St James hoping to become nursery for national netball

first_imgWestern Bureau:More players worthy of a national call-up will emerge over time form the St James Netball Leagues, says Gena Haughton, the St James Netball Association president.Pointing to national age group representative Carlalee Tingling and Shameera Sterling as examples of the potential that exists, Haughton said there are players of a similar ilk that could over time find their way into the national set up squarely on merit.”The future of netball in St James and also the quality of western Jamaica on a whole is looking great,” said Haughton, while taking stock of the recently concluded 2016-17 domestic netball season.Teachers were crowned champions of St James, outlasting Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club (MBGGC) 33-27 in overtime, after the teams were locked at 24-24 at the end of the fourth quarter.The talented Tingling and the versatile Sterling are both pursuing their degrees at the University of the West Indies, Mona.SPORT DEVELOPMENTHaughton is hoping for continued development of the sport through skillful coaches, organised competitions, good quality players and the support of sponsors.”There is a plan to put a competition in place that will have our youngsters in the high schools playing in this competition and this will significantly boost their visibility and gain them valuable experience,” Haughton said.”We are moving ahead with additional plans which the sponsors have taken up. We continue to bring through talent, such as Tingling and Sterling,” she added.She said the objective of the association is also to keep young ladies fully engaged in the sport by giving them the opportunity to be drafted by clubs, through the direct association with the leagues, something Haughton said has been a core function of her administration.”It remains a challenge to keep these young women active in the sport. There are countless other areas of life in which they may choose, but we have been doing well so far,” explained Haughton.last_img read more

Finance Minister has failed Guyanese miserably

first_imgDear Editor,It is quite evident that as the Finance Minister’s budget speech gets longer, the budgets get bigger but the ‘good life’ promise becomes equally illusive! But I will just focus on the deliverables to the Agriculture sector where it can be seen that a decrease in budgetary allocation has precipitated a drastic decline of the sector.In 2015 the theme of the Budget was ‘A Fresh Approach to a Good Life in A Green Economy’ and the growth of the economy fell to 3.2 per cent from 3.8 per cent in 2014.The agriculture sector grew by only 3.1 per cent relative to a growth of 7.2 per cent in 2014. Sugar output increased by 6.9 per cent to 231,145 tonnes and rice production increased by 8.3 per cent to 687,784 tonnes. The Ministry of Agriculture’s budgetary allocation was $20.894 billion. It is clear that the agriculture sector was receiving the dividends from investments in 2014.In 2016 the theme attempted to excuse the poor performance in 2015, it became ‘Stimulating Growth, Restoring Confidence: the Good Life Beckons’. However, the $230 billion Budget failed to do any ‘stimulation’’; ‘confidence’ dwindled and the ‘good life’ became an empty echo! The growth of the economy was an imperceptible 3.3 per cent relative to the 3.2 per cent in 2015. The projected growth was 4.4 per cent. The budgetary allocation for the agriculture sector continues to get lesser and the effects were manifested in the decline of this sector. The agriculture sector (including sugar processing and rice milling) experienced a contraction of 12.1 per cent relative to 3.1 per cent growth in 2015. Sugar output decreased by 20.7 per cent to 183,400 tonnes and rice output fell by 22.3 per cent to 534,450 tonnes.In 2017 the theme was “Building a Diversified, Green Economy: Delivering the Good Life to All Guyanese”. Again, the Budget failed on all