Geek deals 275 off Dells 27inch U2711

first_imgOld school car enthusiasts have likely heard the phrase “there is no replacement for displacement.” The same can be said for monitors and pixels: there is no replacement for high resolution! Maybe my saying doesn’t have the same ring, but it is just as true.Anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows the sad truth that afflicts many employees: they are stuck with smaller, pitifully low resolution monitors. If you use a computer in all but a basic capacity, it does not take long to see the benefits of having more screen real estate. Even simple things like editing documents or working on that Powerpoint can be done more efficiently and with fewer errors when you can view more on your screen at once. Once you throw in some Photoshop or tabbed web browsing, you won’t let your high res monitor be pried even from your cold, dead fingers.AdChoices广告Dell’s UltraSharp U2711 is here to rescue you from your low-res-woes.. The massive 27-inches of LCD display are made up of 2560×1400 pixels, which should be enough for any multitaskers’ dream. As expected for a high end monitor, an IPS LCD panel is used, offering huge viewing angles and great colors. And of course, it’s not just something that shows pretty pictures on it. You also get an 8-in-1 card reader, USB hub, and have all the latest video inputs to hook up anything you desire. It even has your game consoles covered with HDMI and components inputs.Such a high end machine doesn’t come cheap, but you can get it for $275 off the normal price at $824 with free shipping. Dell also sees fit to give the U2711 a top notch warranty as well, with 3 years coverage, advanced exchange included (they ship you a new one right away, no waiting for a unit to return), and a zero bright pixel guarantee for the full 3 years as well. This is a fully $75 less than our last mention and one of the best prices we have seen all year.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell UltraSharp U2711 WQHD LCD Monitorlast_img read more