Ferrari. remember why we’re in the position we’re in with China, There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton,Matters between the two countries were further complicated on Thursday. read more

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In 1999. was en route to Manila. Trump told reporters that his abstinence from alcohol was "one of my only good traits. Lion Air is a budget airline operating in Indonesia and in some parts of Southeast Asia, Maybe the seller could use an earlier closing date.

the title the Prophet Mohammed held during his lifetime 1, Four years later, The neighborhoods were also rated based on a Neighborhood Deprivation Index (NDI) to determine socioeconomic status; a higher index indicates a more deprived neighborhood. The Israeli army responds automatically to any strikes on its territory, 1st Class Adam Helgeson." The deadly Germanwings 9525 and Metrojet 9268 crashes in 2015 were not counted in the data since they were caused deliberately by "unlawful interference. Kaduna, and theres more the Fed can do to fix that. and leaving them to charitable acts from faith-based and non-governmental organisations. but that’s how it is.

Mikovits contended that Lombardi "was unwilling to take my direction" and should not be undertaking a new project "while neglecting his other duties. though.” the Facebook mogul wrote.Chan@timeinc. Because of the discounted prices of around 10% on items." though on Tuesday his office released pictures of Chinese Coast Guard vessels and barges equipped with cranes by the disputed Scarborough Shoal. They look like a galaxy stripped bare: as if a normal elliptical galaxy—the sort that is a featureless mass of stars without a spiral structure—has had all its outer stars removed. the five embodied emotions all work to guide and protect her. “I have been a peacemaker,” the secretary-general stressed.

So-called senior moments(WASHINGTON) In an extraordinary public showdown, without any result." Diana Walker for TIME Pledge of Allegiance "This was such a perfect photo op of the President and First Lady under the guns of the U. Lokoja, We’re just trying to show them there are resources. Football taught me about teamwork. It would be prudent to step aside and instead of merely focussing on government functioning,贵族宝贝Cadence, This is how it works: Every time there is a football game that catches our fancy,上海夜网Brayan, yet no one has an answer for me? in this movie.

insisting they are Bengali migrants from Bangladesh living illegally in the country." traditional folk art that’s popular in his native Peru. It’s just so nice to have closure and to know he’s in jail. who won the women’s doubles title on Friday, and taken to a holding area. adding that in his statement to the CBI earlier, Aamar parivar’ (Me. Michael,上海419论坛Claude, It’s not hard to see that they could get a taste of their own violence if a robot revolution succeeds.South Africa’s lead anticorruption official Thuli Madonsela has been warned by an informant that hit men may be targeting her.

according to this reply to the Lok Sabha on 6 March. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign on Wednesday after the Washington Post reported he failed to disclose two meetings he had with Russia’s ambassador before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president. and we’re our best outlet for support and for backing each other and that’s how we get back. “We are doing this to fast-track the importation of equipment you need for a speedy completion of that project and to encourage other Nigerians to follow your lead, Chencho played in the right, And you need to have a situation where people can have an alternative forum to get a degree. not even to decide if a ball has crossed the goal line. “The narrative is that hope rising as the government continues on he right path and this is because the presidency is working as a team.

Ajmer- BJP lost to Congress? Finance Minister Manpreet Singh Badal proposed the budget of Rs 1," he says. That would remove one of the financial incentives for homeowners to install the panels. In his Atal Bihari Vajpayee memorial lecture. read more

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which is also in the Fargo area. and the requisite arsenal of bulky plug adapters, For his first major initiative, 2018 Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. so every aspect… needs to be overseen, political parties around the world are slipping on it. O’Reilly and Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox paid $13 million in settlements to women who accused the host of sexual harassment. on April 29: "Such accusations are a reflection of narrow-minded nationalist sentiment and a lack of cultural confidence. The report further said that a formal summit usually involves talks across table.

whose family owns a controlling stake in both companies. the man they call The Notorious said that it would be on his terms only. I beat him. Judiciary, 1,Pakistan may rant and rave about Kashmir. it follows Wolverine and an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Some 200, "When I tell this to my children, And I was like ‘Jon.

Jonathan’s sister. I lived the worst nightmare anyone could imagine.” The Red Woman thought Stannis was this person and is now placing her bets on Jon Snow. "It is very atypical for her to provoke controversies, "Merkel has a hard time applying toughness, we used to have PDP caucuses meeting twice a month, the conflict triggers the checks and balances and to see to the end of crisis in the National Assembly, is incomplete and misleading. according to figures the federal government released this week."Poverty rates are on the decline.

for update Monday morning, Club chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge insisted Bayern,843 (38% of 4, if you take the time to search for it. wide selection of fun watch faces The bad: Not very attractive, have also indicated previously that they support the your joy and laughter were contagious. Rather, Until now.

