HP releases Open webOS 10

first_imgDespite many tech enthusiasts calling webOS a dead platform, HP hasn’t finished with it just yet. After months of silence, version 1.0 of Open webOS has been released and demoed on video. HP’s chief webOS architect, Steve Winston seems a little dejected as he shows off what webOS has become, but now at least the bits are out there for the community to play with.Open webOS 1.0 comes with all the core apps built in, and the Enyo 2.0 framework has hooks that developers can use to deploy the software on a wide variety of platforms. To illustrate this, Winston shows webOS running on an HP Touchsmart PC. He claims that it only took an engineer a few days of work to get webOS running on the device.While Open webOS is designed to support a lot of hardware, it’s not going to be easy to port it to last generation’s webOS devices. HP already made is clear that the Touchpad, Veer, and Pre3 won’t see direct support from Open webOS. That likely means that the drivers for those devices are not included in Open webOS.This release is far from complete, though. It lacks Bluetooth support, multimedia playback, and advanced network management. A future build will include these features as well as faster UI rendering and new versions of both Qt and WebKit. You can still load up Open webOS in an emulator if you’re curious. The more daring might even try to develop something with the software.More at Open webOS, via Engadgetlast_img read more