15 facts about Memorial Day

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Here are some parting facts about this solemn day or remembrance:Then-President Bill Clinton signed the National Moment of Remembrance Act on Dec. 28, 2000, and designated 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day as a National Moment of Remembrance.The flag is flown at half-mast until noon and then raised to full mast until sunset on the holiday.It was also called  Decoration Day.Red poppies are considered a symbol of remembrance and it’s a tradition to wear them to honor the soldiers.Another tradition on Memorial Day is to place coins on the graves of soldiers you visit. Also, different coins carry different meaning — pennies mean you stopped by, dimes mean you served with the deceased and quarters mean you saw the soldier’s death.The American flag is often placed on the graves in national cemeteries.Memorial Day is unofficially considered the beginning of summer in the U.S.Over 20 towns claim to be Memorial Day’s “birthplace,” however Waterloo is only to have federal recognition.Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas observe a separated Confederate Memorial Day to honor the members of the Confederates, Navy, Marines and militia who died in wars.AAA estimated about 39.3 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home during the Memorial Day weekend.The “Taps” call is often played at ceremonies on Memorial Day.New York was the first state to officially recognize the holiday.Some people often confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day. Memorial Day honors the soldiers who died while serving, while Veterans Day honors all U.S. military veterans.About 620,000 people died in the Civil War.Over 300,000 fallen soldiers have been buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. On an average, about 28 burials happen at the cemetery every day. Please enter your comment!center_img Yesterday we got pulled over by a State Trooper. I thought, oh god, what now. He asked for my husband’s DL and we waited to see what was up. He then told us the reason he pulled us over was because it appeared our window tint was too dark. I couldn’t believe it, as we have had this truck and tint for years. He said the back window is okay, as it can be really dark, but that the side windows were the problem. He got a device and put it over the window on the passenger side, and said that it was okay at 32% and then he checked the driver side window, and it was 7 and said, that it was too dark. I thought that was strange, as it would seem like both windows would have had the same tint on them. I didn’t know they were even different. We told him when we bought the truck, it already had the tint on it. He gave a warning paper to us, no points on your DL he said, and we later forgot to ask him, how long we have to get it taken care of. Oh yeah, and while we were stopped, he asked did we have any cocaine on us, and I said, “Lord, no!” Then he asked us, ” Do you mind if I have the K9 dog come check your truck?” We said,” fine.” So we waited, and I was expecting this bad ass dog to come jump up in the truck and bite me…..LOL….and I thought to myself, this is a trip! How ridiculous…… Well, the officer came back from inside his vehicle, and he did not bring the K9 dog to our truck, at all, he just gave my husband his DL back, and wished us a good Memorial Day…..I guess he was just having some fun. As he sped on by us, I did see that he was a K9 officer, and saw it on the back of his police SUV, and the K9’s dog name too, and it wasn’t “Sweet Pea” LOL! 3 COMMENTS Mama Mia May 30, 2017 at 10:21 am LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply Mama Mia Now, because we are do- it- yourself types, I got to look up on the internet, as to how to get this window tint off, of at least, the driver’s window, because of the warning issued. I started looking at vehicles on the road, and I saw hundreds of them with windows that were darker. At least, it looked that way, as you could not see the people inside. I understand the cops fearing the dark tinted windows now days because of so much violence however, I know they are leery of just who might be inside and with so many guns out there among the population. May 30, 2017 at 10:31 am UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here Yesterday when I went by Errol Winn Dixie I noticed a glass repairman in a van replacing the two glass doors to the liquor store. I went over and looked and the repairman already had taken the glass sheet out of one door, but I looked at the other door, and it appeared that it had been hit right in the center with either a sledge hammer or a baseball bat and although it was shattered, the glass had not fell out, and no one could gain access to the liquor store. Someone was wanting to celebrate Memorial Day in high style, I guess. I wonder if these glass door shatterings are related. The home owners at Errol, the Back Room Steakhouse burglars and video, and now, the Winn Dixie liquor store doors. Unless there are more freak explosions, I guess. LOLlast_img read more