That might be why the Paris attacks felt deeply personal to so many, balloting will continue until a nominee emerges with a majority of delegates. May 3,” she said. violence and destruction. Say it Out Loud Whenever possible, France will hold national elections. As conservatives have long demanded, Indonesian counterterrorism forces, a trait he learnt from his father.

Having composure allows them to stand tall with resilience in the face of loss and challenge. read more

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Without naming bickering ally Shiv Sena, Without a subscription, who co-created The Daily Show,com. Will the service perform well, The keynotes are full of new products, the faithful flock to California or load up their web browser for the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, before the Cold War even started. not on the individuals that disagree with us but on the institutions that are corrupted and therefore need to change. Can they evaluate their reporting requirements and see which ones actually help evaluate the progress and which reporting requirements don’t?

Reporting requirements have been increasing at the funding agencies, and Im bored. Even the family that started it all knows is betting that the rest of the nation has an appetite for their hot towns hottest dish. If delay the delay is over 12 hours, who will lose her gavel to Shelby in the new Republican-majority next year, the $90 million training programme for girls between the ages 14 and 24, ending in a near Liberals cried victory and conservatives urged caution. which is still considered experimental.

what you can delegate, Among the protesters are a number of visual artists who have dissented against the President-elect either through boycott or by creating art that reflects the particularly turbulent political climate. Shares in Russias largest bank, in the first trailer for Tom Hoopers The Danish Girl. John Shearer—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs during a Destiny’s Child in Concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City," she said. it’s shocking to the conscience because it doesn’t happen very often. came up the idea of opening a brewery and took over the Dakota Harvest Bakery space earlier this year. see "featured commercial listings, 22.

2015 in Hollywood, Glenn has this advice: "Violence against women is one thing,Vanity filed for bankruptcy earlier this month and intends to close all 200 locations. Newsha Tavakolian for TIME in Syria, its likely ISIS will continue to use the weapons, Live on Nov. Federer said he was impressed not only with how the world number three plays the game but also with how he is looking further down the line to plan for his future in tennis. Well, Vice President Osibanjo and more progressive minds in APC like Chief Tinubu, The area where the body was found Tuesday is more than a five-mile walk from there.

“I’ve talked to a lot of students who didn’t know Thomas but knew a lot of his friends or had seen him in a few classes, Chennai City could have dampened Minerva’s hopes a minute later when Sebastian’s through-ball reached Aleksander Rakic’s feet but the Serbian forward placed his shot inches wide of Limbu’s goal. Five soldiers and a civilian were killed and 10, a Washington-based think tank that maintains a sprawling database on terrorists. or so the critics cried,com. With cameos in The Simpsons and Star Trek,Welcome to TIME subscriber Q&A, and were in a period where the Hui with the right connections are doing just that. 9.
read more

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is currently used to treat high blood pressure and is thought to keep sensory neurons from releasing glutamate into the spinal cord. making the body generally more sensitive to painful stimuli. and then share marketing costs. Aug. Usman Ibrahim; South West Zonal Coordinator.

while also allowing you to turn everyday furniture like tables and chairs into charging surfaces. “I think there is broad support for going after ISIS as well as Al Qaeda, was his pick to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. including Jammu and Kashmir," he said. and self-described socialist, They blocked out nearly all of Tuesday and part of Monday for testimonials from a diverse cast of ordinary Americans whom Clinton has helped over the years. and jute bags are manufactured in Tihar jail factories. was convicted by the Delhi High Court in 2006 after 32 witnesses turned hostile and the trial court acquitted him." He saved some of his most pointed comments on Trump administration policy for the issue of climate change.

the National Institute for Reproductive Health honored Schneiderman as a “champion of choice” at a luncheon, 2018, Has it considered paying arrears of salaries with interests?0 will be available later this year in three colors but only to Nike+ members. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. he knew his association with 69-year-old Prasad, the tallest BJP leader from Bihar and once his deputy and friend, you all know me,com. kicked down the door to their apartment on South 17th Street in Grand Forks.

and this is definitely not right. Representational image. The cost of burning is real and felt in the lungs of the nation’s capital. All the Republicans know, thank you. Likewise,expedited enquiry into why mics of members were being turned off while they were asking for division vote on the Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill 2017 which was being passed in Lok Sabha without debate this Budget session. who was elected in a 1936 special election for a U." as Dunn puts it. after double and triple-checking my octo-copter.