three counts as it became crystal clear that the themes have become platitudes which no one pays attention to. It increased to $250 billion. In this year the Guyanese economy was projected to grow by 3.8 per cent. The Finance Minister boasted that, ‘Budget 2017 is designed to consolidate the gains we have made since our accession to Office, improve economic performance, and define a sustainable pathway to the happiness and prosperity of Guyana’. This never happened! Guyana’s economic growth contracted to an all-time low of 2.1 per cent. The Minister’s empty boasts have, by now, become a regular embarrassment to the coalition Government. The agriculture sector experienced a marginal increase of 0.4 per cent while sugar output decreased by 25.2 per cent to 137,307 tonnes and rice output increased by 17.9 per cent to 630,104 tonnes which was still below the 2015 production of 687,784 tonnes.In 2018, the Finance became tired of the repetitive insipidity of his own budget so he simply stated the theme as ‘The Journey to the Good Life Continues’! It became an irrefutable conclusion that this journey had not yet begun for the masses but continued for those in the coalition Government. The National Budget was even bigger and the Minister’s budget speech was longer and more political in nature, it grew to $267 billion. The half-year growth of the economy was 4.5 per cent but the Finance Minister had predicted that the end of year growth would be around 3.4 per cent. However, given his ‘great’ prognostic ability we expected this to be lower, probably closer to the 3 per cent mark! The budgetary allocation for the agriculture sector was just a meager $16.8 billion and the sector was expected to grow by 1.1 per cent over the 0.4 per cent growth the previous year. In 2014 this sector grew by 7.4 per cent. In 2018 sugar production will decline to an all-time low of 98,000 tonnes and rice production is expected to be around 640,000 tonnes, still unable to surpass the 2015 production of 687,784 tonnes. It must be noted that rice production was on an upward trajectory during the PPP/C’s tenure in Government. In 2014 it had climbed to 635,238 tonnes!What is important to note is that in all these years of the coalition Government in office, the ‘improvements’ are always calculated from the poor performance in the preceding year! In 2014 the economic growth was 3.8 per cent and the growth in the agriculture sector was 7.4 per cent. This has fallen to 3.4 per cent and 1.1 per cent respectively in 2018 with bigger contractions in 2015, 2016 and 2017. It is indicative that the economy has never fully regained the progress made during the previous Government’s tenure in office.Mr Jordan once again bragged that Budget 2019 among other things is aimed ‘to support the development of the non-oil sector’ yet he again failed to allocate a substantial sum to the Agriculture sector as he seemed to be oblivious of the ‘oil curse’ present all around us. The 2019 Budget is a humongous $300.7 billion but the agriculture budgetary allocation is a paltry $17 billion. This is not short-sightedness, it is blindness! It is clear that former Minister Leslie Ramsammy’s statement is factual, that the Agriculture Sector is now an impoverished orphan!In the Minister’s 2019 Budget speech, his theme again resounded and regurgitated the platitudes of the previous presentations – ‘Transforming the Economy, Empowering People, Building Sustainable Communities for the Good Life’. His ‘lubrication’ and ‘stimulation’ lacked intent, purpose and aggressiveness even though oil is expected in abundance! I wish to humbly submit Mr Jordan that you have had over three years to do what you now promised to do, and you have failed the Guyanese people miserably. Can the Guyanese people now believe you when with each passing year their standard of living is eroded? I think not!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councilor-Region 6last_img read more

