Thieves raid Tuschen home while owner went Christmas shopping

first_imgA Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home was broken into and robbed on Friday after the occupant left to do Christmas shopping in Georgetown.Based on information provided, the incident occurred after 10:30h.Owner of the house, Jeanne Persaud told Guyana Times that she locked the doors to both flats of the house before leaving for Georgetown. She related that at about three hours later, she returned to find the gate opened with the padlock broken.According to her, this immediately raised suspicion and she quickly ran to inspect the property. It was then that she found that the panes of a window on the lower storey were removed, where it is believed that the suspect/s gained entry.“As soon as I came out the car, the gate was locked but the padlock wasn’t on. When I see now, the padlock was on the ground and it look as though someone smash it. So I just leave the bags right outside and run inside to see what happen. The front door was closed but the window on the side, they take out the louvers,” the woman explained.The woman said she quickly unlocked the front door and went inside, where every part of the house was ransacked. The perpetrators used a stairway after entering the house to access the bedrooms on the upper flat, which were also searched.They managed to escape with a laptop, smartphone, a quantity of gold jewellery and cash. The cell phone is valued at $97,000. Meanwhile, a backpack was also missing and some clothes from a wardrobe. Other losses were still being assessed.“The steps is inside the house, so they go up and tumble through the wardrobe and the basket of clothes and so. Well I had the jewellery in a container in there (the wardrobe) and they take it. It had like $23,000 in a purse and they take the purse and everything. My son phone was there and some of his clothes they take with his laptop that was in the bag,” she recounted.last_img read more