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Instead, You wont be able to see it in Boo! but in the future youll see it I think people would be surprised that someone as hardworking and productive as you took effectively a paternity leave It was life-changing And everything that I thought mattered didnt This little boy has been my healer He has completely made me stop and see myself; I see every bit of me in him growing up And its been very important for him to not only be a productive amazing citizen but also someone who knows the love of his father very well and very strongly no matter where he is and no matter where I am In light of the ongoing debate over diversity at the Oscars do you feel as though any of your movies ought to have been nominated I dont Heres my whole thing I think the Academy should be able to vote the way they want to vote None of that matters to me I know there are a lot of people in Hollywood whose work depends on there being changes But Ive never been one to knock on the door and say "Please let me in" I have always tried to make my own way Im not really the person to speak to that because Im not inside the system asking to be nominated or asking for anybody to pay attention to what Im doing What is important to me is the stories that I tell and making sure they resonate with the audience Im speaking to Whether thats important to anybody else is not really that important to me I get it and I completely understand how difficult it is for a lot of people of color to work in Hollywood I 100% get it But I do not think change comes from asking people to let you in I think change comes by becoming owners of studios owners of projects owners of content In two of your movies characters contract HIV after misdeeds How do you respond to criticism of this trope I guess youre talking about Temptation and my whole thought with that was I think the point was missed If you focus on the woman contracting HIV after being unfaithful to her husband and I was punishing her which Ive heard I never once thought that What I thought was this is a character who was in a movie and this was her outcome like it has been for many people I chose in that situation to tell the story My hope in that was that it was a cautionary tale where anyone who found themselves in that situation would think first before they threw their whole lives away That was my point and my purpose My intention is always from the good no matter what other people find in it I know that my intention is always for the good Does putting on an elaborate TV spectacular about the life and death of Jesus contradict Jesus own teachings about humility This may be presumptuous of me but I think that if Christ were here in this day and age to get his message across rather than traveling for three years from village to village when you can get online or the internet I think hed be using all these tools For me the medium of television is being used to spread this word and I think its all good and all wonderful Its going to be great Whats a lesson youve learned from a project that didnt connect the way you wanted it to For me I havent had anything that has failed I know that may sound ridiculous but for me even the ones that didnt do as well as the others at the box office I havent had one that failed in the sense that every one of them was something I was passionate about and felt very good about If Im telling the story if Im passionate if I put it out there and it lives and it breathes and it finds its way Ive found success in it Contact us at [email protected] six seasons the actress Shay Mitchell has been best known to viewers as Emily on Pretty Little Liars bringing to life one of TV’s most visible young LGBT characters But she’s also branched out into film with roles in the recent film Mothers Day released her debut novel Bliss and shown her stripes as an entrepreneur and activist with charity work for the Somaly Mam foundation lifestyle blog and popular social media presence that’s all about positivity and sartorial inspiration With the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars kicking off June 21 (and a feature in Nick Jonas latest video) TIME caught up with Mitchell about what to expect from the show this season and what’s next for the actress herself TIME: After playing Emily on Pretty Little Liars for several seasons have people confided in you about how your characters relationship with her sexuality helped them in coming out Thats the best partwhen fans come up and I get to have a conversation with them I didnt realize how big of an impact the kind of character I was playing was going to have I was brought up in a very liberal family They always said it doesnt matter who you date as long as they make you happy I didnt truly know how many people werent raised like that By playing Emily and having people share their stories with me it was really incredible Whats the Shay Mitchell brand all about Id say I want people to feel like they can try and do whatever it is theyre passionate about and want to do At the end of the day you have to look back and realize you have one life so why not make the most of it You dont really have anything to lose Im not an author or writer by any means but I wrote a book I had a story to share I wanted to do it so I did it The goal isnt to have it be the best book in the entire world but its just to do it because Im passionate about it and enjoyed that process Why do you think youve become such an inspirational figure to young women I never honestly think about it like that As nice as it is to hear when you have a small impact on people you never go about it trying to do that For me it all started with [Pretty Little Liars] and the character I play and being that character that could open up that discussion for people that were watching it with their families and making it a little bit easier I always say its one thing to entertain people but to have a small impact on their life in a meaningful way is even more important to me Tell me about your Instagram presenceits so well-curated When you look at peoples social media platformseven mineIll be honest and say youre looking at my highlight reel My Instagram is not my complete diary You dont see when I dont get out of bed I want my Instagram to be a place where you can find a brand you like find a quote you like or a place you want to set your destination to If people want to talk about my life as a whole then that can be a separate conversation but for me I want my Instagram to reflect the positive side of me I think as long as you remember that when youre looking at whoevers [social media] page youre looking at the happiest of times I really do choose it to be a destination for some