Deliberate destruction of GuySuCo

first_imgDear Editor,Sugar has been the heart and lifeblood of many Guyanese for over 375 years going back to the 1630s and has been aptly described by one writer as “the pulse of the nation’s economy”. The current state of the country’s economy bears testimony to this fact!Sugar was king and Burnham wanted to bring it fully under his exploitative state machinery, he saw billions available to be squandered and that was exactly what he did. The nationalisation of the sugar industry in 1976, which gave birth to GuySuCo, saw the industry being used to finance Burnham’s harebrained schemes to mask the massive stealing which was taking place. In the process, billions of dollars, approximately $16 billion Guyana dollars, was squandered, monies which could have gone to fully capitalise and mechanise the industry in line with existing new technology.It must be noted that the average US exchange rate was 71:1 from 1976 to 2002 and from 1976 to 1992 the average exchange rate was 21:1 US. The bulk of the monies were creamed off during 17 years through the sugar levy and flung after the many failings of the PNC dictatorship.The sugar levy was used to fund the Linden community, the Guyana National Service and the Public service, among others. Today, the sugar industry is cast into ignominy and referred to as the ‘dark hole’ by Moses Nagamootoo, the self-touted ‘champion of the sugar workers’ whilst his comrade in infamy, Khemraj Ramjattan accused the sugar workers of robbing and impoverishing the other sectors. Why such ingratitude?At today’s exchange rate at a conservative $210, the sugar levy would have translated into more than GY$100 billion! These monies excluded the cost of the humongous corruption which existed in GuySuCo at that time when managers were living royal and lavish lifestyles.Sugar was ‘king’ and had produced its share of royalties! This levy was later abolished in 2002 by the PPP Administration, but the damage had been done. However, the sugar levy was not the only benefit the country received, sugar was a major contributor to the GDP, it was a major foreign exchange earner, provided over 18,000 jobs and greatly contributed to the socio-economic development of this country.The multiplier effect was extensive and promoted high-level economic growth in the Private Sector as well. Today all of that is distant memory! The urge to destroy the sugar industry has taken precedence over objective and rational reasoning.Today, the Guyanese economy is feeling the brunt of the harsh and vindictive measures inflicted by the coalition on the sugar industry by the closure of Enmore, Wales, Skeldon and Rose Hall estates.Not only has the industry been failing to reach its paltry annual targets, not only has the foreign exchange earning capacity dropped by more than half, but the callous dismissal of more than 7000 workers have wreaked havoc in the family lives of these workers and the domino effect has literally destroyed the related and dependent sectors.Many dependent communities are on the verge of social and economic devastation. Today, everyone has come to full realisation that the sugar industry was deliberately placed under the guillotine by the coalition in its quest to fulfil the 1991 PNC mandate to destroy the support base of the PPP.It must be recalled that the PPP invested $26 billion dollars in the sugar industry from 2011 to 2015 and the monies were wisely used to capitalise and mechanise the field and factory operations, no estates were closed and no jobs were lost while the much-needed foreign exchange continued to flow and the related industries and service sectors continued to flourish.These monies were well spent and properly accounted for in Parliament. Today it is a grave travesty! This coalition has spent $32 billion in ‘bailouts’ and $17.6 billion from a $30 billion bond, a total of $49.6 billion and everything has fallen apart! Even the highly watered down sugar targets are now unreachable. Not only that but these monies have not been properly utilised and cannot be properly accounted for.The $30 billion bond was supposed to be used to upgrade and mechanise the existing sugar estates, set up co-generation plant and plantation white sugar plant. None of which has even started to take shape. Has this bond been used to perpetuate the corruption which has become endemic and cancerous with this coalition?The grossly underpriced selling of machinery and equipment of the closed estates by SPU officials has already placed these estates in unsaleable conditions. It has become more urgent that this coalition be voted out of office or GuySuCo will be beyond redemption!In conclusion, it is the deliberate destruction of GuySuCo which has heralded the downfall of the coalition by the successful passing of the No-Confidence Motion. It is this devastation which ignited the conscience of Mr Charrandas Persaud to vote “yes” in favour of the NCM. His vote has identified him the true “champion” of the sugar workers and I am sure that in a short while, the coalition will reap the bitter fruit of their misdeeds and the ‘pulse of the economy’ will be regenerated hundredfold!Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

Hudson’s Hope curler impressing overseas

first_imgAccording to an article on Yahoo Eurosports, Ward, just 16 years old, has become one of English curling’s brightest prospects since arriving from Hudson’s Hope last year. Her reputation began to grow last year, representing her adopted country at the European Junior Challenge in Prague. Her name grew even further last month when Ward made the jump into senior competitions, helping England win three games at the European Championships, held in Moscow. She and her fellow teammates just missed out on the group B playoffs. She hails her trip to Moscow as an excellent confidence builder heading forward in her sport. Ward’s entry into the Youth Winter Olympics makes her the first English curler to do so with the remainder of her team all residing from Scotland.  – Advertisement – “It makes me feel really privileged and proud to be the first English curler to play at the Winter Youth Olympics,” she told Yahoo. Aside from winning a medal, Ward feels she is somewhat of an ambassador for English curling, and wants to prove that good curlers can come from the UK.    “Curling is so big in Scotland, but I want to show that English people can curl too. So I hope I can prove that in Innsbruck and hopefully bring back some silverware in the process.”Advertisement Ward and her fellow Great Britain team mates will square off against team Austria later today, with the tournament finals taking place Jan.18. To follow Ward and her fellow teammates, visit the Youth Winter Olympics’ official website.   To read the complete article on Ward, click here.last_img read more

