Let a few small points included in the new fast love Shanghai

2, Shanghai dragon to do

these contents are very basic things, very detailed, very important, not only for the site included help for future ranking is very favorable.

3, original content increased

is the best in the early new original content, it can guarantee on the website of the heat, the most taboo to supplement the content to other site acquisition, the possibility to collect content to be included is very small, and the search engine will also judge the quality of the site and draw a big red cross. Then every day update how many content appropriate? Station update everyday three, four thousand words a lot, the original content of the more the better, but it must be durable update. The content is not too deviated from the theme, there must be a relationship, this search engine can be judged. read more

Optimize the internal analysis of the Sina NBA page website

NBA article page is the most used one kind of internal optimization for recommendation, this way to take a good role in boosting the internal link structure and increase user viscosity construction. It is recommended to include many species, which has a prominent position in the popular blog recommendation, wonderful HD recommendation, micro-blog related video recommendation, recommendation, recommend a variety of related news. I see some screenshot below:

1, a

C, breadcrumb navigation: the "> basketball sports; -NBA> Losangeles Lakers > text" is a classic format breadcrumb navigation, we can learn from in the internal web site: home name column name > > the name (or omit as text). read more

The importance of the chain and content stability

on Links saying, Links do friendship, do is fate, and Links is basically every day, because no matter what, we always Links directly to cooperate with each other, this one every day to adhere to is necessary, but also the concept will do, but if there is a Links website by K, is also likely to your joint station. Links is the relations of cooperation, to maintain stable growth, stability and persistence, can.

on the blog, I remember my own blog, love build blog to do outside the chain, but also can not escape many bloggers are killed in the maintenance of the blog, the stability of the chain can be reflected in the content section of Links section, remember not to send a large number of articles sent in the same IP the request, it is easy to make your blog directly blocked off; but with respect to stability, stability compared with the blog, the forum had stability, blog is the need to manually set up, and keep a good blog, give full play to the role of blog. That blog is not being K away. read more

n a corner of Shanghai dragon black hat tip

I know the answer! I left Taobao in the comments section. Is a railway station of Taobao group mate acquisition in the past, together with my website together with the acquisition, overnight into hundreds of classes is the station. This is usually the content update is also good, suddenly rose, this to me was very touched, the Shanghai dragon black hat

Shanghai dragon black hat is not you want to play can play up! Must be good resources, money, software, as a prerequisite. Can you play it, said a story of my own, I engage in a sexual station a few years ago, the main keyword is "love" love Shanghai when the index is 150 thousand, I do not pick up what little half fast, even 100 are not. Of course, this station also sit and play, little optimization, the chain is not wrong, just occasionally manually update a few articles, there is a space will soon expire, I went to the Taobao space renewal. In written comments, whim to do drainage, himself in the comments on the domain name v58.org. read more

On the 40 day Shanghai railway station to thousands of reasons in 3 weight flow

, website content


milk powder event net this blog website content is divided into two kinds, one is doing promotional work, wrote the article in the company. These soft, adapted according to some current news, added a lot of fresh content and comments, there are a lot of historical data, copy and paste is not simple pieced together. These are attractive for the love of Shanghai and visitors, also laid a firm foundation for the success of the website.


about the importance of the original content in the same period of the Nile electromechanical website reflects the more obvious, the domain name hnnaier贵族宝贝 is only milk powder event net registered in advance for ten days, the record, the line on the website ten days slow. The content of the website is released in second forms, also is the news pseudo original, original soft writing is 0, up to now, the weight is 0 Cornell electromechanical website, daily traffic is less than 20PV. read more

Under the rules there is no one on Zhou HongyiTalking about the past life of Taobao

at that time, a new generation of the Internet and sh419 and Tencent listed just not so deep grudges, no giant was born, the entire Internet circle or "haoshanhaoshui good fun, we together can also be laughing and talking".

"little can not afford to mess up big plans"

two and Taobao customers.

why? Because again, the Cardinal was very hot and sneezed, and there was a special discussion in the circle of the internet.

however, no one expected, ten years later today, Tencent market value exceeded 3 trillion Hong Kong dollars, Alibaba market capitalization of over $400 billion. They began to become the overlord, temporarily boundless, whether Ma or Ma Huateng, say a word, regardless of the media or society must read three days. read more

Optimization of the construction of the chain of the chain text can not be ignored

text link has the very good stability of

text links need to accumulate the amount of

This is

pure text links compared with hyperlinks, not so many advantages in the spider crawling speed, text the role that the chain is a relatively continuous process, only after a period of accumulation, out of its utility to play, when the number reaches a certain degree, there will be a a process from quantitative change to qualitative change leap only reached a certain amount of accumulation, text links can play its role. This amount, not only to promote the accumulation of text links in more places, more need to continue to do, the most typical example is that we love Shanghai know, love Shanghai know can add the chain, but many people still love to know Shanghai as a key promotion, not only do increase keyword exposure, which also has optimized the text link. read more

To test the page to refresh jump will be right down

at the same time, I also have a ASP code to the site to do a 301 redirect, love Shanghai’s reaction was faster, the weight is reserved. So, we still work here, so as to avoid too observant of conventional standards., unnecessary trouble.

from the 贵族宝贝51zenfei贵族宝贝 original A5 first welcome exchange;

] page refresh to achieve jump

my station is a single page master +blog form; after optimization for 2 months, has been ranked, with the flow, but the site conversion rate is very poor, analyze the reasons, I think it is the product itself to the visitor’s value is not high, so I want to change a new product. read more

Shanghai Longfeng responsible person should be how to build an effective team

quality test

Shanghai dragon must be planned. First of all we need to have the Shanghai dragon goal, detailed steps plan according to the target, including time control, personnel division, workflow details. Then we need to record the things we work in the process of Shanghai dragon. After that the effect of monitoring, at the same time to record the changes, Shanghai Longfeng data including traffic, rank etc.. Based on the previous work, we do Shanghai Longfeng specific methods of change. So, to find the best strategy for Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai dragon are complacent and whose fault is more and more serious situation

Shanghai dragon causes

Shanghai dragon indeed conforms to the Internet development, we also have reason to learn Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon popularity is really let me understand what is the inevitable result of relevant institutions or the evolution of the Internet hype? Is there anybody to deify Shanghai Longfeng excessive, resulting in a lot of insider outsider see through, people are not see. Chinese now Shanghai dragon market saturation is also wrong, after all N enterprises looking for talent in this area, and are willing to spend lots of money to foster company Shanghai dragon is still in the development of talent, that is not right, the so-called Shanghai Longfeng flood more than, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners salary cabbage price when the incident occurred, what is the cause of Shanghai dragon China in this embarrassing situation? read more