LulzSec offers revenge against Sega Pass hackers

first_imgDetails on last week’s hack of Sega Pass have been scarce, and while Sega does say that no sensitive personal information was stolen during the attack, we do know now that over 1.29 million usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses, and birth dates were stolen. Now, an unexpected organization has stepped forward to offer Sega their help in identifying and taking revenge against the hackers: LulzSec.The recent series of attacks targeting gaming companies have largely been blamed on LulzSec, even though the group hasn’t taken credit for a number of them. The BioWare forum hack last week and the Sega Pass hack late last week were both largely assumed to be LulzSec at work, but they say that’s not the case. Now the group is stepping up to offer Sega their help in tracking down the people responsible.LulzSec tweeted their outrage over the hack, telling Sega to contact them and that they want to “help you destroy the hackers that attacked you.” They expressed their love for the Dreamcast, and said those responsible for the breach are “going down.”The real question is whether or not LulzSec is being sincere in their desire to bring the Sega Pass hackers to justice, or if they’re simply using their podium to throw others off their trail. It’s very possible – even likely – that someone else is responsible for the Sega Pass hack, as well as some of the other hacks that have been pinned on LulzSec.Regardless, Sega is likely already working with law enforcement agencies to determine the real culprits behind the hack. They, like other gaming companies, are also likely working to plug the holes in their network security. Still, the fact that LulzSec has stepped up as an avenging enforcer on Sega’s behalf certainly adds to the drama around this month’s hacking spree.Read more at Yahoo! Newslast_img read more