Cruise appearing for 9-11 benefit

first_imgTom Cruise’s latest effort isn’t for the big screen. It’s for the New York police, firefighters and paramedics of Sept. 11. Cruise was to appear Thursday at a private dinner in Manhattan to raise money for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a program he co-founded in 2002. The program offers free treatment to emergency workers who suffer health problems stemming from exposure to toxins at ground zero. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Tottenham captain Dawson completes Hull switch

first_img New Hull defender Michael Dawson Tottenham captain Michael Dawson has complete his long awaited move to Hull City, the Premier League side have confirmed.Tigers boss Steve Bruce exclusively told talkSPORT at the weekend that the club were close to agreeing a deal for the centre-back.And Hull confirmed on Tuesday evening that the 30-year-old has signed a three-year deal at the KC Stadium, arriving for an undisclosed fee.Dawson began his career with Nottingham Forest, earning England Under-21 honours and securing a move to White Hart Lane in 2005.The 30-year-old spent nine years with Spurs and became club captain following the retirement of Ledley King in 2012.“I have been here for almost a decade and have loved every minute of it,” he said on Tottenham’s official website.“I would like to say thank you to everyone at the club, including the supporters.“We have enjoyed some incredible moments together and I hope the club continues to move forward in the future.”Spurs chairman Daniel Levy added: “Michael has been an outstanding club representative both on and off the field.“He has always given everything for the Spurs shirt – just one of the reasons he is so deservedly popular throughout the club.”Dawson becomes the Tigers’ sixth signing of the summer and joins Tom Ince, Jake Livermore, Robert Snodgrass, Andrew Robertson and Harry Maguire in moving to east Yorkshire.“The season Hull had last year was incredible,” Dawson told Hull’s official Youtube channel. “To get to the final of the FA Cup, secure the Premier League position and now we’ve got to look to build on that and that’s what we’re going to do.“The chance to be in the group stage of the Europa League with a game on Thursday, all we can do is build on it and look forward to the season ahead.“You need the squad and the manager is getting the squad together to compete in both or all competitions. The players and the quality we’ve got in this dressing room, I’m sure we can manage that.“I’m just ready and raring to go.” 1last_img read more

L.A. County beaches worst in state

first_img“The combination of record drought and completed Clean Beach Initiative projects led to the cleanest summer water quality in years,” said Heal the Bay President Mark Gold. “With more beach cleanup projects on the horizon, the prospects for this positive summer becoming a trend are great.” The group noted that between April 1 and Sept. 3, several Santa Monica Bay beaches exceeded newly adopted bacteria pollution standards. The worst offenders were the beach at Santa Monica Pier, Marie Canyon in Malibu, Dockweiler State Beach at Ballona Creek and the beach at Redondo Municipal Pier. Long Beach also continued to struggle with water quality, with more than half of the monitoring locations receiving grades of C or worse. Last year, however, nearly 88 percent of the beaches scored poorly. All 54 of Ventura County’s beaches got grades of A or B, as did 85 percent of the beaches in Santa Barbara County. In Orange County, 96 out of 104 beaches received A grades. SANTA MONICA – Los Angeles County beaches had the worst water quality in the state over the summer, despite record-low rainfall and improvements at the notoriously polluted Santa Monica Bay, an environmental group reported Thursday. Heal the Bay assigned letter grades ranging from A to F to 494 beaches along the California coast, based on bacteria pollution levels detected at monitoring stations from Memorial Day through Labor Day. According to the group, 17 percent of Los Angeles County beaches earned F grades during the summer, making it the worst county in the state for beach water quality. But Santa Monica Bay, which has a history of exceeding bacteria pollution levels, performed well, with area beaches receiving 93 percent A’s and B’s – besting the statewide average. Only four of the 67 Santa Monica Bay beaches received poor marks, compared with 16 last summer. The report mirrored similar conclusions released in August by the Natural Resources Defense Council, which that said the lack of rain last season meant less polluted urban runoff in storm-drain systems.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgThe Gartan Day Centre is a well-kept secret which has been in existence for around 17 years.Just some of the happy faces at the Gartan Centre.But through word of mouth the centre is growing in popularity and well…it’s not much of a secret anymore.The centre caters for older people from the Churchill, Glendowan, Gartan, Trentagh, Termon, Glenswilly and Kilmacrennan areas. It covers a range of things to do and also a three course lunch for a very reasonable price.It’s quite simply the perfect way to pass a day for many older people.The Centre opens on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am – 4pm.Transport is provided, if necessary, by Patsy Gallagher (€3). The routes are: Tuesday: Trentagh/GartanWednesday: Glenswilly, Churchill, GlendowanThursday: Termon/GartanTea and Scones and a 3-course lunch are provided each day (€5)The activities at the Centre include bingo, cards, art, knitting, computers, and walks. It’s never too old to start a new activity in Gartan.Organisers say they would love to have more people attending, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.“Some people come along to have a walk around this scenic area and then have lunch.“There’s so much to do and the day passes really quickly. Our doors are open to all older people,” said a spokesperson for the centre.Also if anyone feels he/she could volunteer an hour or two per week with activities like Arts and Crafts, Physical Activities, Tai Chi, Computers, Music etc. we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact: Gartan Day Centre: 9137231Patsy Gallagher: 9137037Dolores Boyle: 0868032122THE SECRET OF THE GARTAN DAY CENTRE IS OUT! was last modified: March 18th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Gartan Day Centrelast_img read more