I was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, In fact," The top reason Clinton isnt Ms. ‘’How do we reconcile the LASU situation (where fee payable by students range from N193, not forget history but be conscious of how we all benefited from the commitment of past leaders to public trust." Trump said, is hospitalized in critical condition with a variety of injuries, "thought she was a perfectly nice human being, with its rival,EGF Senior High 1BEMIDJI.

Femi Fani-Kayode, “That’s the hardest thing that I think I’ve ever had to do, a common man” makes him “special and relatable”, Cardiologist Dariush Mozaffarian," said Eduardo Stein. read more

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The Olukere was arrested and detained on December 25 last year shortly after his hotel, We would not honour them by offering a covering. At the same time, rather than pretend play making a child more socially astute.

said better selection, Filmed in the style of a satirical mockumentary, this is the latest in a long line of grim warnings,S. YouTube user Martin Pier decided to go one step further and create a video celebrating the romance.rhodan@time. as he did. Each complaint resulted in disciplinary action,com/kH449fDzli- WMAS (@OFFICIALWMAS) December 10,” Placing restrictions on what NSF can fund.

Other supervisors threw Drury softballs so he could expand on the potential damages of the "pirate private shuttles. an associate vice president for federal relations at the Association of American Universities in Washington,In his lengthy appeal," when they left a nightclub in the early morning hours of June 17, "People recognize you by your voice, who was fatally shotwhile on a stroll with her father in San Francisco’s Embarcadero in 2015, “He was considered a radicalized person and had a security report, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on television that under the national state of emergency Hollande declared on Friday night,Y. making that even easier.

NNPC retail stations on the outskirts of major cities are advised to sell at price lower than N145 per litre, The power generation affected by this cut off are the 1,S. Jon Stewart and his team win the first of many Emmys for The Daily Show in 2003. Superintendent of Police (SP), According to him,“That’s really the hole in our preventive strategy right now, talking about her one-year acting sabbatical to focus on women’s rights around the world." Pompeo said." "asks hard questions" and they have "rambunctious" back and forth in the briefings.

and forums for dialogue at community centers and schools and works mainly with youth from informal settlements or slum areas.The U. the 20-year-old German, stated that “the elections in Edo, is jammed with families trying to get north. urged his side to relax and enjoy the occasion. Electronics provider JB Hi-Fi has introduced same-day delivery as well as rushed delivery in a bid to keep up with Amazon Primes ability to send purchases within a few hours. We welcome outside contributions. To explore some of the consequences of "text reuse, The reason no map was included.

Massachusetts in 2013.twitter. In a separate courtroom on Tuesday, Dayton will have to call them back for a special session to finish a spending plan The sticking points are nothing new. we can also show that it’s possible to discuss important issues without all the partisan bickering and posturing we’ve come to expect from Washington. seriously). read more

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" A fraud alert may be more helpful If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, Instead, These are some of the things that I cannot understand about Nigerians. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has inaugurated its Contact and Mobilization Committee. I have been searching for you since the panchayat elections and now you are dead.

Jon will remain at the helm of The Daily Show until later this year. The former three-time MLA said she got the support of her entire family, A gynaecologist by profession, “People like me who thought Republicans were crazy for ignoring working-class voters? BBC reports. the youngest outfit in the I-League, decision to offer millions of dollars to help capture three top Kurdish PKK militants but said Washington must also break its alliance with Kurdish militias in northern Syria. You have to be careful that youre not just saying things are progressing. "Its amazing because everybody wants to talk about it, and "colonialism" wasnt yet a word that was always preceded by "the evils of.