sort of inspiration or positivity As long as you can remember its the highlight of someones lifethats important Pretty Little Liars premieres this month Will we see Emily taking care of Alison once again this season I think that their relationship is unlike any of the other relationships that the other girls have It was something very specialit was Emilys first love Its when she really was able to figure herself out I think whatever Ali goes through I truly believe that Emily will always be by her sideThats the friend youd want to have I think even in my own [personal] friendships you may not have talked in a long time but you pick up exactly where you left off If you made each other mad you were sisters and still bonded in some way I think thats kind of the relationship that Emily and Ali have Emily was in debt and struggling last season Will we see her get her life together more this season I think so yes All of the girls kind of do They go through a lot of things this season At the end of the day theyre still trekking along and moving forward I think thats important to show Its kind of an amazing quality about each of the girls that no one has given up: theyre still continuing to push through Obviously their world is the extreme situation but it shows that we all go through a lot of things in our own life Some days it is hard to get up and keep moving forward but they do Will Emily re-kindle an old flame or find a new love this season I think that shell come into an important relationship this season Do you like how I have to word it This season there are a lot of people coming back from the past and I think itll make for interesting relationship twists of all kinds Its like the reunion year Will A-moji be revealed Yes I think that the questions everyone has had from the past seasons will be answered Is Lucas creepiness going to catch up with him I definitely feel you on that one Emily and Hannah spent some time in his loft this past season I dont know what well see from him Season 6 got a lot darker and more dangerous What is this season of Pretty Little Liars going to feel like in comparison to the last This season more so than the others is the beginning of the end Its tying up all of the other seasons questions and storylines in a neat bow So is season 7 the end of the show officially Its not officialI dont think anything is ever official especially in Rosewood In a dream world what would Emilys future look like I think that she really enjoyed being in California I think shed move back to California get an apartment on Venice Beach hang out there and just live a really chill life Shed find someone she cares about and start her family there She wouldnt have a lot of technology things following her along She probably wouldnt be on social media so shed be the opposite of me You just starred in your first big feature film role What does your career look like past Pretty Little Liars If a great movie or TV show comes about then thats what interests me Id love to play someone different I think what interests me is what kind of experience Im going to get out of this next phase Now that its almost seven years past when we started the show Im at a great place and Im really happy If I could continue it it would be to continue on this ride and seeing what gets put in front of me I think as long as youre happy thats the end goal Contact us at [email protected] realtors and others involved in the housing market will be on hand to answer questions at the event which will run from 3:30 to 7:30 pm in the Carnegie LibraryAnderson said the focus is on bringing more affordable housing to the city and county which currently is strapped for homes She added there is no formal program and attendees are welcome to come and goThe incident was the latest in a series of shootings at US schools that has fueled debate about access to guns in AmericaThe 14-year-old boy whose name has not been released shot and killed his father Jeffrey DeWitt Osborne 47 on Wednesday afternoonThen he drove to Townville Elementary School where he shot two boys and a woman teacher with a handgun before being subdued by the volunteer firefighter police saidAuthorities said they were checking if there was a connection between the gunman and the school victims but had ruled out terrorism and ethnicity as motivating factorsThe suspect was in custody and interviewed by investigators on Wednesday night Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper told a news conference"We are in the process of taking him through the legal process" he addedAuthorities said the suspect was home-schooled and called his grandmother who went to his home and found his father"She could not make out what he was saying because he was crying and upset and so they went to the house and that’s when she discovered her son and called 911" coroner Greg Shore told the news conferenceNext the boy drove a pickup truck about 2 miles (32 km) to the school and crashed into a fence around the playground before shooting the other three victims police saidOne boy Jacob Hall 6 was shot in the leg police said He is in critical condition Greenville Health System spokeswoman Sandy Dees saidThe other boy also 6 according to media reports was shot in the foot and the teacher was shot in the shoulder authorities saidBoth were treated and released from hospital said Ross Norton a spokesman for AnMed Health Medical CenterVolunteer firefighter Jamie Brock pinned down the teenager after he began shooting as staff led children to safety Taylor Jones the emergency services director for Anderson County told a news conference Brock a 30-year veteran of the Townville Volunteer Fire Department was hailed on social media as a hero and credited with preventing another school massacrePolice arrived within minutes of a 911 call to take the suspect into custody He never entered the school building said Chief Deputy Keith SmithAbout 280 students attend the school in Anderson County near the Georgia state line about 100 miles (160 km) northeast of Atlanta It will stay shut on Thursday and Friday as authorities investigateUS schools have beefed up security precautions since 2012 when a gunman shot and killed 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown ConnecticutImmediately after the shooting armed officers guarded the students as they traveled by bus from the school to a nearby church media said Television images showed police swarming the school with some officers on the roofWednesday’s events follow a Texas incident this month in which a 14-year-old girl shot and wounded a fellow student before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound To Oprahs credit,"Anything.

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