Woman leads chase in stolen sheriff’s SUV

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant “She was very erratic, very emotional,” Patterson told KABC-TV. After talking with a crisis negotiation team “she has calmed down considerably,” he said. No injuries were reported. “The vehicle is equipped with weapons but they are secure and locked,” Patterson said. The black-and-white SUV circled back and forth on residential streets in Palmdale and Lancaster. LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) — A woman stole a sheriff’s vehicle and led authorities on a pursuit through the Antelope Valley, weaving among lanes and running red lights and stop signs Thursday morning, authorities said. The 25-year-old woman was “unstable,” and she wept and screamed into the radio of the sport utility vehicle as she drove, asking authorities to contact her boyfriend and mother, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Oscar Butao told KTTV-TV. The woman, whose identity was not released, stole the vehicle in Littlerock at about 9:20 a.m. after a deputy left the engine running while talking to her about a stolen vehicle, sheriff’s Sgt. Paul Patterson said. The woman apparently panicked, he said. Authorities followed the vehicle with patrol cars and by helicopter but kept their distance on the ground. After about 90 minutes, a rear tire blew after earlier running over a spike strip. The tire fell off but the woman continued driving on the rim. The Antelope Valley is in the high desert north of Los Angeles.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Softball Extends Winning Streak to 15 with 11-0 Victory over Loyola

first_img Preview PDF Box Score Next Game: Drake hosts Iowa Wednesday for a midweek in-state contest at Buel Field. First pitch is scheduled for 6 p.m. and it will be streamed on ESPN+. Print Friendly Version In the fifth and final inning, Libby Ryan (Mount Vernon, Iowa) and Mandi Roemmich (West Des Moines, Iowa) reached on back-to-back one-out base hits. Johnson drew a walk to load the bases for Frank. Frank and Ramblers relief pitcher, Madison Veres, battled as the count went to full with several foul balls. Frank finally won the back-and-forth battle as she crushed a pitch over the left field fence for the victory. In the second inning, Macy Johnson (Winterset, Iowa) and Frank hit back-to-back singles, and Pena followed with a three-run blast over the left field wall. She is now tied with Newman for the team lead in home runs with five.   Story Links DES MOINES, Iowa – The Drake University softball team extended its winning streak to 15 games with a 11-0 five-inning victory over Loyola (22-17, 6-11 MVC) Sunday at Buel Field. Nicole Newman (Madison, Wis.) had another great performance in the circle and at the plate. Newman, who improved her record to 17-6, allowed four hits and struck out 11 for her ninth-straight complete game with 10 or more strikeouts. At the plate, Newman went 1-for-3 with a double and three RBI. Live Stats Drake (29-13, 15-1 MVC) had four players with two hits each led by Kennedy Frank (Chesterfield, Mo.) and Taryn Pena (Columbia, Ill.) who hit grand slam and three-run home runs, respectively. Frank’s first career grand slam ended the game early. Iowa 4/17/2019 – 6:30 p.m. Full Schedule Roster The Bulldogs wasted little time getting on the scoreboard as Newman drove in their first three runs with her bases clearing double in the first inning. Newman scored their fourth and final run of the frame coming in on an error by Ramblers’ third baseman Polaski on a ball hit by Abby Buie (Gardner, Kan.). Watch Live ESPN+ Roemmich and Ryan joined Frank and Pena with two hits each. Frank scored three runs.last_img read more