Judge dismisses Microsoft cofounders patent troll case against Apple Facebook Google Ne

first_imgMicrosoft ounfounder Paul Allen surprised everyone in August by suddenly turning into a huge patent troll, throwing lawsuits at nearly every tech company under the sun including Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and scores others.Preliminary good news, though: the judge has thrown out the case… for now.AdChoices广告Dismissing the lawsuit on Friday, US DIstrict Judge Marsha Pechman said that Allen’s company, Interval Licensing LLC, had failed to specify the infringing products of any of the eleven companies that he cited, although he did cite patents based around three specific areas: using a browser to navigate through information, aletering users to items of current interest and attracting a user’s peripheral attention.Not overly broad at all, huh? Also overly broad, though, was Allen’s lawsuit itself, and in her order to dismiss, Judge Pechman pointed out that Allen didn’t even bother to name the specific products of each company that violated his patents.“Plaintiff only indicates that Defendants have websites, hardware, and software that infringe on the patents or that they are encouraging third parties to use products that infringe on the patents,” she wrote. “This fails to indicate to Defendants which of their myriad products or devices may be at issue.”This will delay the trial, but not end it: Judge Pechman gave Allen until December 28th to amend his lawsuit. Then we’re all back to square one.Read more at Ars Technicalast_img read more