Top Google trends of 2018: From FIFA World Cup to Kiki challenge, here are the top search trends in India

first_imgGoogle has published its annual ‘Year in Search’ results for 2018 and the biggest question of this year in India was ‘What is section 377?’Every year, Google gives us an insight into the things that captured the nation’s attention over the past 12 months – from major moments in news, sports and entertainment, through to the latest dance craze.How does Google find its most trending search terms?Google takes into account how people are putting in different search terms. It looks at the themes being searched on and how and when the volume of the searches peak. According to Google, these are all noted anonymously -the person who put in a particular search term is not taken into account.Google search trends are divided into 9 categories:OverallMoviesHow toWhat isNear meNewsPersonalitiesSongsSports EventsRead on to know the biggest news stories of the year, according to Google1. Overall category The ‘overall’ category revealed the most searched terms of 2018 in India.2. Movies category India’s top trending movies of 2018.3. How to… category India’s top trending ‘How to…’ queries of 2018.4. What is… category India’s top trending ‘What is…’ queries of 2018.5. News category India’s top trending news of 2018.6. Near me category India’s top trending near me queries of 2018.7. Personalities category India’s top trending personalities of 2018.8. Songs category India’s top trending songs of 2018.9. Sports Events category India’s top trending sports events of 2018.Also read | Top Google trends of 2017 include Bahubali 2 and Bitcoin: Cinema and cricket rule India’s top search termsInterested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.advertisementTo get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to [email protected]last_img read more