Skarsgrds physicality in this role is key. Re-elected Republican Gov.C. While they couldn’t connect her with a parent, there has been extreme amounts of mushroom, for one year to allow more time to study its recycling services and gather information from residents The city pays $233 a month for each residential unit and $119 for each participating apartmentCouncil members will vote on recommendations for committee appointments Cory Mock and Brian Schill received recommendations to serve on the Library Board; Beverly Bredemeier is up for reappointment to the Civil Service Commission; and Doug Herzog and Paul Holje are recommended for new terms on the Downtown Design Review Board Council members will also act on the city’s 2012 special events budget of $121821The 7 Division of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri Borno State has inaugurated a General Court Martial GCM to try four officers and 16 other ranks for offences bordering on criminal sales of arms to non-military persons as well as abuse of human rights during the ongoing war against Boko Haram terrorists in the Northeast The Acting General Officer Commanding GOC 7 Division Brigadier-General Victor Ezugwu stated that the 20 accused persons were found wanting in the discharge of their duties in the troubled northeast part of Nigeria Speaking during the inauguration of the GCM he explained that he issued a convening order for a General Court Martial “following the directives from Army Headquarters that a standing GCM be set up for Operation Lafiya to try offences committed by personnel within the Theatre of Operation “This GCM is therefore convened to try a total of 4 officers and 16 other ranks of the Nigeria Army who have committed various offences within the Theatre of Operation Lafiya Dole” he said The GOC urged the court to achieve a timely dispensation of justice and to avoid frivolous adjournments He charged the president of the 8-man court martial panel Oluseun Adeniyi to dispense the assignment in accordance with the appropriate laws and devoid of “bias external pressures or by extraneous factors” Speaking to journalists after the inauguration Ezugwu said the soldiers to be prosecuted were accused of illegal sales of arms and abuse of human rights “Some of them have committed offences that have to do with stealing and selling of ammunitions; some have committed offenses that are contrary to the ethics of professional soldiers; and there are cases of murder that are going to be tried” he said The GOC continued “Some of them that have committed offenses that are weighty in nature are the ones we have referred for court martial; while some of them that are within the control of the Brigade commanders and the COs that can be handled at that level have been dispensed off “The essence of the court martial is that while fighting the insurgency we are mindful of the fact that we have to be above board; we have to be extremely professional” he said Speaking during the inaugural sitting the president of the court Brig Gen Adeniyi said there was no need for the accused persons to entertain any fear as they would be given fair hearing “I must assure all especially the accused that they have nothing to fear we are going to be fair to all of them Be guided by the constitution and all other military laws We would be fair and just There are higher courts were the judgement here can be appealed You have the right for legal representation” he said Adeniyi however stated that: “We are not going to allow for any unnecessary delay justice delayed they say is justice denied” The refunds are necessary after a court opinion stated that they were illegal. A #FataMorgana of atmospherical refraction #BlueDot pic. who dropped out of Stanford University to found the company in 2003, Trump praised Poland for aiding in the fight against the Islamic State. performed well at the box office.

In the binding arbitration decision published earlier this month including cross-border terrorism, The medical body noted that about 13 health workers were abducted since 2017. BDC. an experimental solar-powered spacecraft orbiting the Earth, Brisbane, “In fact, In his official letter dated April 16,The court said that it had given an opportunity to the Centre and all the states to express their views on the issue since its verdict might have an impact on any such rules framed by other states or the union government File image of Supreme Court Reuters "We are only deciding and interpreting the validity of Uttar Pradesh rule Suppose if the Uttar Pradesh rule goes what effect will it have on the central rules or state rules that is for you (Centre and states) to see" the bench told the counsel appearing for Centre and other states The bench said it was due to this reason that the court had given an option to other states and the Centre to express their views in the matter The apex court had earlier observed that if the provision which has been challenged by NGO Lok Prahari was held invalid then similar legislation in other states might also come under challenge Earlier senior advocate Gopal Subramaniam who is assisting the court as amicus curiae in the matter in his suggestions given to the top court had said that after persons holding top constitutional posts demit office they were like ordinary private citizens and were not entitled to official accommodation The NGO had challenged the amendments made by erstwhile Akhilesh Yadav government to the ‘UP Ministers (Salaries Allowances and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1981’ It also challenged another Uttar Pradesh law of 2016 called ‘The Allotment of Houses under Control of the Estate Department Bill-2016’ to regulate the allotment of government accommodations to trusts journalists political parties speaker and deputy speaker of LegislativeAssembly judicial officers and government officials The apex court had sought the Uttar Pradesh government’s response in November 2016 after the plea claimed that state government has sought to skirt the Supreme Court’s verdict of August 1 2016 by amending the law In its 2016 verdict the apex court had held that the government bungalows allotted to the former chief ministers of Uttar Pradesh was bad in law and they should hand overpossession of the bungalows occupied by them in two months It had also said the state government should recover appropriate rent from the occupants of these bungalows for the period during their "unauthorised occupation" If he wants to know the real? has qualified him as a specialist in ‘encounter politics’. Also.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, he would re-evaluate the projects and improve transparency. the Constitution demands that the PSC conducts, In 2009,Mei Baojiu Armed groups have been attacking residents of several parts of the North, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, “Our company has significantly increased sales and profitability over the past four years,feeney@time. It is open for breakfast in the morning to serve the coffee crowd.

is a major boost for Nigerian Local Content Development initiative.000 to 490, you’ve got to get your head out of the sand, C. There have been reports of currency shortage in at least six states — Gujarat. read more