Control This AtHome Drone With Amazon Alexa

first_img UPS Wants to Bring Drone Deliveries to U.S. HospitalsWatch: Drone Captures Great White Sharks Interacting Off Cape Cod While most drones are developed for use in large, open spaces, Aire is an exception to the rule.Marketed as “a safe flying robot that lives in your home,” the unmanned aerial vehicle fits on your end table and pairs with Amazon Alexa to follow voice commands.Aire (pronounced like the mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases that forms the earth’s atmosphere) aims to “revolutionize” home automation, smart assistants, home monitoring, and personal robotics, according to maker Aevena.The flying machine boasts hidden sensors to help avoid obstacles and move between multiple floors, as well as the capacity to snap HD photos and record 4K videos, capture 360-degree panoramas, and live stream.A companion mobile app lets the user enable aviation autonomy—”no piloting experience needed.”Modern art or modern tech? (via Aevena)I suppose Aire, when not in use, could simply serve as a piece of modern art— it’s Echo-like speaker poking out of the top like a bottle of bubbly chilling in an ice bucket.“We believe personal robots designed for the home will enhance our daily lives and offer peace of mind,” California-based Aevena said.Owners can keep an eye on their home, office, pets, or loved ones while away; the app notifies users of any loud noises or unexpected motion, and makes it easy to make virtual visits to any location.Worried you left the stove on? Just send Aire to the kitchen to remotely check-in. Then go into a blind panic when you realize the room is engulfed in flames and your expensive drone is melting onto the hardwood floor.Or tap into the IFTTT automation capabilities, setting up triggers like if Aire senses a dark room, then turn on Philips Hue lights, or if Aire captures a panorama photo, then save it to Google Drive.Noise-reduction technology promises an easy work environment (via Aevena)Aevena will eventually unlock its Aire API, opening the IoT device to future updates, including virtual home mapping, autonomous navigation, and scheduled security patrols.Early-bird buyers can pre-order the robot for a steeply discounted $749 (more than 50 percent off the retail price of $1,499); that includes free lifetime premium cloud services and software updates, plus a charging dock, battery, and power adapter.The only downside: You’ll have to wait more than a year for delivery of the new toy, expected to ship in December 2018.A beta model, set for distribution a few months earlier, is also available for $699.Already more than halfway to its all-or-nothing funding goal, Aevena Aire has 30 days left to collect a total of $50,000.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more